Waterford Wednesday: Head Table vs. Sweetheart Table

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
When planning a wedding reception, one aspect that brides/grooms need to decide on is – head table vs. sweetheart table. While this may seem like a trivial decision to some, there is often a lot of back and forth on which one to choose, so today we’re here to help you out! We’ve come up with a list of questions to ask yourself that will hopefully steer you toward the right decision for you/your event!

Is intimate time during dinner important to you?
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If enjoying an intimate first dinner with your new spouse is high on your priority list, then having a Sweetheart Table is the best option here! Of course at your wedding there is no such thing as full privacy (everyone came to celebrate you after all!), but having a sweetheart table will remove you from your wedding guests in a small aspect.

Is your wedding party small, medium, or large?
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Depending on the way you answer this question, your decision might be made up for you! In our experience, a moderately sized wedding party makes for a more graceful/organized looking Head Table vs. a larger party. With a larger wedding party there are a lot of considerations you have to think of before agreeing on a Head Table. Will my venue have enough space to accommodate this? Will the group look unified at the head table or just crowded?

Can your whole wedding party be seated together without separation?
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This question is a bit of an extension of the previous one. When thinking about a Head Table you should consider the fact that it is singular, and is intended to be one table, not multiple! So, if your wedding party will fit comfortably without looking disjointed, we say go for it! If the table needs to be scattered or have people left off due to space limitations, it may be a better option to forgo the Head Table option and stick to a nice Sweetheart Table!

Do you want to be the focal point?
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I mean it is your day after all so it definitely can be ALL about you! If you want all eyes on you a Sweetheart Table is a necessity when it comes to your reception layout. I mean where else would you eyes be with the newlyweds under this GORGEOUS arch? A sweetheart table is also great if you want to incorporate some high-end linens without having to spend a fortune since it will just be on your table and not all of the guest tables!

Whichever table option you choose we know that it will be special for you and your new spouse! Your wedding day will be a whirlwind, so use these questions as a step to make at least one decision easier!

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Waterford Wednesday: Features

It’s that time of the week again. . .Waterford Wednesday!
It’s been so fun for us to blog each week about the various happenings of Waterford and we have so many more posts and updates on the way! In fact, we are starting a new weekly series that we are so excited about called Feature Friday! Starting this week, every Friday we will feature a Waterford linen and showcase some different ways that the particular product has been styled. We get so many brides that have seen our linens at various bridal shows, and we think that this will be a perfect opportunity to provide some style inspiration! We have such a wide variety of specialty linens that we can’t wait to show off as well!

The upcoming first Feature Friday post has us so excited that we thought we’d share one of our most favorite times that Waterford was featured!
Photo Jul 22, 10 56 09 PMOne of the very first times that Waterford was featured was on the Bridal Guide blog, and it is still one of our favorite “feature” moments! In the blog post, our pintuck sashes in lime were featured as one of over 25 ways to decorate a basic chair at a wedding! During the time of the feature we were a rapidly growing company and it’s so fun for us to look back on this moment and know that our sashes are still a product that serves as a focal point for our company. Whether it be pintuck, satin,  or organza, we love how our sashes still continue to transform chairs!
380420_304057372964860_737049947_n 403331_304056926298238_948055524_nPhotos // David Schwartz Photography

Wedding Coordinator // Antonia Christianson Events

We will see you guys back here on Friday for our first edition of Feature Friday! You won’t want to miss the specialty linen we are showcasing!

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