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Delta Studio Productions

Have you been wondering who that “shy” guy is behind the video camera at all the wedding hot spots?

Well let me tell you!!!!!!

It is someone Waterford Event Rentals has grown quite fond of on a personal level. More importantly, for you as the client, we have grown to appreciate and admire his work.

Oh yeah….Your still wondering who I’m speaking of aren’t you?!

))))))))) DRUMROLL PLEASE (((((((((

It’s Delta Fontimayor of Delta Studio Productions 🙂

We could always tell Delta had great work ethic! He also has eagerness to please and it is very apparent. Delta went out of his way, after a long day of shooting at a bridal event, to make us a little video clip. He then put us on “BLAST” for all to see. He has also taken some great pictures of us and our event staff. We couldn’t be more grateful!

From seeing our own video and other videos produced by Delta, Waterford Event Rentals has experienced first-hand the top quality work that this Regent University grad has to offer. Whether you need a short film or a wedding video to last a lifetime, Delta Studio Productions will surely impress you.

Check out

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Selecting Linens

First off, linens can make a huge impact on a room. They can bring together your colors and transform an ordinary party space into an elegant ballroom. Let’s face it…food, cake, DJ, are all very important but the first thing people will notice is the decor. Make a statement– go beyond the linens that are provided at your venue. Also, keep in mind all venues don’t have linens. It is very important to ask these questions when determining a venue and linens:

1. What linens are included

2. What size are your tables: most 60″ rounds or 72″ rounds. This will be vital information if you decide to pick out rentals…especially how many you need.

3. Check to see if the linens go to the ground. This is just a matter of preference.Waterford Event Rentals likes to provide floor length linens so you don’t see all the metal bars under the table.

4. How are the chairs? Remember there are more chairs than anything else in the room. Covering the chairs makes a HUGE difference.

So you look at a few venues and you are undecided. One major aspect to think about when choosing a venue is your colors. If you are dead set on hot pink, you want to make sure your venue compliments that color.  For example, at First Landing State Park, you may want to choose earth tones such as green or chocolate.  So many brides make the mistake of choosing their colors first. Take your time making the decor decisions….focus on the venue first…afterwards you can pick out all the fun accents.

After you have your venue and you have asked all the major questions, you may have decided that you want to budget in some rentals. WER provides high quality linens at inexpensive prices. Don’t assume you can’t afford rentals. For example, our sashes start at just $.50, our chair covers are $1.80, and a table runner is only $5.25.

WER has 3 types of fabric: Organza, Satin, and Pintuck.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match your linens and colors. Not everything has to match exactly. For example, it’s fun to mix textures such as a pintuck overlay with a satin chair sash. Also you can mix shades of colors. If your main color is purple you could do lavender overlays with eggplant sashes versus everything eggplant or everything lavender.  Once your colors are picked, be sure to ask your rental company what is included. You don’t want to get stuck with a contract and later find out that the delivery or setup costs are outrageous.  One item included with WER is unique sash tie options. We have over 13 options. Who wants their wedding to be just like th rest? One way to set yourself apart is to do something a little different with your chair tie.

Feel free to e-mail us at! We are happy to help those booking with us AND those just needing a little guidance. 🙂

Check out the pictures below from the Watermans Open House!! Thanks EyeCaptures Photography!!

wedding-linens-1 wedding-linens-2 wedding-linens-3

Green Bride Wedding Expo

*WATERFORD EVENT RENTALS* will be in another *SHOWBRIDE* Bridal Show!

Showbride is putting on the Green Bride Wedding Expo. Come check us out Sunday, March 18th to see how WER goes GREEN!!

Where and when YOU ask???? FIRST LANDING STATE PARK from 2pm-5pm on March 18th

Can’t make the show but still want the scoop? Email Waterford Event Rentals at Use bridal show info as the subject and provide us with your name.  We will make sure you are kept up to date on future bridal shows, FREE offers, and other wedding discounts. Including the discount we are giving away at the show!


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No Minimums For All Customers

A wonderful client told me she was disappointed by the dress selection and unwelcoming vendors due to her age.  She had difficulty selecting a dress, she was called “the mother of the bride,” and she dealt with needing minimums for her intimate 27 guest wedding. Our forty something bride is getting married for the FIRST time to her boyfriend of ten years. She made a good point too…she stated that older brides are usually more established and have more money to spend, so vendors should market to them. Hmmmm….good thought, right?

She said she did not want a large gown, and when she looked up “mature wedding dresses,” mother of the bride apparel came up. In addition, she was a little taken back when she shopped for dresses and wasn’t treated like a bride and was asked if she was the mother of the bride.

Bottom line…we should all be mindful that people of ALL ages are getting married. We can avoid making this mistake by asking open ended questions.  Waterford Event Rentals is very open-minded and we love to meet ALL our brides… young and old. This is part of the joy of working in the wedding industry…we meet so many different people from Africa to India to the girl next door. We cater to EVERYONE. 

We are happy to make it known; Waterford Event Rentals does not have a minimum. Whether you have a party of 10 or 500 we are here to help! 🙂 

no-minimums-1 no-minimums-2 no-minimums-3 no-minimums-4

experience the Waterford Way!