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afr Event Furnishings

afr Event Furnishings is a true definition of style. afr provides furnishings for events of any size. They provide high end furniture for special events like WEDDINGS, corporate meetings, and conferences.

We have put together a “short ” list of what we see when looking at an abridged flip book of afr’s products.


We can’t imagine your style was not listed but… remember this was an abridged version. Check out to see all of afr’s products.

Contact our areas account executive, Karen Clements, today with any requests or questions!!!

Karen Clements
Cell 757.660.1510

afr Event Furnishings afr Event Furnishings afr Event Furnishings afr Event Furnishings afr Event Furnishings

Hair Do’s and Don’ts

The big question! NO…not will you marry me?! You’ve  already been asked that!

The other big question, should you wear your hair up or down?  The answer to this question is similar to how you should you wear your makeup. In both cases you want something that is you!!! If you don’t usually wear a lot of make up then don’t wear a ton on your big day. If you love your hair down and hate it up…well then…definitely don’t wear it up. Who knows though… You may think you hate your hair up and then go for for your trial hair appointment and find that you love it. Don’t rule it out just yet,  try it and then pick a style that suits you.

Should you make your bridesmaids wear there hair a certain way!?!? It’s tough to make a decision like this, especially if your pretty picky and want things a certain way. It can also be tough if you think rules need to be set so that someone will not show up with there hair as if they just showered. Keep in mind though, just like people have different types of feet and can’t all comfortably wear the same shoe, not everyone looks good with the same hairstyle or an updo.

Want to set up a trial session for your wedding hairdo? Contact the girls at Behind the Veil or a stylist at Salon Vivace. The Waterford girls have been going to Salon Vivace for years….We love love our stylist, Lolly Mastracco…recently engaged…soon to be Mrs. 🙂

Wedding Hair Do's and Dont's Wedding Hair Do's and Dont's Wedding Hair Do's and Dont's Wedding Hair Do's and Dont's Wedding Hair Do's and Dont's Wedding Hair Do's and Dont's

Trends and New Twists

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Fun Marital and Wedding Facts

The average age for women to marry in the US is 25.6 and men 27.7

Due to work, children, and other daily activities American couples spend approximately 4 minutes alone together

June is the most popular wedding month followed by August

40% of couples plan their weddings together

Washington DC has the lowest marriage rate

In ancient Rome contracts were sealed with a kiss and marriage was considered a contract. That is why marriage ceremonies end with a kiss!

70% of Americans believe brides should change their last name

The number one wedding destination is Vegas followed by Hawaii

The average US wedding has 175 guests

3 out of 4 men help select their gifts for the wedding registr

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