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Fall Promotion

We think it’s time for a new promotion…don’t you?!

Waterford Event Rentals is offering FREE white or ivory, organza sashes with the rental of a white or ivory chair cover!!

This is a HUGE savings! No matter how big or small your event is…all of the sashes will be FREE!!

This is such an elegant look that will definitely help transform your space! In addition, you may still choose from one of our many unique ties!

offer available if booked between September 1, 2011- December 1, 2011

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Wedding Wands

Do- It-Yourself Wedding Wands are good for any theme or color scheme.

Materials: Cylindrical sticks, ribbon, glue gun, vase, and great friends.

How to: The ribbon can be tied in a knot around the stick with a dab of hot glue in the inside. If using thicker ribbon try dabbing hot glue on the inside of the ribbon and add more glue as you wrap the ribbon around the stick. The pictures will help 😉

Waterford Event Rentals first saw this creation when working with Brittany Barham of Brittany Barham Events. We thought this was too great not to share. So here we are!!!

These Wedding Wands are shaken as the Mr.  & Mrs. leave the reception. Personalize your wands with your names and date on the ribbons. You can display the wands on the gift table in a decorative vase or basket.

Some of the reasons YOU might choose this lovely craft for YOUR big day would be: your venue does not allow sparklers, you may not want bubbles, or you just want to personalize your event.

Get crafty and ENJOY a day set aside with the girls =)

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A Simple Yet Striking Centerpiece

Looking for a simple, inexpensive way to decorate your party or reception tables??? Why not use wine glasses?!

When we started gathering pictures for this blog we couldn’t stop! We found so many amazing examples of this being done. You could place flowers underneath, or inside; candles on the base of the glass, or floating on water.

Wine glasses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors…don’t limit yourself to all the same kind!

Have an amazing week!

Alyse & Hollie

wedding-centerpiece-1 wedding-centerpiece-2 wedding-centerpiece-3 wedding-centerpiece-4 wedding-centerpiece-5 wedding-centerpiece-6 wedding-centerpiece-7 wedding-centerpiece-8 wedding-centerpiece-9 wedding-centerpiece-10 wedding-centerpiece-11 wedding-centerpiece-12

A Testimonial From The Mayo’s

I recently had the pleasure of using Waterford Event Rentals for my daughter’s wedding. Alyse and Hollie were a pleasure to work with.  Their combination of knowledge professionalism and great customer service allowed for an elegant environment and a beautiful reception.

From my first contact, only weeks prior to the wedding, Alyse and Hollie listened to the problems we had encountered from another vendor and cooperatively provided the services requested to meet our needs.  Their outstanding customer service made the delivery and return of materials stress free. Their chair covers were high quality and the variety of sashes offered could not be provided by there competitors. They were both involved in the consultation process and their desire to assist was obvious. Without hesitation I would recommend Waterford Event Rentals for your next event.


Patricia Mayo

mayo-2 mayo-1

Fresh Ideas

The following are fresh new ideas that can make your wedding memorable. Guests expect the cookie-cutter wedding and these ideas are sure to make an impression that will last.

  • Seal invites with a monogrammed wax seal.
  • Create a calendar with pictures of friends and family and lay it out on a table for guests to fill in their birthdays. On their birthdays send out cards that say love MR. & MRS.
  • Allow the wedding party to sit with their dates and create an intimate table for two for the bride and groom.
  • The photo-booth is very popular these days- something a little different but just as memorable is hiring a caricaturist to sketch guests.
  • Alternatives to the guestbook are leaving a pretty blank journal out for attendants to write a memory of the bride and groom, or having a table set up with an engravable tray and an engraver for guest to sign. The tray can be displayed on a coffee table for years to come.
  • Decorate a glass vase and set it out with pens and small pieces of paper. The guests are to write words of wisdom and place them in the vase. The bride and groom can read a note each night before bed or have someone mail them every month.
  • Use apples as a unique way of getting guests to their tables.
  • Personalize your day by taking pictures of your dress hanging from a “name hanger,” or place the words “I do” under your wedding shoes.
  • Decorate the doors of your church or venue with your initials.
  • Take an old car instead of a limo.
  • Make your table setting unique by using cut out placemats or by placing a single flower in a votive holder at each place setting.
  • Make a flip flop basket to ensure your guests may dance the night away!

fresh-wedding-ideas-7 fresh-wedding-ideas-6 fresh-wedding-ideas-5 fresh-wedding-ideas-4 fresh-wedding-ideas-3 fresh-wedding-ideas-2 fresh-wedding-ideas-1

Winter Weddings in August

Happy Waterford Wedding Wednesday!! So I know it’s almost 100 degrees outside and the LAST thing you are thinking of is winter & Christmas! Well, it’s time to start because it will be here in less than 5 months!!!

To help you get into the spirit of the holidays and ready for the cold weather we thought we would share some of our favorite winter wedding pictures. As you can see, you don’t have to use just red and green to decorate…ice blues, whites, and golds look wonderful when paired with fresh flowers, vases, and even ornaments. We added some sashes and table runners at the end to give you an idea of what may look good with the winter wedding decor. Hope you enjoy!!

We are off to Atlanta this week for a wedding…and yes, W.E.R. will be making its mark in the South! Look forward to sharing pictures!!!

Alyse & Hollie

winter-weddings-26 winter-weddings-25 winter-weddings-24 winter-weddings-23 winter-weddings-22 winter-weddings-21 winter-weddings-20 winter-weddings-19 winter-weddings-18 winter-weddings-17 winter-weddings-16 winter-weddings-15 winter-weddings-14 winter-weddings-13 winter-weddings-12 winter-weddings-11 winter-weddings-10 winter-weddings-9 winter-weddings-8 winter-weddings-7 winter-weddings-6 winter-weddings-5 winter-weddings-4 winter-weddings-3 winter-weddings-2 winter-weddings-1

experience the Waterford Way!