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Waterford Wednesday: March’s Employee Spotlight

Our Waterford gals ALWAYS give 110% in all that they do.  Whether it’s steaming our linens, setting up chairs, or ensuring our clients are pleased with their rentals, our Event Staff are diligent and enthusiastic in getting any job done.  One gal, in particular, who leads many of our weekend set-ups is Megan Thompson, our March’s Employee of the Month!  Because of her relentless desire to do everything with excellence as well as build strong rapport with our clients week after week, WER has unanimously decided to nominate her for this employee spotlight.  Honestly, what would we do without her?

Photography:  Sandra Leigh

Serving as one of our two Lead Event Staff, she knows all of the “in’s and out’s” of our weekend set-ups and breakdowns.  Since beginning with us a little over two years ago, she has radically grown in her understanding and knowledge of this industry, leading and guiding many newcomers to share in her passion to do everything to perfection.

In case you haven’t had an opportunity to meet Megan during one of our set-ups or breakdowns, here she is, front and center, for y’all to get to know:

What drew you to WER originally?

“I’ve always had a love for event planning, being in the “hands-on” part of the process for putting on an event.  Every nitty-gritty detail is essential in making an idea become a reality!”

What is your fav part about working for WER?

“The best part about working for WER is getting to spend the weekends with my amazing coworkers!  I wouldn’t want to spend my Saturdays and Sundays with anyone else because they’ve become part of my FAMILY!”

How has WER changed since you started working there?

“Being with WER for over two years now, I’ve seen fellow coworkers finish college and start new careers, constant growth in wedding trends as well as in our inventory.  But, most importantly, I’ve seen WER really take off to truly become a leader in the Hampton Roads’ Event Planning Industry!  It’s such a honor to work for Alyse, who inspires and mentors us gals to be the best versions of ourselves and to work wholeheartedly in all that we do.”

What is your fav product and/or linen at WER?

“My fav linen is the Vintage Floral Lace!”  Take a look for yourself below and see why it’s Megan’s fav:

Photography:  Audrey Rose

What are three words to describe WER?

“Detail-oriented, lots of bows, and F-U-N!”  WER seeks to build connections within our community as well as with our staff.  “The #waterfordbabes (as Megan likes to call us gals) seek to distinguish themselves from the pact, by fostering relationships with the clients at each set-up or breakdown while all the while rocking it in our teal blue Converse.”

Photography:  Dragon Studio

What advice do you have for prospective candidates who want to work for WER?

“Be ready to work and move fast to ensure each job is done right!  Beyond bringing your “A-game” each day, it’s truly important to just have FUN when coming to work.  With the staff being like family to me, it’s so easy to enjoy each set-up and breakdown.  Trust me, you’re gonna LOVE it here at WER!”

Let’s all send a special shout-out to Megan for being such a hard-working and faithful employee since she joined our team over two years ago!  Congrats Megan on a job well done and for being WER’s Employee of the Month for March!

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Waterford Wednesday: Lesner Inn Stylized Shoot

Any beach lovers out there?  Us gals at Waterford Event Rentals sure are and absolutely cannot get enough of the ocean’s beauty!  Spring and summer are obviously the more popular seasons to host your event near the water; however, what about those of you out there who want to host a late fall or mid-winter event but yet still want to be close to the water?  Well, this blog is specifically designed for you!

Yes, we know that some of you out there are already planning your winter 2019-2020 events and need a little inspiration.  Don’t fret, because we’re here to make sure you stay “in-the-know” about what trends can be beautifully designed in the cold, bleak temps and still give off that subtle inviting nautical look.

Featured this week on Waterford Wednesday is our January’s stylized shoot at the breathtaking Lesner Inn in Virginia Beach, VA.  See what you think by checking out some of our favs below:

Velvet, the trendsetter for 2019, is an absolute MUST in creating your tablescape.  Pairing the gold tableware with Mauve Velvet Napkins and Navy Polyester Table Linens truly promotes a more welcoming environment to the guests!  Additionally, the warmth evoked from this specific mauve linen proves that this an excellent choice for events in the winter months.

The Eggplant Polyester Napkins truly add a unique touch against the Navy Table Linen and tableware.  Complimentary to the floral design highlighted throughout the shoot, these Eggplant Napkins provide depth and dimension, shying away from the typical nautical flair and going bold!

All Photography : Luke & Ashley

WOW!  What a breathtaking shoot this was!  The pops of purples, greens, blues, and pinks really just highlight all the best features about the the Lesner Inn and the WATER right behind the venue!

