A Crystal Clear Vision Linens 2017: Part 3

It’s Part 3 of our A Crystal Clear Vision Linens 2017 posts!
This week it’s all the beautiful photos and linen details on the four tables that Caitlin Gerres Photography captured: A Lively Affair, ISO:ALT, Soirees by Lauren, and Spirit of Norfolk!

 Midnight Polyester | Pottery Print Overlay
How gorgeous was A Lively Affair’s blue and white chinoiserie chic tablescape? Our Midnight Polyester linen was the perfect base for the table, and our Pottery Print Overlay had a pattern that really brought their vision to life!
 Florist: Leslie Hartig Floral Design Plates: Table Seven Antiques, Glass/Flatware: Distinctive Event Rentals, Jars/Chair Shrugs: Little Stitch Studio

Silver Eyelash | White Polyester
had such a unique table that was set apart from every other design, which we loved! The geometric aspects incorporated throughout, mixed with the varying colors shining down created an interesting overall look on our Silver Eyelash and White Polyester linens!

Pink Crinkle | Banana Leaf Overlay
Soirees by Lauren had the most FUN table! The tropical and flamingo inspired table was brought to life using our Pink Crinkle linen and Banana Leaf Overlay! We love how the floral centerpiece even had a tropical vibe to it!
Fluttering Flowers, Stationary: PaperDolls Design

Vintage Lace Overlay | Gold Aphrodite
We love a good theme, and Spirit of Norfolk blew their Beauty and the Beast table out of the water! The attention to every single detail on their table (including the infamous rose!) was incredible and really brought the vision to life. Our Vintage Lace Overlay and Gold Aphrodite linens used as a faux runner down the middle of the table was the perfect addition!

Keep checking back each Friday as we show off all of the tables and behind the scenes shots from A Crystal Clear Vision 2017!     

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A Crystal Clear Vision 2017: What to Expect

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
We are just over a month away from the 4th Annual Crystal Clear Vision Event and things are moving fast – with participant design meetings, last minute decisions, and overall planning and excitement for the event! If you haven’t purchased your ticket for the March 4th event yet, head on over to do so now…you’re not going to want to miss this! One of the coolest things about our annual Crystal Clear Vision Event is that it is always evolving. It’s an event that can be attended year after year due to the ever-changing participants and trends within our industry. As we are coming up on this year’s event, we thought we’d give a little insight into what you can expect!16143782_1849482431962567_2185415804451959727_o

You Can Watch Live! – Yep, you read that right. ViewItDoIt is one of our awesome sponsors for A Crystal Clear Vision this year, and so if you aren’t able to attend, you’ll still be able to watch the event as it’s happening! This is a huge addition to our event and we are so excited to be able to provide this for people all over so they can participate!

Top Notch Participants – The top designers, florists, caterers, and venues in Hampton Roads will have their fully set reception tables at the Virginia Beach Field House. Keep up with the A Crystal Clear Vision Facebook page to see the participants for this year.
unspecified-20PhotoAmanda Hedgepeth Photography // DesignEmily Weddings, Inc.

Top Notch Photographers – Some of the most sought-after photographers in Coastal Virginia will be on hand to capture the beauty and transformation of the whole event. Seriously, check out this lineup: Echard Wheeler Photography, Caitlin Gerres Photography, Amanda Manupella Photography, Kirstyn Marie Photography, Rob Korb Photography & Erika Mills Photography.

