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Wedding Myths

There are a few wedding myths discussed in a recent article from the Chicago Tribune I had the pleasure of reading. The myths included: how much money guests should give as a gift, what colors brides and guests should or should not wear, June being the best month for weddings, bride and groom not seeing one another until the walk down the aisle, and whether or not guests want favors.

I used to think that guests should give a gift in the amount it costs for their presence at the wedding. Let’s face it, we all want money as gift but be realistic… a gift should truly depend on how close you are to the attendee. You may invite a coworker but you would not expect the coworker’s gift to be as generous as that of your close friends. Weddings can be expensive just to attend. Travel and clothing are costly and many people are on a budget.  We invite guests because they are important and we want them to be a part of our day.

Now this is the fun part…….

What colors??? Does the bride have to wear white? Absolutely not!!! The bride can wear whatever she pleases. Some wear something totally off, like an all blue ball gown. Others spice it up with a SASH of color. Some may be a little FuNKy and wear colorful shoes. This is where Waterford Event Rentals comes in. We Love helping to tie in the colors.

Is June really the best month to get married? We do not think so!!! Don’t get us wrong we think it’s a great month because we have so many bright colors to choose from. HOWEVER, we love fall weddings because WER has so many RICH, DEEP colors to offer…eggplant, hunter green, and navy blue just to name a few. Blend the rich colors with a gold or silver accents and it’s regal.

It is tradition for the bride and groom to not see on another until the grand entrance down the aisle.BUUUUUT….many people are doing something called the “first-look,” which we think is great! The first look is a time for the couple to see each other, take it all in, share some private moments, and even have some photos taken. This is a matter of personal preference…you make the rules 😉

Do people really want wedding favors? Well I suppose it depends on what it is. Realistically the favor will end up in a junk drawer or in a box or even in the trash…and they are not cheap. So that’s the clue, if you even do a favor, make it something the guests will really want. Most people like a sweet treat that can be enjoyed right away and a lot of people are doing photo booths because they are fun and memorable.

Standards do apply… but remember it’s your wedding, you make the rules!

Check out more about these myths @:

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WER Winter Wonderland

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December weddings can be magical because there are so many ways to decorate for the holiday. Last year, one of our good friends really transformed her space by using warm colored linens, bright lights, wreaths, candles, red berries, and more! Waterford Event Rentals has SO MANY colors and textures of linens to choose from…one is bound fit into your holiday event vision. 🙂

Happy one year anniversary Danielle and Tom!!!

Happy Holidays from Waterford Event Rentals!

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Loving Our Linens!

It was a Wonderful Waterford Event Rental weekend.  WER took a trip to the Coast Guard Air Station in Elizabeth City. The Coast Guard had a holiday event Friday evening and needed the linens quickly… we were able to come through for them!  As always we honor our military and provide a 5% discount.

In addition to Friday’s event,  WER dressed up Ohef Shalom Temple for a Bar Mitzvah. The earlier portion of the Bar Mitzvah was decked out with our black table clothes and apple green pintuck overlays. In the latter part of the celebration the apple green overlays were removed and silver pintuck overlays were used to have a “black out” party for the kids. Take a look at the pictures, although everything looked WAY better in person!

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Sweet Seats

A few venues around town provide the beautiful chiavari chairs…boy are you lucky if you’re a bride in one of these locations! If your venue doesn’t provide them, you may rent them for about $7.50 each (yikes!)…either way, DON’T hide them under a cover Yes…we actually have customers ask if we have chair covers for these types of chairs.

We get it…everyone has different taste, but don’t overlook the beauty of these elegant chairs. They’re pretty without anything on them, BUT they’re AMAZING decked out withWaterford Event Rentals sashes. We can tie the sashes many different ways. We’re certain your guests will be “wowed” by this finishing touch.

WER offers matching table runners, table overlays, napkins, and more! By incorporating a sash and custom table linen, all of your colors and fabrics can combine nicely together.

Not to worry…if your venue has the hideous banquet chairs, there is a more affordable option…CHAIR COVERS. We offer those too!

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