Feature Friday: Ruched Spandex Chair Cover

Happy Feature Friday, friends!
We’ve got another one of our products to feature this week! When Waterford first started out, all that we offered were basic white and ivory chair covers and sashes in a few different colors. Well, now we have many specialty linens and even many different chair cover options! Today is all about one of the chair cover options, our Ruched Spandex Chair Cover!
fashionspandexivory11224783_849676871736238_6659055014063622204_nWe absolutely love our Ruched Spandex covers! It’s crazy how the spandex material mixed with the ruching can create such a different look compared to a basic banquet chair cover! Not only do the Ruched Spandex covers look fabulous with a sash added, but they can definitely stand alone and still have great visual appeal due to the ruching design!

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Steaming To Perfection

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Today we’re talking about a very important aspect of our company: steaming.

Yep, that’s right! Steaming. At Waterford we not only pride ourselves on having the best quality linens, but also making sure that we handle, set up, and present our linens in the best possible way. Thus, steaming is a huge part of our set up process at any event!
Photo Jun 07, 2 58 59 PMAlthough we steam all of our linens to perfection at each event if necessary, our chair covers, being one of our most sought after product, are the things that often need most of our attention. We try to prevent wrinkles from occurring on our chair covers by hanging each individual cover and storing them in bags on racks throughout our warehouse instead of folding them in bins. Even though we take measures to prevent unwanted wrinkles, we know that various circumstances can occur which is why we pride ourselves so heavily on steaming out any and all wrinkles that appear! One of the motto’s we like to remember here at Waterford is: “Act like you are setting up for you wedding day.” All of us agree that the last thing we would want at our wedding are wrinkly chair covers and linens!
steamingblogSince this process really sets us apart, we decided to make another short Cameo video to show you guys exactly how it’s done! Click the link below to check out the process Waterford goes through from putting on our chair covers to steaming!

Steaming At Waterford

We hope you enjoyed another little sneak peek into Waterford!
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Oceanaire Photo Shoot

Today, we are so excited to share some exclusive pictures of a photo shoot Waterford was recently a part of! One of our very favorite things here at Waterford is to showcase our linens, and photo shoots always present the best opportunity to see our linens come to life. Basically, it gives us a chance to play “dress up,” wedding style. . .and who doesn’t love that?!

Waterford provided all of the linens for the photo shoot at the Oceanaire Resort Hotel in Virginia Beach and the shoot turned out flawless thanks to the concept and direction of Michele Carrizales of MorLina Events and Dawn Roberson of Oceanaire Resort Hotel. The ultra talented Will King of Will King Photography captured all of the gorgeous images during the shoot.

© http://willkingphotography.comOceanairePhotos // Will King Photography

See what we mean? To.Die.For. Oceanaire has this fabulous outdoor setup on the top floor of the hotel and it was the perfect location for these particular shots and we absolutely loved the way our linens looked with the little glimpse of the patio section as well as up close. Featured above is our Metallic Silver Table Linen paired with our Blush colored napkins and Blush sashes tied in a side knot. The softness of the Blush mixed with the shimmer of the table linen worked so well together and this shot really shows how versatile this speciality linen is! Of course, the gorgeous floral arrangement by Alisa of Botanique Events pairs so well with the blush and metallic and brings the whole look together.

© http://willkingphotography.comPicMonkey Collage.png Photos // Will King Photography

We love the look and feel of the first photo in black and white and then the shock of the bright blues with the following color pictures! Our Grey Petal Linen paired with our black chair covers and Oasis sashes give this setting a cooler sort of look without compromising the elegance. The contrast between the dark chair cover, the bright Oasis sash and Tiffany Blue napkin, and the floral by Botanique Events pulls the whole table together without it looking like too much is going on. While we see white or ivory chair covers used most often, black chair covers are continually increasing in popularity and based off of this photo and setup we can see why!

Special thanks to the other amazing vendors who were involved in making this shoot so beautiful!
Cake // Jessica Steadman – Cake Delights
Dress // Pure English Couture Bridal
Hair // Liz Alfier – Behind The Veil Studio
Makeup // KristineMarie Makeup Artistry

Next week we have a special post planned and we can not wait for you guys to see it! Let’s just say you’ll be getting a huge “inside look” at what Waterford does. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

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Must Ask Questions!

Must Ask Questions for Your Wedding.

Though it may seem a small detail, the linens you choose for your wedding make a huge difference on your big day.  Though many venues offer linens as part of their services, there are several important questions you must ask before agreeing to use their linens.

