Whitney Ketcham of Wildflower Weddings

* What sets your service apart from other planners?

Wildflower Weddings offers no set packages because we believe that every bride has different needs from our company.  Our services are completely customizable and allow each bride to get exactly what they need in order to plan their perfect wedding.  We also offer D-I-Y sessions and assistance to our brides that want their wedding to be more personal.

* How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I started in the wedding industry selling wedding dresses at Maya Couture and ended up getting a job with another planner in the industry.   

* What experience do you have outside of wedding planning?

Outside of wedding planning I have been involved with a non-profit planning their events like Wine Tastings and Fundraisers ranging from Motorcycle Rides to Skydiving with Wounded Military members.  I also have experience in planning events with sports teams at a professional playing level and corporate events.

* Words of advice.

My biggest word of advice I can give to brides is to make sure you plan YOUR wedding day.  I know we all have those important loved ones who will have input but be sure that your wedding reflects you and your groom.  Especially with the little details…from the groom’s processional song to incorporating little rituals you have in your daily lives on the wedding day.  Your wedding day should be YOURS to remember.

* Why is having a planner a must?

Having a wedding planner is a must because we take the stress of the wedding day away.  You don’t have to worry about your mom or Aunt missing any detail of the wedding because they are the ones handling everything.  Everyone you want to be involved in your wedding is and they aren’t stressing what time they need to get the bridal party lined up or if the caterer remembers to fold the napkins the way you want. Remember…we are in this profession because we choose to be, not because someone asked us to help out.

Check out Wildflower Weddings at www.wildflowerweddingsva.com!

Wildflower Weddings Wildflower Weddings Wildflower Weddings Wildflower Weddings wildflower5 Wildflower Weddings

Vivid Expressions

* What sets your service apart from other planners?

We are the region’s 1st Wedding Planning & Design company to create custom illustrations depicting your wedding designs (bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony design, reception design, or centerpieces/table-scape design) and present them to the Bride & Groom as part of the planning process and bringing them to life. We like to say it’s like the design shows on Television – taking each couple from “Concept to Creation to Celebration”.
* How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I was introduced into “weddings” when my own wedding took place 2 days after the Governor of Virginia issued a “State of Emergency”. I orchestrated my wedding only 2 days after Hurricane Isabel devastated Virginia in 2003. Although 2/3s of the state (including the city were the wedding was held) experienced statewide loss of power, flooding, and other obstacles the wedding was a success. This experience was challenging, emotional and unexpectedly inspired. After 3 years of intense research, industry education, and development we opened the doors in 2006.
* What experience do you have outside of wedding planning?

When working towards my Bachelor of Fine Art my worked for several years as a Caricaturist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I received my degree in Art in 1995 and then worked in a number of non-profit and education organizations like the Virginia Symphony, Portsmouth Museums (including the Children’s Museum of Virginia). I’ve also worked with some creative organizations like such as PR & Marketing Director for Animax LTD (Animation Studio) and a Marketing Manager at Decipher Inc. (an Entertainment & Gaming Studio). Before starting my own business I also worked as a Contract Corporate Trainer for the (then) world’s largest telecommunications company and Marketing Contractor for the U.S. Air Force.
* Words of advice.

When talking to your Pro don’t just share the things you want or things that you like. Let them know what you don’t like. I was speaking with a Bride about Floral Designs. She told me, ”Oh, I like all kinds of flower, I don’t have preference.” She showed me a bunch of pictures of styles she like. I then asked her, “Tell me about the things you can’t stand. You don’t want anywhere near your special day”. She, once again said she’s open to anything… oh, except roses. “I can’t stand roses”. The pictures she showed me indeed had roses in them. Now, of course we do concept drawings of the designs first but can you imagine what it would have been like if she was handed a bouquet with roses in them? Don’t just bring images of what you like but tell your Pro your “Wish List” (if I could have anything in the world) and your “Must Haves” (Things you simply will not compromise on).
* Why is having a planner/designer a must?

