We are Rated a Top Wedding Vendor of 2013

Check out a recent email sent to Waterford Event Rentals… We are so excited!

Waterford Event Rentals has been selected as one of theTop Wedding Vendors of 2013, and as such will appear in the premiere issue ofVirginia Living Weddings.This special bound-in supplement toVirginia Living’sJanuary/February 2013 issue will celebrate the unique style and tradition of weddings done in grand Virginia fashion.

Top Wedding Vendors 2013is a comprehensive list of hundreds of the highest quality wedding professionals throughout Virginia, selected and vetted byVirginia Living’seditorial advisory board-a group of 11 of the state’s top wedding planners.

From gowns to cakes, flowers to music, and stationery to jewelry,Virginia Living’s Top Wedding Vendors 2013will betheresource for anyone planning a wedding in Virginia, and I am so pleased to include your business! With the help of our advisory board, we looked at thousands of vendors, but chose only those who we believe to be the best in the industry for this exclusive editorial list.

We will publish your business name, location and contact details in this new special supplement coming in our January/February 2013 issue.

Again, congratulations on being named one ofVirginia Living’sTop Wedding Vendors of 2013!


Our Best Promotion Yet

*Fanciful Festivities*

Sashes, Chair Covers, Table Runners, Napkins…YOU CHOOSE!!!

$60 off ANY rentals of $150 or more!!


 Valid December 2012 & January 2013. Set up service required. Not valid on special orders or previous orders.

fanciful1 fanciful2 fanciful3

Baxter’s Creative Events

* What sets your service apart from other planners?

Not only do I offer Full Service Wedding Coordination, I also offer Day of Coordination, and I customize packages to meet my clients needs.  I also offer various other decorative items to assist my brides and grooms in their decoration needs.  I have a love for people and planning weddings and when I am hired by a bride; it’s as if that bride is one of my children.  I want to make sure that they have the best wedding they can possibly have and will go above and beyond to bring their dreams to fruition.

* How did you get started in the wedding industry?

The first wedding that I planned and assisted with, was my sons wedding.  What really got me going was when I was employed at Navy Federal Credit Union; I had a co-worker recommend me to another co-worker of whom was getting married.  The employee that recommended me sang my praises to our fellow co-worker and she decided to give me a try.  I’m so very glad that she did give me a chance because I can’t imagine not planning weddings.

* What experience do you have outside of wedding planning?

I planned various types of events while employed at Navy Federal Credit Union; whether it was a going away function for an employee, a manager’s birthday breakfast, local branch Christmas Events and  Halloween Party at the local branch, baby showers and numerous fundraiser’s for Relay For Life.  I have planned a few bridal showers, anniversary party, baby showers, graduation party, military retirement party and several birthday parties.

* Words of advice.

Always remember that this is your special day and that you will have moments of anxiety and stress leading up to your special day.  Try to stay calm and take some moments to unwind and de-stress.  You and the groom need to set time aside for just the two of you to enjoy each others company.  Wedding planning is a major task and can cause some stress and frustration for the two of you but it’s important to remember that it’s your special day and that you will need some alone time to just simply reflect on the two of you and nothing else.  Take a long hike, walk on the beach, a nice bike ride together or have a couples massage and simply reconnect with one another and enjoy your day without any distractions.  Planning will keep you so very busy and will sometimes drive you crazy but if you have a wedding coordinator; they will take so much of that stress off of the two of you so that you can enjoy each others company and the wedding planning process all the way through to the final exit from the reception.

* Why is having a planner a must?

We have some of the best contacts in the area with vendors and venues.  We will make sure that your wedding day will be so relaxing and stress free so that the bride, groom and their family can enjoy every single moment of the special day.  We will keep the bride and groom on track with their budget and offer assistance with creative ideas and colors to help the bride and groom plan and stay organized.

* Add any additional information you would like.

This is not a job for me; this is the best career I could have ever asked for and it’s a way of life that gives me so much pleasure.  I really enjoy meeting new and interesting people and I have worked with so many different brides and grooms and even after the wedding I am still in contact with the majority of them.  Out of all of this wedding planning I have one regret, and that regret is that I didn’t start planning weddings sooner!  I Received WeddingWire’s Brides Choice Award 2012, WeddingWire Rated 2012 & 2011.  I was also a Wedding Industry Experts 2012 Awards Finalist “Best Wedding Planner” and was Ranked 2nd in Virginia and 39 out of 100 in the United States.

