Waterford Wednesday: Choosing Your Linen Colors

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Choosing your linen colors is a big decision when it comes to planning your wedding. The color scheme you choose will set the ambiance for your wedding and will be incorporated into a lot of the aspects of your entire wedding. With that being said, choosing your linen colors should be a fun, not stressful, time for you! Today we’ve rounded up some tips that’ll make choosing your linen colors super simple!

Good Ambiance
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Ambiance is crucial at a wedding. Your table linen colors are the foundation of your wedding decor, so determining how you want your guests to feel is important. Decide which colors make you feel a certain way and give off the ambiance you want at your wedding!

Consider the Season
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Generally speaking, each season comes with a universally recognized color palette. So, choosing colors that are popular in the season you’re getting married in is a great idea! These colors are strategically picked to compliment that season and weather. Looking at other seasonal weddings and color palettes are a great way to get inspired when you’re unsure what table linen colors or decor you want for your wedding.

Let Pinterest Help
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If you’re feeling uninspired or you need help narrowing down your options, Pinterest is the perfect place to get a wealth of ideas from! The different search possibilities are endless – colors, themes, decor, etc. The chances of you finding a color combination or scheme that you’ll fall in love with is very likely and this will help you determine what table linen colors and accent colors will work for your event!

Venue Assets
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When looking into what table linen colors to choose for your wedding you want to keep your event space in mind. Thinking about what features and attributes you like and dislike about the venue is a good starting point! You’ll want to focus on complimenting and accentuating the traits you like with your linen colors.

Use Accents That Make Sense
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If you aren’t sure that you want as your primary color, think if you know what accent colors you would like to have. What color combination do you like? Do you want to go with more  warm, cool, or neutral colors? It never hurts to play around as much as you need to until you find your dream color palette!

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Waterford Wednesday: Picking Linen Colors

It’s Waterford Wednesday!
Today is all about deciding on linen colors for your event! Picking linen colors can sometimes be a difficult part of your reception planning process, but it doesn’t have to be! With a new season upon us, we always see a shift in the color choices that our clients choose so it’s the perfect time to list some of our best tips for picking the best linen colors for your event!

Get Inspiration
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First things first: Get Inspired! Planning any big event can be stressful enough without having to think about what color scheme you’re going to want! But, lucky for you, there are SO MANY bridal magazines and wedding websites/blogs where countless ideas and designs can be at your fingertips! Searching through various visual collections will give you ideas on attractive color combinations as well as give you a sense of what colors you are drawn to.

Embrace White & Neutrals!
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Many think that white linens are too “boring” or “basic” but they don’t have to be! White is a standard color for many events, as that is what most people use as the base for their guest tables. White is crisp and clean, but it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! Adding major pops of color or texture on white is the perfect way to add attention! Whether it be rosette on mesh table runners, or napkins in varying shades, accentuate the white!

Be Different!
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Don’t let the “norm” get in the way of what you like. Just because you’re having a fall or winter event doesn’t mean you can’t include summer colors! Choose colors that you love and that will leave a lasting impression of your event! Often times, colors that aren’t frequently used together come together beautifully when mixed correctly. At the end of the day, this is YOUR event!

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