I was once coordinating a wedding where the venue had a fire alarm go off while the Bride was getting dressed. The venue was not on fire but they had to evacuated. My team and keeping our beautiful Bride & gallant Groom calm. We got the photographer and their assistant to take the Gentlemen in the front of the building to take some stunningly suave pictures while, in the back, the photographer also took pictures actually on the Fire truck. Do major disasters happen at every wedding? No, but there are literally hundreds of details and thousands of dollars (and memories) invested into this special day. A Professional can help you save time, money, find the best and most reliable resources, to create your worry-free wedding day experience. Most Professional planning service providers offer a range of services from Hourly Consulting services (ideal for the DIY Bride who may need coach and guidance on where and when to get the best bang for their dollar) to full-service complete luxury planning and everything in between.

* Add any additional information you would like.

Vivid Expressions LLC is a full service Wedding Design, Wedding Consulting, Fresh Floral Designs and Creatives services (such as Caricatures and Designer Candy Buffets) company. I personally have 2 Certifications in Floral Design. We have a Consulting Office in Norfolk and a Workshop in Virginia Beach and happily serve clients throughout the Hampton Roads region, DC, and beyond. We are also proud to be the In-house Wedding Consulting and Design Company for the historic Granby Theater in Norfolk Virginia.

* Contact Information

Vivid Expressions LLC

URL: http://www.vividexrpessions.com

Telephone: 757-802-3199 (Toll free: 888-878-4843)

Email: janelkeen@VividExpressions.com or events@vividexpressions.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vividexpression

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vividexpressionsllc

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Village Hall at West Neck

We would like to share an awesome new venue…The Village Hall at West Neck (near The Signature Grill). It’s very pretty and they have quite a few hot commodities.

There is an open patio that overlooks the pool, beautiful landscaping (near a golf course), a full size kitchen, nice decor, and WATERFORD EVENT RENTALS provides the linens for your event for no additional charge!

So go check out the venue for your next event! Be sure to check out our display table as well!

Contact George Davis at gcdavis3@vhrc.hrcoxmail.com for more information.

Village Hall at West Neck Village Hall at West Neck Village Hall at West Neck Village Hall at West Neck Village Hall at West Neck Village Hall at West Neck Village Hall at West Neck

afr Event Furnishings

afr Event Furnishings is a true definition of style. afr provides furnishings for events of any size. They provide high end furniture for special events like WEDDINGS, corporate meetings, and conferences.

We have put together a “short ” list of what we see when looking at an abridged flip book of afr’s products.


We can’t imagine your style was not listed but… remember this was an abridged version. Check out www.afrevents.com to see all of afr’s products.

Contact our areas account executive, Karen Clements, today with any requests or questions!!!

Karen Clements
Cell 757.660.1510

afr Event Furnishings afr Event Furnishings afr Event Furnishings afr Event Furnishings afr Event Furnishings

Creative Catering of Virginia

I have to tell you, it has been an absolute pleasure working alongside the staff of Creative Catering of Virginia. We have worked together a handful of times this past year. The staff is very attentive to their own duties but they are very respectful, considerate, and helpful to other venders they work with…including us 🙂

Creative Catering of Virginia must be doing something right, they’ve been in business over 35 years!!

They cater to all! From backyard BBQs to upscale weddings and everything in between…such as birthday parties, corporate events, and even military homecomings. They love our troops just as much as Waterford does.

Creative Catering of VA offers a large and diverse menu. When asked what their most popular food items were, they told us the mini twice baked potatoes (see picture) and the Chesapeake Bay mini crab cakes were the most popular appetizers. The most popular entree was the herb-encrusted beef tenderloin. Oh and let me tell you we have to agree with those twice baked potatoes…we stalk them at bridal shows to snag a few 🙂

Creative Catering of VA is unique in that they have an internally trained staff, with captains that have been working with the company for years. Their proposals are easy to read and their pricing is listed on the website…so no surprises.

Waterford Event Rentals thinks you will be pleased all around with Creative Catering of Virginia’s food and service, they have impressed us and we’re pretty picky (in a good way of course).

creative-catering-1 creative-catering-2 creative-catering-3

Stationary Obsession

If you need anything paper, put your faith in {Paper} Dolls Design!

April is awesome, she is a Virginia Tech graduate and majored in……get this…..design! She has worked as a textile designer for the past 5 years, so it’s only natural that she has an eye for style.

{Paper} Dolls Design creates save the dates, thank you cards, invitations, monograms, programs, everyday stationary…..ok the list is longer! Get in touch with April for more details. 🙂

The neat thing about April’s designs is she uses many different textures by adding burlap, twine, lace, and ribbon. Her embellishments make her products one of a kind. If you wish, tell April how you would like to personalize your paper products.

