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Waterford Wednesday: Lasting Trends

Happy Waterford Wednesday, friends!
We’ve got a fun little post for you today all about trends! As we all know, trends come and go – some better than others. Everyone has those few pictures that they look back on and just cringe at the clothing, hairstyle, or makeup choice at the time, right? Well, when it comes to your wedding day (aka one of the best days of your life!), you don’t want to look back on your beautiful photos with those same sentiments! While it’s definitely important to express yourself and your vision for your wedding day, it might also be a good time to think about the future and how you’ll feel about your choices after the fact. Today we’ve rounded up three easy tips to ensure you have gorgeous wedding linens that will remain timeless throughout the years!

Neutrals Are Your Friend!
Beth&Devon_Featured-0022Photo: Elizabeth Henson Photos
Trust us, it’s no coincidence that linens in neutral colors are present at almost all weddings! Whether it be the classics like white, ivory, and khaki, or the newcomers – blush and champagne, there is always a little hint of a neutral linen! This is because they really represent a timeless color palette that will look great for years to come! They blend well together, as well as being a nice compliment to any other accent color you may decide on.

Trends Fade!
One important thing to remember about trends is that they almost always fade! Sure, they may make a comeback (hello 90’s choker!), but that’s not always a guarantee! You don’t want to risk choosing a very specific linen or color palette for your wedding just because it’s “on trend,” only to hate it days, weeks, or years after your wedding. Wouldn’t regretting a big piece of your wedding be terrible?! A good tip to follow would be to take a look at weddings over the years. What color palettes or trends do you notice that are still relevant and beautiful today? Go with those!

Think About Accents
16473557_1114228688687717_3670140819280243208_nPhoto: Grant & Deb Photographers
Accent colors are also something that you should definitely consider when planning the linens for your wedding! While a floral napkin mixed with an equally bright table overlay may be super on trend right now, chances are that trend will fade, and you may not be too thrilled with your choice in the future. Accent colors are supposed to do just that, accentuate what you already have – give emphasis to it! When thinking about your accent colors, a good idea would be to take our first tip into account (neutrals, neutrals, neutrals!) and add a nice accent on top in the form of a napkin or table runner!

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Waterford Wednesday: Linens For Every Budget

It’s Waterford Wednesday!
As with every blog post leading up to our big event, we have to mention that A Crystal Clear Vision is now less than a month away! There are exciting new additions being added to the event each day, so this is definitely a show you don’t want to miss out on!
One of the great things about A Crystal Clear Vision is that you get to see a whole range of Waterford linens and products. You’ll see some of our go-to standard linens, as well as our beloved high quality specialty linens – all in one area! As wedding industry professionals, we understand that each and every person has a different budget for their wedding, so it’s important to us to be sure we provide a wide array of linens at different price points. Today we’re going to show you how your event can shine with linens whether you have a small or large linen budget.

ombre-napkinsPhoto: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
If you have a modest linen budget, there are so many different combinations that you can take advantage of, without going over your budget. Napkins are always one of our favorite ways to dress up a table at a lower cost! Using one of our basic polyester linens is another way to make your tables look clean and put together without spending a lot of money. If you get lucky with a venue that will provide your base linens, you could get away with renting some gorgeous table runners that could bring color and texture to your design at a lower price point as well!

wedding-photography-583-of-863Photo: Crystal Belcher Photography
If you’re a bride that has carved out a higher linen budget for your wedding, there is a lot more wiggle room to get creative with your design! The use of full length linens on every table come into play, as well as the option of utilizing specialty linens on some of your more important tables such as your sweetheart and cake table. Plate chargers are another visually appealing product that you could think about including with a standard/higher-end linen budget!

blacktiesheratonvirginiabeachwedding-205Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography
If linens are one of the most important components to you at your wedding, there are so many options to make your design look expensive and lavish! The option to use specialty linens on all of your tables comes into play, as well as napkins and plate chargers to bring the whole look together. You can experiment with layering different linens to bring an added interesting component as well. With a higher budget for linens and products, looking into renting chiavari chairs for your event becomes another potential possibility that will make the whole room look extravagant and thoughtfully put together!

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A Crystal Clear Vision 2017: What to Expect

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
We are just over a month away from the 4th Annual Crystal Clear Vision Event and things are moving fast – with participant design meetings, last minute decisions, and overall planning and excitement for the event! If you haven’t purchased your ticket for the March 4th event yet, head on over to do so now…you’re not going to want to miss this! One of the coolest things about our annual Crystal Clear Vision Event is that it is always evolving. It’s an event that can be attended year after year due to the ever-changing participants and trends within our industry. As we are coming up on this year’s event, we thought we’d give a little insight into what you can expect!16143782_1849482431962567_2185415804451959727_o

You Can Watch Live! – Yep, you read that right. ViewItDoIt is one of our awesome sponsors for A Crystal Clear Vision this year, and so if you aren’t able to attend, you’ll still be able to watch the event as it’s happening! This is a huge addition to our event and we are so excited to be able to provide this for people all over so they can participate!

Top Notch Participants – The top designers, florists, caterers, and venues in Hampton Roads will have their fully set reception tables at the Virginia Beach Field House. Keep up with the A Crystal Clear Vision Facebook page to see the participants for this year.
unspecified-20PhotoAmanda Hedgepeth Photography // DesignEmily Weddings, Inc.

Top Notch Photographers – Some of the most sought-after photographers in Coastal Virginia will be on hand to capture the beauty and transformation of the whole event. Seriously, check out this lineup: Echard Wheeler Photography, Caitlin Gerres Photography, Amanda Manupella Photography, Kirstyn Marie Photography, Rob Korb Photography & Erika Mills Photography.

New Linens/Products – New Waterford inventory will be on display at this event for the first time! You will be able to check out new linens and products that are on-trend for this upcoming wedding season, and see them set up for maximum inspiration!
unspecified-45PhotoAmanda Manupella Photography // DesignSoirees By Lauren

INSPIRATION – The most important thing you can expect from attending A Crystal Clear Vision is to be inspired! You will leave this show with so many ideas and potential vendor connections for your big day. The ability to actually see fully set reception tables will get your mind spinning with all of the possibilities available!
unspecified-44Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Mayapalooza Fun! – A Crystal Clear Vision is once again part of the VIP experience at Mayapalooza, so there is also the ability to enjoy live bands, craft beers, wedding fashions and so much more!
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