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Why Waterford?

The inspiration for the name of our company stems from when co-owners Alyse and Hollie stepped off the bus in high school and discovered they lived on the same street- Waterford Place!

Waterford Event Rentals takes further inspiration from Waterford Crystal.  Waterford Crystal is renowned throughout the world for their beautiful, elite crystal.  Celebrated for their high quality work, Waterford Crystal will never sell a faulty piece of work; in fact, any imperfect glass is tossed back into the furnace to be melted and reused or broken to eliminate a sale.

Waterford Event Rentals strives to the same level of dedication and perfection in our work. At the start of our company, we kept it simple with chair covers and sashes. As we did more and more events, the requests began to grow! Now, almost 10 years later, we pride ourselves in our inventory that is constantly evolving. We’d like to say that we stay on top of what’s trending & get you the hottest items before they’re even thought of on the East Coast. We love being able to stick to what we know (linens) & perfecting it. Our inventory now includes: full length tablecloths, napkins, runners, overlays, chargers, tables, and chairs in a handful of different colors and styles.

We take several important steps to ensure we always give customers the best possible service and product:

  • We steam ALL chair covers & linens when they arrive on location- wrinkles are bound to happen in transit.
  • We will NOT use stained linens. Whether the linens have been used once or ten times-we don’t care! You are the most important piece to our business and we ensure all linens are in top condition before getting sent out.
  • We put a cap on events each weekend to ensure we have the time to focus on each one.
  • We sit down with our clients and develop a design plan.  We take an active part in the planning process, increasing the quality of our service and decreasing the chance for mistakes.
  • We include you in all decisions from napkin fold, to linen selection, even down to the sash tie!
  • We help customers get exactly what they are looking for- no matter how difficult a color or fabric is to find.
  • We provide 3 different options in which to receive your linens: pick-up from our office, delivery to your venue, or set-up on site the day of where our staff takes care of it all. Yup! That means your family and friends get to relax and enjoy the day WITH you.

We hope you get a chance to experience linens the Waterford way!Luke & Ashley Photography | Venue: Lesner Inn  Lindsay Collette PhotographyChelsea Anderson Photography

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to help plan your beautiful big day. Email us at or call us at 757-448-5999.

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Add Some Texture to Your Tables

When planning your wedding and looking at all things Pinterest, you find that the possibilities are endless and you can really make your wedding from start to finish a perfect reflection of you. Many times we see that brides come in thinking that they want one thing, but end up going with a design completely different than what they even thought was possible. We love being able to help you think outside of the box and contributing to your amazing wedding ideas that are sure to be nothing like the rest!


We have talked about this one before, but velvet is HOT HOT HOT. While you may not be a fan of this for your guest tables, it’s sure to be the perfect addition for the cake table, cocktails, or even as your napkins. Take a look below and see if these photos get you on team velvet too!!Table Design: Rusty Cottage Vintage RentalsTable Design: Indie and Ivory | Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography


Lots of times our couples like the idea of adding a little extra to some of the guest tables or the bridal party tables. Keeping it simple with the linens but adding some lace or sequins is sure to take those tables to the next level. Sometimes every other table gets an overlay, or maybe you want to do your head table. One of our favorite tables of course to show off is the Sweetheart table- because hey you’re the topic of conversation all night!David Champagne PhotographyTable Design & Floral : Touche Event Design & Production | Photography: Kelsey Walne Photography


Sometimes, we get the opportunity to step even more out of the box when we have a client tell us they’re looking to add some type of pattern into their reception space. Of course we can do that in almost every way imaginable. Most common places we see to add some pattern is on the cocktail tables, in the napkin choice, or sometimes on all the guest tables! Either way we are a sucker for some custom ideas and patterns. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, we got your back!Table Design: Chef By Design Catering | Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography
Photography: Luke & Ashley Photography | Coordination: Wedding Co. of Williamsburg

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to help plan your beautiful big day. Email us at or call us at 757-448-5999.

