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Waterford Wednesday: The “Waterford Way”

Happy Waterford Wednesday, friends!
2018 is sneaking up on us fast, and with that, so many exciting things for Waterford! We have our annual A Crystal Clear Vision show Sunday, February 11th at the Woman’s Club of Portsmouth, and we just recently released our first ever Waterford Catalog – a labor of love that we know will be such a huge resource for our vendor friends and clients in the new year! One thing that both our bridal show and catalog have in common is that they are both amazing resources for people to understand what we refer to as the “Waterford Way.” If you can’t attend A Crystal Clear Vision this year or haven’t had an opportunity to snag a catalog, you’re in luck! Today w’re going to dive into what the “Waterford Way” really means.

We Have Linens AND Products
Photo: Ashley Errington Photography
While we pride ourselves on specializing in providing high quality linens to our clients, we do have a few key products in our inventory as well! Our most popular products are our plate chargers (gold, silver & even beaded glass!) and our gorgeous gold chiavari chairs! We also have our white resin chairs on-site at the Women’s Club of Portsmouth, and our beautiful mahogany chiavari chairs on-site at the Historic Post Office.

We Ship Linens!
Although we are located in Hampton Roads and do most of our events in the surrounding area, we ship linens all over the United States for our clients! We absolutely love seeing our table linens, runners, overlays, and more transform events from the east coast to the west…our linens have traveled all over!

No Event Is Too Big Or Small!
Photo: Chelsea Anderson Photography 

Whether you are hosting a 300 person wedding, a more intimate event such as a bridal shower, or even an industry party, no event is too big or small for Waterford! We’ve done gorgeous setups for both large and small events and love the way that linens can add something extra to any event!

We Steam!
Next to providing great quality linens, steaming is one aspect that is very important to our company! We pride ourselves on making sure that every table linen and chair cover looks it’s very best during a setup and that there are no wrinkles in sight!

Stress Free!
Photo:  Audrey Rose Photography
Although your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life, it can definitely become one of the most stressful! One of our top priorities at Waterford is making sure that you are as stress free as possible when it comes to your linen rentals! For this reason we offer setup & breakdown services where our amazing staff handles all of the linen and product placement, ensuring it looks completely fabulous, so you can focus on the most important part of the day…getting married!

On Trend Linens
Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography
At Waterford we are committed to staying up to date on all of the new and innovative trends that circulate through the industry. Make sure you attend A Crystal Clear Vision 2018, to see all of the gorgeous new linens and patterns we’ve added to our inventory!

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xo, Waterford!

Waterford Wednesday: Linen & Rentals Budget Tips

Happy Waterford Wednesday and Thanksgiving Eve, friends!
We are so excited about these next few holiday-heavy months coming up – it really is the best time of the year! While many of us will get to relax and enjoy time with our families, we can’t forget that there are still many events happening around this time too. The holidays can be overwhelming in themselves and adding in an event can become expensive. From linens, venue, dress, flowers, etc. there are so many decisions and expenses to think about. Sometimes, brides tend to cut linen rentals completely out of their budget because they don’t think that it will make that big of a difference. Obviously, we disagree with this! If you’re looking to still utilize some gorgeous linens/rentals in your wedding without going over budget, we’ve combined some tips just for you!

Embrace Table Runners & Overlays
It seems like table runners and overlays are often overlooked when picking linens for weddings. We carry MANY different colors and patterns in both of these linens, and they could really be your saving grace when it comes to cost! If the venue you choose offers complimentary base linens, throwing a table runner or overlay on top will give your table that pop of color and pattern, yet won’t have you over your budget as they are significantly less expensive than a full table linen. Table runners even look great on tables without a linen underneath!

Add Accent Tables Throughout
Photo: Erika Mills Photography

We absolutely love our specialty linens, but they can definitely become pricey if used on every single table. To save on costs without jeopardizing the overall beautiful look of your wedding, using basic linens and then alternating some tables with specialty linens is an excellent idea! It will create a great visual appeal of the whole room and will give guests many different eye-catching views.

Get The Most Out Of Your Chairs
Photo: David Champagne Photography
Choosing a chair that you can use for both the ceremony and reception is a great way to save a bit of cash! Of course you will want to check that your venue can accommodate a quick changeover during cocktail hour, though!

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Waterford Wednesday: Winter & Holiday Events!

It’s Waterford Wednesday!
The weather outside is getting chilly, winter is well on its way, and we are thinking about the holiday’s here at Waterford! Although the first day of winter isn’t technically until the end of next month, NOW is the time to start thinking about and planning your holiday festivities! Winter and holiday events can actually take a lot more planning than one might think, especially when you consider all of the details that go into them! So today we’ve rounded up some brief tips to help make sure your winter event goes off without a hitch!

  Rent Early!
 Photo: Will Hawkins Photography
While summer and spring months are considered the busy wedding/event season, it’s important to rent and reserve your vendors early in the winter months as well! Not only are there a lot of holiday parties happening around the winter months, but you should also consider the fact that your potential vendors may have varying hours over the holiday season!

Send Invites Early!
hermitagemuseumweddingholiday-142Photo: Jessica Ryan Photography
With winter being one of the busiest travel times during the year, it’s crucial that you send out your invitations early! If you want certain people at your event (especially close family and friends!), then this is a necessary step to take! Your guests will appreciate the advanced notice, and they will have plenty of time to work their plans and schedules around your event!

Prepare for Weather!
hermitagemuseumweddingholiday-25Photo: Jessica Ryan Photography
The last thing that you want to worry about during the planning of your winter event is weather, but it’s something that definitely needs to be in the forefront of your mind. Depending on the area you live in, weather (especially during the winter months!) can be very unpredictable, so staying in the know is key. Preparing and creating a backup plan for unpredictable weather, along with the delays and cancellations that come with it, will save you from a stressful panic should it happen the day of your event!

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