Refreshing Lemon

Summer weather is ideal for a fantastic wedding. Summer brings gorgeous flower options, delicious fruit in season, and the opportunity to use vibrant colors in a classy way.

Waterford Event Rentals yellow/L335 can be used to give your event a refreshing, light lemon feel. Incorporate this color by using lemons in your centerpieces and serving lemon meringue for dessert. Serving fresh squeezed lemonade to your guests is a great way to add a splash of color, while pleasing your company with a refreshing drink on YOUR hot summer day.

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Hollie & Alyse

Refreshing Lemon

Turquoise… A HOT Summer Color!

Turquoise is definitely a HOT color this summer. Many try hard to match all their reception colors (i.e. favors, napkins, centerpieces), however, the new trend is to mix and match shades. Take a look at the picture above…the colors aren’t exactly the same, yet when put together they look great!

Complete your look with table runners and sashes to be sure your accent color pops! We have 3 types of fabric and MANY different color variations.

Looking forward to a busy June!

Alyse & Hollie

Turquoise A Hot Summer Color

Setting Ourselves Apart

We can’t believe it’s been 1 week since we launched our website! We are so excited to have met with six amazing brides! Like we stated in our previous post, we are going to be updating our blog weekly…we have decided to do this on Wednesdays and call it Waterford’s Wedding Wednesdays. These will not be the only posts, but since a great portion of our clients are brides, we want to keep the ideas rolling. If you have any input on the topic, please feel free to leave a comment!

Our first topic for Waterford’s Wedding Wednesdays is the burlap runner. These runners give a great vintage look and keep the table setting clean and crisp. In addition, you can add just about any accent color(s) with it!

Check out the pictures… all burlap runners, all with a similar vintage feel. We also LOVE the clustering of the different flowers, potted plants, and other items as centerpieces. Add green sashes to the chairs and you will definitely impress your guests! We can help provide this look at your wedding/event for only $7.50 a runner.


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Alyse & Hollie

Setting Ourselves Apart

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