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A Note to 2021 Couples

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!! Can you believe that it’s already August 2020?! This year is FLYING by. As most of you know, we are located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and still being effected considerably by COVID-19. While we are gearing up for a VERY busy fall all the way through December, we can’t help but wonder what Spring 2021 is going to look like. If you’re a couple getting married in 2021 then this blog is for you.

We wanted to take the time to acknowledge that COVID and the restrictions that come along with it are still playing a vital role in the wedding and events industry. Not only does this affect the biggest day of your life, but from a company in the event industry it is affecting us and hundreds of our clients’ biggest day of their lives. Since the restrictions have been lifted we did okay being “normal” for maybe a month or so….. Now, the executive order put into place at the end of July has caused us to rethink this whole normal thing. With that being said, couples of 2021 here are some reasons you NEED to keep PLANNING.


If you’re getting married in 2021, maybe this was your original date…. But for a lot of our couples this is their “new” wedding date. So if this is your original date, how do all of these rescheduled events affect you and your ability to book your dream vendors? Well- these reschedules play a huge role in the availably of top vendors across the board: lighting, photographers, venues, caterers, florists all are in the predicament to continue booking new clients while fulfilling a commitment to what we thought were our 2020 brides. We can ONLY speak for Waterford Event Rentals, but we are doing everything in our power to accommodate and be consistent with our efforts during this time of uncertainty.


Let’s say you have still been planning, getting out visiting venues and vendors then you’re already on track. The next important thing is to secure the vendors of your choice. How do you do that? More often than not that is through some type of deposit which is specific to each vendor.


Another piece of information we thought that could be helpful for you getting details squared away was to inform you of a few of the trends we have been seeing with regards to linen rentals.

  1. Significant reduction of guest counts- we all know this is happening, and although it is a HUGE disappointment, for couples sticking through the pandemic for their original date choice, this is a trend that we are seeing going through more often than you might think.
  2. What does having a reduced guest count mean for the look of your reception space? Being able to significantly reduce the size of your wedding means that you might have a little extra money in the budget to play around with a few higher quality linen options you may not have been able to consider before. What we mean by this is maybe this is the chance for you to add the chiavari chairs you desperately wanted or maybe it’s adding a specialty linen to those cocktail tables? There are so many options and ways to transform your reception space to the best of your ability & that’s where we come in!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to help plan your beautiful big day. Email us at or call us at 757-448-5999.

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xo, Waterford!

We’re Hiring for Fall 2020!

Happy Wednesday beautiful people! This is a fun and exciting blog because we are looking to expand our team!!! We are currently hiring for a bunch of different positions and want YOU to be a part of it!

We are hiring for event staff, which is a part time job primarily on the weekends- but can extend to some weekday hours depending on event schedule and your availability. Just a few details about this position include, familiarizing yourself with the behind the scenes aspect of an event rental company. What goes into pulling inventory for events, preparing inventory items for events, but also setting up and executing the events on the day of! This is just a little tidbit of what you would be a part of as you apply to join our team! We’re also hiring for delivery staff position which includes part time hours during the weekend as well. Delivery staff is responsible for the execution of deliveries and sometimes setups at private residences or event venues. When applying for this position, you must be comfortable lifting and unloading tables and/or chairs.And the best part of delivery staff- maybe you’ll get to challenge Vic to a rock paper scissors battle on who gets to drive the box truck, lol.

Another position we’re very excited to offer is an intern position- VIRTUALLY and IN PERSON. We know just how much COVID has interfered with school from kindergarten up to college. We want to be able to help and provide that internship credit for students anywhere. Internship includes mass media marketing, time in the warehouse learning about the inventory and event preparations, greeting clients, observing design meetings in the showroom, and SO. MUCH. MORE. If you think you would make the perfect addition to our team for any of the above positions please contact us at your earliest convenience! We are currently holding interviews for all positions, so act fast. Send an email with your resumé and current availability to and we will be in touch soon.

We hope to have you as a member of our team, the possibilities are endless and there is immense room to grow here.

Photos by: Dragon Photo Studio | Misty Saves the Day

experience the Waterford Way!