April is super creative, passionate about her designs, and is very easy to work with. She recently got married, so she has full understanding how stressful the planning process can be and wants to make this step as smooth as possible for you.

Visit {Paper} Dolls Design at:  http://www.paperdollsdesigninc.com

paper-dolls-1 paper-dolls-3 paper-dolls-4 paper-dolls-5 paper-dolls-6 paper-dolls-7 paper-dolls-8 paper-dolls-9

Gourmet Gang

We have been eating Gourmet Gang for some time now!!! I think we  were introduced to this awesome business in 2001. As you can see they keep us coming back. The service is outstanding and the food is divine.

Most of us know Gourmet Gang as the restaurant that is open for short hours and delivers to only businesses. I think the short hours keep us wanting more…kind of like always wanting Chik-fil-a on Sunday! We all know that feeling! Point being, Gourmet Gang is much more…they cater!!!! Did you know that? So, the next time you are having a party or a wedding, keep them in mind. They take the time to sit down with their clients and develop a menu specific to their needs. Oh, and it’s not just sandwiches…they prepare almost anything…shrimp, beef, chicken etc.! You are sure to be pleased. Like I said earlier, the service is great and the food is soooo good. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention the delicious cupcakes and cookies.

Visit: www.gourmetgang.com

We had the pleasure of helping Gourmet Gang set up a booth at the Norfolk NEX Bridal Show. Check out the pictures.

Shhhhh……don’t tell! The Battlefield Gourmet Gang is open on Saturday’s. It’s our secret.

gourmet_gang_1 gourmet_gang_2 gourmet_gang_3 gourmet_gang_4 gourmet_gang_5

Behind the Veil Studio

Behind The Veil Studio is the first local salon that caters to brides. Well of course salons cater to brides, however, brides are Behind the Veils main focus.

The girls of Behind The Veil specialize in hair and make-up. They offer many packages in an intimate setting. The quaint salon can accommodate large bridal parties and offers appetizers, desserts, and beverages upon request. If you prefer onsite beautification for your big day, the girls will come to you.

Remember you don’t have to be a bride. Visit behindtheveilstudio.com to set up your appointment with Liz, Sam, or Aubrey. We are sure you will be impressed!

As the girls from Behind The Veil would say, “Peace, Love, and Hair”.

behind-the-veil-1 behind-the-veil-2 behind-the-veil-3 behind-the-veil-4

Delta Studio Productions

Have you been wondering who that “shy” guy is behind the video camera at all the wedding hot spots?

Well let me tell you!!!!!!

It is someone Waterford Event Rentals has grown quite fond of on a personal level. More importantly, for you as the client, we have grown to appreciate and admire his work.

Oh yeah….Your still wondering who I’m speaking of aren’t you?!

))))))))) DRUMROLL PLEASE (((((((((

It’s Delta Fontimayor of Delta Studio Productions 🙂

We could always tell Delta had great work ethic! He also has eagerness to please and it is very apparent. Delta went out of his way, after a long day of shooting at a bridal event, to make us a little video clip. He then put us on “BLAST” for all to see. He has also taken some great pictures of us and our event staff. We couldn’t be more grateful!

From seeing our own video and other videos produced by Delta, Waterford Event Rentals has experienced first-hand the top quality work that this Regent University grad has to offer. Whether you need a short film or a wedding video to last a lifetime, Delta Studio Productions will surely impress you.

Check out dstudiopro.com

delta-studio-productions-1 delta-studio-productions-2

Wedding Childcare Needs

In need of a sitter during your reception for your guest’s?! If so, you can reach out to A Helping Hand of Hampton Roads. A Helping Hand HR is a business created by Courtney Davis, a Virginia Beach native. Courtney is a 2005 graduate of Radford University. She is a mother of an 18 month old baby boy, Ethan. Her passion is helping people and she does it with the same enthusiasm and compassion she provides for her own family.

We decided to share A Helping Hand HR with you because babysitting is a service that is often needed during weddings. The service is available for individual needs and group services.

No need to worry because A Helping has done national background checks, Virginia state child protective service checks, and reference checks.

A Helping Hand can also clean and help you organize your home before your big day and they can provide pet sitting services while you are honeymooning.


childcare-1 childcare-2 childcare-3 childcare-4 childcare-4







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