Waterford Wednesday: Reception Space Hacks

Happy Waterford Wednesday, friends!
We’re excited for today’s post where we’re going to share some helpful reception space hacks. We’ve been to hundreds of different venue spaces over the years and we’ve gathered some tips for fixing any reception space issue!

Crazy Carpet
David Champagne Photography
Crazy, patterned carpet is one of the top issues that most people have with their venue space. Oftentimes venues will have colorful carpet that doesn’t match your event theme and can be very distracting when combined with your decor. An easy way to keep your guests’ eyes off the carpet is by directing their gaze up! Intricate draping, interesting light arrangements, or beautiful floral are all easy ways to do this!

Old & Dated Chairs

Dressing up chairs with chair covers is a quick and easy fix for old and dated venue chairs. Adding a nice satin or organza sash will dress the chairs up even further! If you want to nix the venue provided chairs completely, renting beautiful chiavari chairs is another option if you have a little extra money in your budget!

The Space is Too Big
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While it’s better to have too much space than not enough, large, open ballrooms can make a venue seem cold. If you’re looking for a more intimate feel, you can divide the room with drapery, additional furniture, or low-hanging chandeliers and centerpieces!

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