New Linens/Products – New Waterford inventory will be on display at this event for the first time! You will be able to check out new linens and products that are on-trend for this upcoming wedding season, and see them set up for maximum inspiration!
unspecified-45PhotoAmanda Manupella Photography // DesignSoirees By Lauren

INSPIRATION – The most important thing you can expect from attending A Crystal Clear Vision is to be inspired! You will leave this show with so many ideas and potential vendor connections for your big day. The ability to actually see fully set reception tables will get your mind spinning with all of the possibilities available!
unspecified-44Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Mayapalooza Fun! – A Crystal Clear Vision is once again part of the VIP experience at Mayapalooza, so there is also the ability to enjoy live bands, craft beers, wedding fashions and so much more!
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Waterford Wednesday: Event Style Inspiration

Happy Wednesday, friends!
It has been quite the week for Waterford with two huge announcements! First, we are SO excited to be partnering with The Historic Post Office to offer mahogany chiavari chairs on-site when their venue opens this December! And second, A Crystal Clear Vision is back for another year on March 4, 2017! This year is going to be even better than last year, so save the date and stay tuned for more details!
14572817_1132368490133740_944193141230467845_nThis time of the year is always one of our favorites, as there is so much “behind the scenes” planning in the works with design meetings and planning for upcoming bridal shows, so today we’re sharing two different ways to achieve the perfect style for your event to make it unforgettable!

Simple & Classic
wedding-photography-548-of-863Crystal Belcher Photography
Fresh, clean, and uncomplicated! Every event is unique with it’s own style, and if you’re someone who believes that “less is more,” a simple event style is the perfect option! Choosing from our basic table linens in neutral colors is the perfect way to achieve this particular feel. A table cloth in white or ivory would be a great starting point and adding a table runner or overlay in a similar neutral tone would bring the table together elegantly! The addition of a white or ivory chair cover with a neutral sash, or a classic gold chiavari chair would round out your event perfectly!

Extravagant & Glamorous
obici-house-wedding-95-1Lauren Simmons Photography
While some people like  simple and classic, others believe that if you’re going to throw an event, you better go big! If an expensive look and feel is what you’re going for, an extravagant and glamorous design is the way to go! Choosing from our specialty linens would be a great starting point for creating the perfect “glam” look. Adding a pop of sequins, whether it be in a table runner, overlay, or full length table linen is an obvious necessity to round out your lavish event! Instead of choosing a basic white or ivory table linen, a gorgeous full length satin or pintuck would make for a stunning overall look! Of course, a “wow” centerpiece is a MUST with your glam linens!

If you’re looking for more table design inspiration, keep checking back for updates on our annual A Crystal Clear Vision show! This is the perfect show for all you brides to be to gain exclusive design ideas!

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Feature Friday: Crystal Clear Linens Part 5

It’s our final Feature Friday: Crystal Clear Linens post!
Rob Korb Photography captured the 5 tables that we’re going to show you today! You may remember hearing Rob’s name around the blog…he’s the one behind our amazing head shots and group shots! We were thrilled when he agreed to capture the table designs of Chesapeake Bay CateringDreams2RealityEast Beach Catering & Event PlanningSweetwater Cuisine & Touche Weddings & Events!

Charcoal Lamour | Leaf Petal Linen
We loved how glamorous Chesapeake Bay Catering’s table design was and it showed off their food beautifully! Our Charcoal Lamour linen looked sleek and shiny draped as the base with our Leaf Petal Linen creating a voluminous runner down the center!

Taupe Lamour | Blue Toile Runners | Ivory Lace Overlays
unspecified-13Dreams2Reality had ALL the pretty details throughout their table design! They used our Taupe Lamour linen as the base, Ivory Lace Overlays, & topped off the design with the most beautiful Blue Toile Runners! The details that were included, from the classic bike in the corner to the suspend wheels above their table were all so thought out and brought the whole design together!

Aqua Sequins
How bright and happy was the table design of East Beach Catering & Event Planning?! Our Aqua Sequins went absolutely perfect with their tropical display of food and had us feeling so cheerful from all of the vibrant colors!

Olive Shantung
Sweetwater Cuisine kept their base linen, our Olive Shantung, a little more simple and let their gorgeous display of food do the talking! The bread and cracker “dip” station they had set up was definitely a crowd favorite!

White Noble Pique | White Rosa
Touche Weddings & Events definitely had the most unique table setup, and we absolutely adored it! Using our White Noble Pique linen on one table, and our White Rosa on the other, Carla and her team designed an innovative and modern look!

