Waterford Wednesday: Linen Do’s & Don’ts

Happy Wednesday, friends!
It’s been a little while since we’ve done a “tips & tricks” type of post, so today we’ll be talking all about some linen “do’s & don’ts!” As we’ve mentioned time and time again, linen rentals are an absolute MUST at your event. Not only will linens make your event space look cohesive and tie everything together, but will also provide you with so many different options for decor!
Here are a few of our top tips to ensure that you utilize your linen rentals to the max!

Do: Mix and Match Colors & Textures
Alice-in-Wonderland-Styled-Shoot-Lesner-Inn_0017Elizabeth Henson Photos
Everyone appreciates a nice blend of colors when they enter a room, and finding the right match of colors & textures will leave a fantastic first impression on your guests. There are so many creations, from romantic and sweet to vintage and timeless, that can be created by just mixing colors that complement one another! (PS: check out more of the photos of the above Alice in Wonderland styled shoot here!)

Don’t: Forget Chair Covers!
HolidayInn-StyledJuly-0054-638x425Elizabeth Henson Photos
You can find the most gorgeous linen or specialty linen rental in the world, but your event space will look very lackluster without “pretty” seating as well! If your venue just provides a standard chair in the event space, chair cover rental is particularly important! We’ve seen first hand how transformative chair covers can be for an event space, and this is one major thing that you simply CANNOT forget about!

Do: Try Different Table Designs
13241201_1023356004368323_8067067773194382799_nCreative Impressions Photography
Renting great linens is only half of the battle when it comes to your table design. You still need some sort of decor adorning the table to ensure your guests aren’t just sitting at a bare table (with amazing linens)! Tabletops offer a fun way to play around with design elements, from florals, centerpieces, and even something like handmade favors can all help to make for the perfect table.

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Waterford Wednesday: Linen Tips & Advice

Our favorite day of the week is back…Waterford Wednesday!
We’ve been so eager to share today’s post with everyone because it’s all about some basic tips, tricks and general advice for utilizing linens. Now that we are smack dab in the middle of booking season, we thought it’d be a great post for all of the newly engaged couples to learn how linens really do make a huge difference!

1. Invest in linens!
First and foremost, our biggest piece of advice. . .make linens a priority when planning your special event! At this point, there’s obviously no question that you should utilize linens at your wedding, but don’t let them become overshadowed or an afterthought, linens are something to be invested in. After all, they are the foundation of your tables and provide you with various colors and textures to set the tone for your entire event!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up!
rustic-inspired-wedding-ideas-5We love a basic white or ivory linen just as much as the next person, but throw a speciality linen on a table and we swoon! It’s true, speciality linens are more expensive, but totally worth it in the long run. Think about the overall effect an interesting, eye-catching linen will have on the entire area, you definitely want a fabulous linen to add that extra “pop!”

Choose linens that compliment your event
Unless you’re in the wedding or event industry, you may not know the various fabric choices that are available. Believe it or not, the different fabric types can elevate or better explain the concept of your event. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you the scoop on some of our most popular choices!
Polyester – durable & crisp
Satin – romantic & elegant
Organza – delicate & sheer
Pintuck – unique & stylish

Know your table sizes!
gold-pink-purple-womans-club-portsmouth-wedding-obx-wedding-photographer-95One of the most important tips we can offer is to know the sizes of your tables, especially if you have many different shapes and sizes at your event! There are varying styles and sizes of tables and an equal amount of linens to match. Sure, you could throw any size linen on a table and call it a day, but knowing the exact size ensures that you order the linen that will look and fit the very best.
Waterford tip: We’ve found that varying table sizes actually makes for the illusion of a larger space!

Utilize your resources!
Finally, our last tip of the day. . .utilize all of the amazing resources around you! When you visit your wedding vendors, use their expertise and connections. Trust us, they have a lot of opinions and experience with many businesses and love steering you in the right direction!

Photo 1: Chelsea Anderson Photography
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