Waterford Wednesday: Chair Sashes

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Remember last week when we mentioned what a busy weekend this one coming up is going to be? Well, we’re up to 30 events and have been prepping and organizing like mad women this week! Nothing like a crazy weekend to welcome us into wedding season!
Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about our specialty linens and how they really can become the statement piece of your wedding or event. Well, today is all about our sashes!
unnamed403331_304056926298238_948055524_n10526065_783031331727925_7611481411990904763_nEven though we talk a lot about specialty linens, sashes can equally be the “pop” of color or “wow” piece of your event as well! If you plan on using basic white linens as the base of your tables, including a sash on your chairs is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your wedding or event colors! We have SO many different sash fabric options and colors that finding the perfect match to your colors would be no problem! Choosing a sash tie, whether it be a traditional bow or a unique obi will bring a gorgeous uniformity to your entire event!

Photo 1 // Kirstyn Marie Photography
Photo 2// David Schwartz Photography
Photo 3// Sean Holder Photography

Be on the lookout for many new linens that we will be unveiling on the blog in the coming weeks! In preparation for our Crystal Clear Vision bridal event, we added so many new colors, styles and designs to our inventory and we can’t wait to show you them all!
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Why Linens?

Why Linens????

When it comes to planning your wedding, your choice in linens is just as important as your choice in flowers or catering.  Many brides do not realize how this choice can affect the overall atmosphere of their wedding.

The impact linens have derives partly from the amount of space they take up.  Linens will cover your tables, and possibly the chairs as well.  Ill fitting or low quality linens will attract negative attention.  Especially old, less than pretty chairs…let’s face it- there are more chairs in the room than anything else! This is why you should use your linen choice to your advantage to add style or complete the theme of your wedding.

Use your linens to express your personality, create ambience, or add an extra touch of romance.  You can use bright colors that pop for a fun feel or use lace for a more delicate touch.  The linens can really tie a wedding’s theme together. Burlap adds an extra touch to both rustic and beach themed weddings.  Navy and White Stripe look great for a nautical theme.  Choose between different colors, textures and prints to get the effect you want for you special day.


Chevron Runners at Founders Inn and Spa

Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk

Look at our website or visit our facebook to see some of the possibilities for your wedding!

Our Best Promotion Yet

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Sashes, Chair Covers, Table Runners, Napkins…YOU CHOOSE!!!

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What About The Ceremony?

Completing tasks on a wedding to-do list usually starts off pretty easy…you know, booking the photographer, ordering flowers, finding a dress etc. But what happens when you’re just months away from your wedding, the budget is dwindling, and you haven’t thought of anything for your church/ceremony décor???

Waterford Event Rentals has your answer…why not use chair sashes to line the aisle?! This is a simple and inexpensive solution to your never ending to-do list and exceeding budget. This classy touch is sure to highlight the most important people of the day…the bride and groom!

Have a wonderful week!

Alyse & Hollie

What About The Ceremony

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