 To see Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the linens used at the 2016 A Crystal Clear Vision event, click here.

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Feature Friday: Crystal Clear Linens Part 4

We’re back again for Feature Friday: Crystal Clear Linens!
Part 4 this week is all about the tables that Amanda Manupella Photography captured: DIY Bridal NetworkEvents by JacklynEverly After EventsSoirees by Lauren!

Slate Polyester | Ivory Aphrodite
The DIY Bridal Network described their table design as “romantic, rustic & boho” and we couldn’t agree more! Using our Slate Polyester linen and Ivory Aphrodite linen they completely nailed their look! The pop of color from the deep red napkin on top of the gold beaded charges was the perfect touch!

Satin Champagne Blush | Ivory Victorian Lace Runners
unspecified-10It was all about Georgia peaches and southern charm on Events by Jacklyn’s table! Our Satin Champagne Blush linen and Ivory Victorian Lace Runners were the perfect choice to add to this gorgeous design! The details that were included, such as cross-stitched table numbers and monogrammed napkins were some of our favorites!

Eggplant Leaf Petal
Everly After Events medieval style table design was absolutely gorgeous! Our Eggplant Leaf Petal linen went so perfectly with the dark and mysterious feel of the table, and we loved how the florals added a brightness to the table, yet were still darker colors!

Black Tinsel | Sequin Medallion Overlay
We’ve talked a lot about our Sequin Medallion Overlay that Soirees by Lauren used on their table design! The patterned linen complemented the “prohibition” theme that they were going for perfectly!

Don’t forget to check back with us next Friday to get the details on more of the linens used at A Crystal Clear Vision! To see Parts 1, 2 & 3 click here.

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Feature Friday: Crystal Clear Linens Part 3

It’s another Feature Friday: Crystal Clear Linens post!
This week we are excited to share the linen details on the 4 tables that Kirstyn Marie Photography captured: Cherry Blossom Planning FactoryEllasin’s EventsFluttering Flowers, & Morlina Events!

Charcoal Panama
We LOVE a good theme, and Cherry Blossom Planning Factory nailed their “Hipster Garden Party” inspired table! They used our Charcoal Panama linen as the base of their table and then had the cutest assortment of hipster-ish details sprinkled throughout…even a little dinosaur!

Gold Ribbon Sequins | Gold Sequins | Slate Polyester
unspecified-6Ellasin’s Events layered their table to perfection using three of our linens: Gold Ribbon Sequins on the top, Slate Polyester in the middle, and Gold Sequins peaking through at the bottom! Layering linens is becoming a super popular trend (we even blogged about it here!) and we love how Ellasin designed her table so that you only see all three of the linens on the sides of the table…it’s a fun little surprise!

Charcoal Polyester | Champagne Florence Overlays
We still can’t get over how gorgeous all of Fluttering Flowers florals were on their table design! We love the embroidered Champagne Florence Overlays that they chose to place over top of our Charcoal Polyester linen!

Gold Sequins
Morlina Events used one of our very favorite linens…Gold Sequins! She had her signature pops of pink in her florals on the table and had the perfect place setting for two!

Don’t forget to check back with us next Friday to get the details on more of the linens used at A Crystal Clear Vision! To see Part 1 & 2, click here.

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Feature Friday: Crystal Clear Linens Part 2

We’re back for Feature Friday!
Last week we gave you all the linen details on the first couple of tables at A Crystal Clear Vision. This week it’s all about the 4 tables that Amanda Hedgepeth Photography captured: Botanique EventsEmily WeddingsJamie Leigh Events & Kelsey Ann Events!

Blush Petal | Champagne Satin | Blush Floral Lace Overlay
Botanique Events table design used one of our favorite colors: blush; and was layered to perfection with three of our linens! Our Blush Petal linen served as the base, providing texture and volume, and our Champagne Satin and Blush Floral Lace Overlay were placed on top! We love how delicate and airy the lace linen looks on top!