Contact Information:

Sandra Baxter, Owner
Baxter’s Creative Events
(757) 470-1735
**Check us out on: TheKnot.com, Wedding Wire & Facebook**
Received WeddingWire’s Brides Choice Award 2012
WeddingWire Rated 2012 & 2011
ISES Member, 757 Wedding Professionals Member
Wedding Industry Experts 2012 Awards Finalist “Best Wedding Planner”
Ranked 2nd in Virginia and 39 out of 100 in the United States

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Antonia Christianson Events

* What sets your service apart from other planners?

I was born and raised a Virginia Beach gal and I take great pride in making my clients feel at home in my hometown. About 70% of my clients no longer live in Hampton Roads, so when they are away I take it upon myself to make sure everything they need is done, as if they are here. I really take pride in helping each client make their wedding a unique event for their guests. I take great care and work diligently to make sure that every bride and groom have their own personalized experience and to make their day exceptionally special.

* How did you get started in the wedding industry?

A big factor that influenced my decision to move into the wedding industry had to do with being raised in the social events industry. My grandparents owned a large food distribution plant that allowed them to travel up and down the east coast to attend banquets and conferences. I was often allowed to travel with them and see these events that helped create my inspiration to become an event planner. Also, my mom was very involved in event planning and owned her own catering business. Since I grew up in this environment, I have always loved the little details of the events that make them so unique and extraordinary. So when I graduated college and went into the corporate event world, I immediately felt like this was my calling. My company has continued to evolve and grow along with our clients

* What experience do you have outside of wedding planning?

I have experience in various areas outside of wedding planning ranging from non-profit organizations such as Susan G. Komen to P.R. Marketing and Brand Launch Events as well as radio promotions and corporate planning. I’m very grateful for these opportunities and for the ability to expand my experiences. I work to apply what I have learned from these experiences to my company and staff to help my business grow and develop. I enjoy putting my time and effort into helping these other organizations or companies because of the positive effect they have on society. Also, I believe my staff, which consists of a wide variety of women, provide a tailored experience to my clients and enable them to interact on a personal level.
* Words of advice.

I have a few words of advice. Don’t let your friends’ opinions take control of your decisions for your wedding. They can give great suggestions, but what it boils down to is what you want for your special day. Take the time to remember why you’re getting married. Next, make sure you spend as much time planning yourmarriage as you do your wedding. Last but not least, finding inspiration online is always great but making it your own is what will make the wedding a unique and fun experience.

* Why is having a planner a must? 

There are so many aspects to an event planner that people have no general knowledge of. We are responsible for many big and little pieces of the overall puzzle that help it come into place at the end. All of the wedding details are equally important and make a difference. I help bring all those choices to light with each client so they know what to expect and what they want for their wedding. Between the arrangements of seating to the confirmation of vendors the week before, we help the bride and groom out with as much as we can. Planners help greatly with the client’s piece of mind but we also make sure each client has a unique experience catered to their preferences.

***Here’s some information to check out for Antonia Christianson Events! ***

Email: antonia@antoniachristiansonevents.com
Website: www.AntoniaChristiansonEvents.com
Blog: www.AntoniaChristiansonEvents.Blogspot.com
Twitter: ACEvents
Facebook: facebook.com/antoniachristiansonevents
Loverly: ACEvents
Pinterest: ACEvents

Antonia Christianson Events Antonia Christianson Events Antonia Christianson Events Antonia Christianson Events


Plan Ahead

It’s that time of year again. The weather is changing, colorful leaves are starting to peek through, boots are being pulled out,  and sweatshirts are already being worn.

The flavors are in too, caramels and pumpkin spice….ooooh la la.

Do you know what that means?!?!?

Holiday parties are right around the corner!!! Plan in advance and save. Call us with your business name, the date of your holiday party, and let us handle the rest of your linen details and offer you an early bird incentive.  What is it you ask? 10 FREE red, green, or blue sashes if you book before October 31!

plan-ahead-1 plan-ahead-2 plan-ahead-3 plan-ahead-4

Emily Weddings

Meet Emily Peterson with Emily Weddings!

* What sets your service apart from other planners?

Our service is personal. You’re not just hiring a planner – you’re hiring a group of professionals that will cater to every detail of your day.  We not only care about your wedding, we care about you, and we want every bride to feel that from the first meeting.

* How did you get started in the wedding industry?

Since we are not just one planner, we all started differently.  Emily Petersen began singing at wedding ceremonies, and quickly realized her love of the industry.  She progressed to a mistress of ceremonies, and is now a Professional Wedding Consultant with twelve years of experience.  She then built her team of professionals that all share a love for weddings and each bring something amazingly different to the group.

* What experience do you have outside of wedding planning?

You can find a little bit of everything inside our company – mothers, sales reps, dance instructors, we have it all.

* Words of advice.

