Top 3 Most Asked Rental Questions

Looking to plan an event? Whether it’s a wedding, bar mitzvah, baby shower, bridal shower, or graduation party- adding linens to your event will elevate the space. Don’t quite know where to start? Today’s blog is about some of our most asked questions. While there are plenty that we get asked, these three really stick out and will help you be the most prepared when setting up your rentals with us.

Read flyer below to see the questions & keep reading further to get those questions answered!Photography: Meghan Lupyan Photography


  1. Our rental fee covers the price of the linen, as well as the washing, pressing, storing, and labor it takes to put your order together. Each linen comes pressed and on a hanger to decrease wrinkles. The only additional fees are taxes where applicable and delivery, set up or shipping. Any damages or missing items will be assessed after your order is returned to us.
  2. Yes, you can make changes to your order! The deadline for final changes is 2 weeks prior to your event. After this time you may not make reductions to your order but you can make additions, however we cannot guarantee we will have your item in stock.
  3. We require a deposit of ⅓ of the total to hold an order. The remaining balance is not due until 2 weeks prior to the event, but you’re more than welcome to set up a payment plan or make payments whenever you choose.

We hope that these questions & answers have helped you feel more confident when renting your linens through us! Please call or email to book your appointment today!

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Bold Linens

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
As we sit here hoping that our beautiful summer and fall weddings get to happen we thought about the amazing tables you can incorporate to your reception space! At many of the events we are a part of, most commonly we see the cocktail tables getting used as a super fun linen filled with texture, color, and personality. We’re here to tell you, you can accomplish that look on more than just your cocktail tables. Here’s how!

Guest Tables: Don’t be afraid! If you love some patterns- go all in & use a funky patterned linen that just screams you for those guest tables. If it’s noticeably “you” your guests will appreciate that you went above and beyond to showcase your personality to its fullest extent.
Photography: Dani White Photography

Cake Table: Using a specialty linen can really be a nice added touch for your cake table. At that time of cake cutting all eyes are on the couple which kind of means everyone will be seeing that linen sooner or later. Why not take the time to add a fun colored linen on that table or use a textured linen that can be tied in with other pieces of decor somewhere around the room?Photography: Audrey Rose Photography

Sweetheart Table: Why not deck out that table you’re going to be sitting at for the Best Man Speech or that Maid of Honor Speech? What a great way to elevate the table you and your new husband or wife are sitting at for the night.Photography: David Champagne Photography

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Top 5 Questions to Get Answered on a Venue Tour

Lots of times when meeting with our couples, we find there are some super important questions that haven’t been answered yet that are all about the venue! When meeting with an event rental company it’s crucial to have some information about what comes with the venue rental. In this blog, we are breaking down the FIVE most important questions to get answered while on a venue tour. This helps you be more prepared as you continue to meet with vendors, especially when coming to us for linen rentals & helps us know a little bit more about what you need from us to complete the wedding of your dreams!

1. What size tables AND quantity come with venue rental & are they in good condition?

Why this is important: knowing the table information helps us tremendously when suggesting the perfect linens for your tables. It allows us to get you an accurate quote with the proper linen sizes and eliminates the guessing game. Don’t forget to make sure you ask about cocktail tables too!!Erika Mills Photography

2. Do they include any linens with venue rental? If so- what colors and are they in good condition?

Why this is important: already knowing if a venue provides linens that you plan to use helps us decide what additional items for your tables you may need. Can we add some overlays, runners, charger plates to those tables to spruce them up & give them the perfect finishing touch, or do we get to start from scratch and pick everything for the table including the linens of your choice!


3. Does this venue include chairs?

Why this is important: knowing if a chair rental is included in your venue could make or break why you choose one spot over another. It also gives you an idea of the vibe and look of your wedding once you have those chairs in your head during the design process. This can also eliminate an additional expense.

4. If the venue offers a space for an outdoor ceremony- can those chairs be used both inside and outside?

Why this is important: this will help you avoid an additional expense that you may not have been expecting. Chair rentals are one of those things you need to lock down ASAP. The sooner you know if an additional chair rental is needed for the outside ceremony space, the better! Plus, some venues only allow folding chairs outside so it’s better to have all that information ahead of time.Leigh Skaggs Photography

5. How early in advance do you have access to the building to set up?

Why this is important: this will help you alleviate some of the stress that comes with the day of the wedding. Knowing when you can get in the building helps us to offer you the best services. If you have a room flip with only an hour of time between ceremony & reception, we 100% recommend having our staff prepped onsite at the end of the ceremony to have additional hands on deck to take care of the linens and/or chairs while the catering team focuses on their thing & so your coordinator can focus on their thing.

We hope all of this tips help you on your next venue tour! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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