White Organza | Ivory Aphrodite | Ivory Rosette on Mesh
unspecified-4The winner of ALL 3 of the awards at A Crystal Clear Vision, Emily Weddings, used our linens to bring her vision of the outdoors in! Our Ivory Rosette on Mesh linen served as the base with our White Organza linen draped over top! The volume and texture of the Rosette linen was the perfect choice to draw attention to the table, yet it didn’t take away from the magnificent tree (literally!) that was hanging overhead.

Navy Majestic
Jamie Leigh Events used our Navy Majestic linen and it paired SO well with the purple and gold details that she used throughout her table design. How cute are those gold artichoke place card holders?! Our Majestic linens have a slight textured appearance that we just adore and make a big impact on a table setting!

Khaki Majestic
How elegant did Kelsey Ann Events “French Chateau” inspired table look?! She hit her theme right on the mark, and our Khaki Majestic linen provided the perfect base for her table design! We love the amount of thought she put into every little detail to make her inspiration come to life!

Don’t forget to check back with us next Friday to get the details on more of the linens used at A Crystal Clear Vision! To see Part 1, click here.

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Feature Friday: Crystal Clear Linens Part 1

It’s Feature Friday, y’all!
We are so excited about these next couple of Feature Friday posts because we’ll be detailing the various linens that were used on each of the tablescapes at A Crystal Clear Vision! We had 5 amazing photographers capture the event, so to avoid picture and information overload, we are going to separate the posts by photographer. First up are the tables that Caitlin Gerres Photography captured: Antonia Christianson Events, As You Wish, Marlene EventsPalette of Petals & Waterford Event Rentals

Blue Ombre Polyester
unspecified-49We like the ombre trend in fashion and hair, so it’s a no-brainer that we ADORE ombre when it involves linens! The Blue Ombre Polyester linen that Antonia Christianson Events used brought her “Coastal Virginia” inspired table together so beautifully!

Silver Lamour | Black Polyester Runners | Painted Daisy Overlayunspecified-50As You Wish used three of our linens and the combination was so unique and fun! Our Silver Lamour linen was used as the base, Black Polyester Runners draped each end of the table, and our Painted Daisy Overlay brought a bright and fun accent to the center of the table!

Ivory Satin | Champagne Paisley Sequins
unspecified-51Marlene Events table was so ethereal and romantic! She utilized our Ivory Satin linen as the base linen for her table and then draped this beautiful Champagne Paisley Sequins linen on top! The lighter color palette just looks SO dreamy, right?!

Charcoal Velvet & Charcoal Twistunspecified-52How beautiful and mysterious did Palette of Petals “Anne Rice – New Orleans” inspired table look? You can see our Charcoal Twist linen peaking out at the bottom and our Charcoal Velvet linen draped on top! Velvet + a linen = so.much.yes!

White Satin Table Skirt | Grey Stripe Sequin Overlay
unspecified-53If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you know that we’re big fans of grey stripes (hint: check out our new work van!), so it only made sense that we used our Grey Stripe Sequin Overlay on our personal table design! Our gathered White Satin Table Skirt provided the perfect amount of volume underneath!

Don’t forget to check back with us next Friday to get the details on more of the linens used at A Crystal Clear Vision!

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Waterford Wednesday: Wedding Season Inspiration

We’re back for another edition of Waterford Wednesday!
If you missed our post from last week, you HAVE to go check it out to see all of the gorgeous table designs from this year’s A Crystal Clear Vision. All of the participants at the event had such creative and innovative ideas that it made us SO excited for this upcoming wedding season! We know that so many of the design elements that these top planners and florists included in their tables are things that we are going to see this summer. Using A Crystal Clear Vision table designs as our inspiration, we thought we’d highlight some different trends that we hope to see this wedding season!