1) Are the linens included in the venue rental rate?

2) What are the size and shape of the tablecloths, and the tables?

3) What colors are available?

4) Are napkins included? If so, what size and colors?

5) What type of chairs and chair covers are offered?

After asking these questions, you should also ask to see the linens.  Some beautiful venues offer only simple cotton table squares, which will be of nice quality but unequal to elegance of the room.

For venues which provide linens or whose linens are inadequate for your needs,Waterford Event Rentals provides the best options!  With an extensive array of table cloths, overlays, runners and more, at an affordable price, Waterford Event Rentals will add splendor to your event!

Call us for an appointment! 757.448.5999!

Must Ask Wedding Questions Must Ask Wedding Questions Must Ask Wedding Questions Must Ask Wedding Questions Must Ask Wedding Questions

Our Best Promotion Yet

*Fanciful Festivities*

Sashes, Chair Covers, Table Runners, Napkins…YOU CHOOSE!!!

$60 off ANY rentals of $150 or more!!


 Valid December 2012 & January 2013. Set up service required. Not valid on special orders or previous orders.

fanciful1 fanciful2 fanciful3

Questions to Ask

When discussing the details of your reception with your venue manager, be sure to ask about the linens and chairs!

Linens make a large impact on the over “look” of your event. If the linens are too short on your tables, you may see table legs, bars, and who knows what else! To capture an elegant look, rent linens that touch the floor (or pretty close to it). It seems so simple, yet this is often something couples forget to ask.

Be sure to ask about the quality of the linens being provided. You wouldn’t believe how long some venues use their linens before investing in a new set. Don’t allow for stains, burns, or holes to be present on your tables…rent fresh table cloths or overlays to prevent this!

ASK ABOUT THE CHAIRS!! Think about it…for a 100 person wedding there are usually 15 tables (10 tops and a few other tables) present, 10 centerpieces, 1 cake, etc… but what is most abundant in the room???? THE 100 + CHAIRS!! If the chairs are hideous (most are) this could take away from all of the gorgeous flowers, favors, etc. on the table.

**Be sure to ask what chairs will be used during your reception. If the chairs aren’t so hot…cover them! 🙂 This is a very inexpensive way to really WOW your guests. Our covers are only $1.80 a piece.

If you rent chair covers, make sure they fit! There are many different types of chairs out there…you don’t want to make the mistake of getting a chair cover that is too big or too small. Waterford Event Rentals likes to let their clients borrow a cover to try on at their venue. This ensures that everything will look nice on the big day.

DON’T BE FOOLED!! There may be chair covers that you come across that are cheap which may be appealing to the budget, but it’s probably too good to be true. Some covers out there are so thin that you can see the chair you were trying to cover right through them! Be sure to ask to see the products you are renting. A good quality chair cover should be heavy, thick, and stitched tight at the seams.

Linens make a HUGE impact…check out the pictures below!

questions-1 questions-2 questions-3 questions-4 questions-5 questions-6 questions-7

Congrats Austin and Melanie

Waterford Event Rentals spent part of Saturday, October 15th setting up sashes for Austin and Melanie at the Princess Anne Country Club.  A few weeks ago WER helped Missy of Antonia Christianson Events find the perfect apple green pintuck sash for Melanie and Austin’s wedding.

In the process of setting up we had the privilege of meeting David Schwartz of David Schwartz Photography. David even took the time to take a few shots of us working. Special thanks to him and everyone who made the set up beautiful. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Check out: www.davidschwartzphotography.com & www.antoniachristiansonevents.com

princess-anne-country-club-1 princess-anne-country-club-2 princess-anne-country-club-3 princess-anne-country-club-4 princess-anne-country-club-5 princess-anne-country-club-6 princess-anne-country-club-7

Offering New Products

Waterford Event Rentals is excited to announce that we now carry table linens and folding chair covers.  We want to make the planning process as smooth as possible for you by providing more products with excellent quality and reasonable prices.

We offer the following:

120” round table cloths in white, ivory, and black:  $11.00

90” x 156” banquet style table cloths in white, ivory, and black:  $11.00

folding chair covers in white and ivory:  $1.80

** Don’t miss out– FREE white or ivory, organza sashes with the rental of chair covers until December 1 **

 products-1 products-2 products-3 products-4 products-5 products-6 products-7 products-8

experience the Waterford Way!