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Waterford Wednesday: Pottery Print Linen

Spring is right around the corner and, with that, comes the blooming of flowers.  For this week’s Linen Spotlight, we chose to feature a more unique, traditional piece from our collection.  By highlighting many floral patterns and soft shades of blue, the Pottery Print proves to be a solid choice for your focal point of your event.  Whether your goal is to draw your guests’ attention to your Sweetheart table, Cake table, or even the VIP guest’s table, this linen is truly the way to go.

One of our fav pics of this linen actually is a throwback to A Crystal Clear 2017, where A Lively Affair collaborated with us to make this gorgeous display:

Photography: Caitlin Gerres

Afraid to use patterned material at your wedding?  Brides magazine encourages brides and party hosts alike to add the right touch of color and pattern to your event (“How to Use Linens to Take Your Weddings to the Next Level“).  By doing just this, you enhance your guests’ as well as yourself’s overall experience.  Specifically, “Just like in fashion, mixing linen patterns and textures can really enhance your wedding’s design. Think in threes: dominant, subdominant and neutral.  Start with a bold (dominant) pattern to define your palette. From there, choose a smaller-scale (subdominant) pattern with the same colors. Finally, pull in a neutral solid to allow for a visual rest.”  In this particular design, the dominant color can be royal blue found in this Pottery Print, with the subdominant being a darker shade of blue, and the neutral being white/gold.

If you are leaning towards a more subtle design for your special day but still want to add a bit of flair, look no further than renting the Pottery Print linen in napkins, runners, sashes, or overlays.

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Waterford Wednesday: Spring 2019 Trends

Happy March, our Waterford friends!  Spring is right around the corner, with only 14 days until it’s official start on the calendar.  With warmer weather and flowers beginning to bloom over the next few months, new trends for dinner parties and weddings are beginning to come forth as well.  This week on Waterford Wednesday we want to share with you the top “looks” for all Spring 2019 social events, whether it be a small, intimate get-together or a large wedding celebration.  Uniquely-enough, all of these designs and vendors on the blog today are from our 2019’s A Crystal Clear Vision!  That’s right, folks.  In case you missed our one-of-a-kind wedding show, here’s your first look at some of our beautiful creations and collaborations:

Black Accents

Any bride or party host shooting for a “chic” look, may want to consider adding touches of black to their tablescape.  Simply said, the contrast and depth that this specific color adds to the decor can in many ways create a higher level of elegance and debonair to the overall atmosphere of the event.

Table Design:  Fluttering Flowers & Photography: Kirstyn Marie

Table Design:  Touche Weddings & Photography: Jessica Ryan

Velvet Linen

If you are seeking to create a warm, cozy atmosphere for your special day, velvet linen is the way to go.  With this particular linen being complimentary to almost any palette of colors, your options are essentially endless.  In general, thicker fabrics that are stark (like velvet) in comparison to the light, airy linens that we have seen in the past will encourage much richness and texture to your tablescape as a whole.

Table Design: Astro Entertainment & Photography: Kirstyn Marie

Table Design:  The Twisted Fork & Photography:  Katie Nesbitt


As in 2018, greenery is continuing in its trend to be an organic choice for centerpieces at weddings and dinner parties alike.  The authenticity of this day and age parallels this natural “look”.  Similarly, as indoor venues continue to be an option that many brides and hosts lean towards, this greenery foliage is a great and cost-effective way to bring the outdoors in.

Table Design:  Waterford Event RentalsAntonia Christianson Events, & Woman’s Club of Portsmouth

Photography:  Katie Nesbitt

Table Design:  Cuisine & Company & Photography:  Jessica Ryan


Soft touches of blush, celadon green, lavendar, beige, and sky blue will definitely make its returned debut in Spring of 2019.  In combination with lots of greenery and metallic, the earthy, marbled “look” you are going for will ultimately be brought to life.  As in the past, pastels are a safe choice for wedding decor; however, in 2019, these colors will be paired with bold accents of organic and metallic, adding unique dimension to your traditional design.

Table Design: The Signature at West Neck & Photography: Caitlin Gerres

Table Design:  Isha Foss & Photography:  Caitlin Gerres

Vibrant and Bold

Wanting to make a statement at your 2019 Spring event?  Well, this trend is for you!  This bold and the vibrant “look” is new as an option for a sophisticated client, seeking to create that “wow” factor that so many brides and hosts are desiring now-a-days.  Ditching the rigid color palette for a variety of complementary shades alongside velvet proves to be a contender for the Spring’s best weddings.

Table Design:  Chef by Design & Photography:  Leigh Skaggs

Spring 2019 is going to be one for the books, proving to be a mixture of the past and present.  What design from our collection was your fav?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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