Patterned Linens
unspecified-45Photographer: Amanda Manupella Photography
Patterned linens are the perfect way to add a unique style and element to your wedding! We had a few different patterned linens make an appearance at A Crystal Clear Vision, and it really made for an overall visually appealing design! Geometric Patterns, just like the Sequin Medallion Overlay that Soirees by Lauren used above, are ones that we particularly love! Patterns are quickly making a statement at weddings in larger capacities such as on guests tables!

Bringing Outdoors In
unspecified-46Photographer: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
The rustic theme is always a favorite during wedding season, but this year we think we’ll see a more “woodsy” design emerge! Emily Weddings, who took home ALL 3 award honors at A Crystal Clear Vision, captured the outdoors to perfection..they literally had a tree inside! There are so many different ways to incorporate the outdoors into your table design whether it be with actual pieces of tree or mossy greenery throughout your florals!

unspecified-47Photographer: Caitlin Gerres Photography
Let’s be honest…will Metallics ever not be on trend?! Metallic linens have some serious staying power and are a trend that we think is going to be around for awhile. This wedding season we anticipate Metallics changing a tiny bit as far as colors go. Instead of just sticking with the standard gold and silver, we will probably see some colorful metallics make an appearance, like our Aqua Sequins that East Beach Catering and Event Planning used!

Texture & Layering
unspecified-48Photographer: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Textured linens add such an eye-catching appeal to a table, but adding in multiple layers brings the design to a whole new level! Botanique Events utilized 3 of our linens: Blush Petal, Champagne Satin & a Blush Floral Lace Overlay to create the perfect textured and layered look! We absolutely loved this concept and hope many brides use this creative design trend!

Don’t forget to check back with us these next couple of weeks for our Feature Friday posts where we will be detailing the various linens that each designer used on their A Crystal Clear Vision table!

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Waterford Wednesday: A Crystal Clear Vision 2016

We are SO excited about today’s Waterford Wednesday post, friends!
A Crystal Clear Vision at Mayapalooza was just a couple of weeks ago and we already have the images back from each of the photographers who were on site! We have been bursting at the seams waiting to show you all these AMAZING photos, and today is finally the day! We had 22 fully set reception style tables designed by the top wedding professionals in Hampton Roads and the outcome was nothing short of amazing. We will let the pictures of each of the tables do the talking! Don’t forget to keep checking back on the blog as we feature all of the linens used at A Crystal Clear Vision in our “Feature Friday” posts!
unspecified-44PS: It was torture trying to narrow down which pictures we included in this post! Head on over to the House of Maya Blog to see even more photos!

Design: Waterford Event Rentals
Photographer: Caitlin Gerres PhotographyWaterford Event Rentals.Caitlin Gerres-101unspecified-2
Design: Antonia Christianson Events
Photographer: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Design: As You Wish
Photographer: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Design: Botanique Events
Photographer: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Design: Cherry Blossom Planning Factory
Photographer: Kirstyn Marie Photography

Design: Chesapeake Bay Catering
Photographer: Rob Korb Photography

Design: DIY Bridal Network
Photographer: Amanda Manupella Photography

Design: Dreams2Reality
Photographer: Rob Korb Photography

Design: East Beach Catering & Event Planning
Photographer: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Design: Ellasin’s Events
Photographer: Kirstyn Marie Photography

Design: Emily Weddings
Photographer: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Design: Events by Jacklyn
Photographer: Amanda Manupella Photography

Design: Everly After Events
Photographer: Amanda Manupella Photography

Design: Fluttering Flowers
Photographer: Kirstyn Marie Photography

Design: Jamie Leigh Events
Photographer: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Design: Kelsey Ann Events
Photographer: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Design: Marlene Events
Photographer: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Design: Morlina Events
Photographer: Kirstyn Marie Photography

Design: Palette of Petals
Photographer: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Design: Soirees by Lauren
Photographer: Amanda Manupella Photography

Design: Sweetwater Cuisine 
Photographer: Rob Korb Photography

Design: Touche Weddings & Events
Photographer: Rob Korb Photography

Don’t forget to check back in with us for the next couple of weeks as we share even more A Crystal Clear Vision pictures!

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