Never settle.  You have one day that is all about you, and it should be exactly what you want.  We are here to make sure that happens.

* Why is having a planner a must?

We are there on your big day to represent you.  The caterer will represent their food, the photographer their pictures, etc.  We are the only vendor that is entirely and completely there to represent you.

Waterford Event Rentals, LLC is proud to work with Emily Weddings!! Check out some of her work below and on Emily Weddings Facebook page. 

Emily Weddings Emily Weddings Emily Weddings Emily Weddings Emily Weddings

Whitney Ketcham of Wildflower Weddings

* What sets your service apart from other planners?

Wildflower Weddings offers no set packages because we believe that every bride has different needs from our company.  Our services are completely customizable and allow each bride to get exactly what they need in order to plan their perfect wedding.  We also offer D-I-Y sessions and assistance to our brides that want their wedding to be more personal.

* How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I started in the wedding industry selling wedding dresses at Maya Couture and ended up getting a job with another planner in the industry.   

* What experience do you have outside of wedding planning?

Outside of wedding planning I have been involved with a non-profit planning their events like Wine Tastings and Fundraisers ranging from Motorcycle Rides to Skydiving with Wounded Military members.  I also have experience in planning events with sports teams at a professional playing level and corporate events.

* Words of advice.

My biggest word of advice I can give to brides is to make sure you plan YOUR wedding day.  I know we all have those important loved ones who will have input but be sure that your wedding reflects you and your groom.  Especially with the little details…from the groom’s processional song to incorporating little rituals you have in your daily lives on the wedding day.  Your wedding day should be YOURS to remember.

* Why is having a planner a must?

Having a wedding planner is a must because we take the stress of the wedding day away.  You don’t have to worry about your mom or Aunt missing any detail of the wedding because they are the ones handling everything.  Everyone you want to be involved in your wedding is and they aren’t stressing what time they need to get the bridal party lined up or if the caterer remembers to fold the napkins the way you want. Remember…we are in this profession because we choose to be, not because someone asked us to help out.

Check out Wildflower Weddings at www.wildflowerweddingsva.com!

Wildflower Weddings Wildflower Weddings Wildflower Weddings Wildflower Weddings wildflower5 Wildflower Weddings

All New Display

Another amazing centerpiece from Storybook Events to help show off our linens and plate chargers. Ivory outdid herself again!

People seem to think they can use only two colors for their wedding. Jazz it up! See what you think about our setup. PEACH.CHAMPAGNE.GOLD.WHITE.PEACOCK.ROSE. Looks good, HUH!?!?!

Check it out at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center.

Our pictures don’t even do the arrangement justice (hint: hire a professional photographer).

Stay tuned, next week will start our wedding planner questionnaire. 

new-display-1 new-display-2 new-display-3 new-display-4 new-display-5 new-display-6 new-display-7 new-display-8 new-display-9

Pick A Plan For You

So we think it’s best to splurge a little and hire a wedding planner.

I know I know….more money. TRUST US, it is money well spent! Even if you can’t afford a full on wedding planning service. Month of planning is ideal for some couples. You want to be able to enjoy your big day without any glitches.

There really is no such thing as “day of ” service. A planner can not walk into a venue without knowing who any of your venders are and not know anything about  the agenda for the day. Month of service allows a little time for the planner to meet with venders if necessary, put together a timeline for the big day, and to ask you questions before hand. Like, how you want certain things set or whatever else she needs to know to make things just right for you.

So whether it’s full on planning, partial planning, or month of planning. You will be happy you spent the extra money. It cost a little extra in the big scheme of things, but It will save you on time and will keep your stress level waaaay down.

Now, not everyone is made to be your friend. A planner should be like a friend, you should enjoy your meetings, and be able to communicate well. It may take a few meetings to find the match for you, but it’s worth the search.

Stay tuned for recommendations of planners around town 🙂

A Little Advice

We are not relationship experts but we know a little something.

Relationships are an art and they  are a continuous work in progress.

Sometimes we are on autopilot and we have to stop and remind ourselves that we are in a relationship because we choose to be and it should be mutually beneficial.

We all need to constantly be aware of our tone of voice and to know when the appropriate time to have a discussion is. Yes guys we know, not in the middle of your game or when your friends are around. Guys, same goes! A private dinner or when lying in bed seem to be popular times. Be careful it’s not too late though 🙂

Point being….Communicate and continue to show interest and compassion towards one another.

If your not happy, the other person  probably isn’t either.

Remember  why you were married in the first place!

Work on it and then if it doesn’t get better go separate ways. Remain true to your significant other until the end because that is how you stay true to yourself. It is much easier to be honest and happy!!!!

communicate communication2

experience the Waterford Way!