Waterford Wednesday: Head Table vs. Sweetheart Table

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
When planning a wedding reception, one aspect that brides/grooms need to decide on is – head table vs. sweetheart table. While this may seem like a trivial decision to some, there is often a lot of back and forth on which one to choose, so today we’re here to help you out! We’ve come up with a list of questions to ask yourself that will hopefully steer you toward the right decision for you/your event!

Is intimate time during dinner important to you?
Photo: Jessica Ryan Photography

If enjoying an intimate first dinner with your new spouse is high on your priority list, then having a Sweetheart Table is the best option here! Of course at your wedding there is no such thing as full privacy (everyone came to celebrate you after all!), but having a sweetheart table will remove you from your wedding guests in a small aspect.

Is your wedding party small, medium, or large?
Photo: Echard Wheeler Photography

Depending on the way you answer this question, your decision might be made up for you! In our experience, a moderately sized wedding party makes for a more graceful/organized looking Head Table vs. a larger party. With a larger wedding party there are a lot of considerations you have to think of before agreeing on a Head Table. Will my venue have enough space to accommodate this? Will the group look unified at the head table or just crowded?

Can your whole wedding party be seated together without separation?
Photo: Kelley Stinson Photography

This question is a bit of an extension of the previous one. When thinking about a Head Table you should consider the fact that it is singular, and is intended to be one table, not multiple! So, if your wedding party will fit comfortably without looking disjointed, we say go for it! If the table needs to be scattered or have people left off due to space limitations, it may be a better option to forgo the Head Table option and stick to a nice Sweetheart Table!

Do you want to be the focal point?
Photo: Cynthia Tenney Photography

I mean it is your day after all so it definitely can be ALL about you! If you want all eyes on you a Sweetheart Table is a necessity when it comes to your reception layout. I mean where else would you eyes be with the newlyweds under this GORGEOUS arch? A sweetheart table is also great if you want to incorporate some high-end linens without having to spend a fortune since it will just be on your table and not all of the guest tables!

Whichever table option you choose we know that it will be special for you and your new spouse! Your wedding day will be a whirlwind, so use these questions as a step to make at least one decision easier!

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Waterford Wednesday – Simple Yet Significant

It’s another Waterford Wednesday!

With wedding season in full swing we have had lots of setups each weekend and we couldn’t help but notice how events really are all about the details! Taking the time to really pay attention to the little things really helps to create an extra memorable experience and ensure a cohesive look. One of our favorite, and easiest ways, is with napkins! Napkins are a really nice way to finish off any place setting by keeping things classy with a hint of fun! Whether adding a pop of color or a little texture with a spunky design, napkins are another great example of how the small things are still significant. We’ve gathered a couple of pictures for your daily napkin inspiration!


Photography: Macon Photography

We love how even these Burgundy Polyester add contrast to this all white table design! This place setting gives an easy way to add elegance and color to make any place setting shine!


Photography: Kirstyn Marie Photography

This super sweet table setting goes to show how the small, simple details can make your day extra special for you and your guests! These Dusty Rose Majestic Napkins will be apart of the memories you will cherish forever. Napkins don’t always have to contrast, even matching and blending with the colors of the table they help to tie all of the designs together!


Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography

These Plaid Polyester Napkins add that pop of fun and contrast to these elegant place setting. We love These napkins are the perfect accent to any solid color scheme for any table, to really add that “wow” factor!


Photography: Chelsea Anderson Photography

This pop of pink is sure to sprinkle a little fun onto a table. The contrast from black to pink really shows the details these Fuchsia and White Satin Napkin brings to a table!


Photography: Erika Mills Photography

Without adding a pop of color these Ivory Damask Napkins so how simple things really pull the design together.  Matching the color scheme of the table and the hanging tri-fold really is the cherry on top of these place settings!



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Waterford Wednesday: Beach Stylized Shoot

It’s Waterford Wednesday friends!
September is quickly approaching, and while we’re definitely excited for cooler weather and some fall touches in upcoming weddings, we’re having a hard time letting go of this awesome summer wedding season! Now that our out of town college staff members have headed back to school, it’s hitting us that ready or not, fall is here! We couldn’t end this summer without reminiscing on a gorgeous beach stylized shoot we were recently apart of! Enjoy the gorgeous concept by Jamie Leigh Events and shots by Tara Liebeck Photography!
JLE-213-of-479-638x425JLE-177-of-479-637x425JLE-88-of-479-638x425JLE-158-of-479-638x425JLE-76-of-479-637x425JLE-196-of-479-638x425How gorgeous are all of these pictures?! We are obsessed with the design concept and final results of this “beach/boho” vibe that the team at Jamie Leigh Events came up with! The soft colors used throughout our linens as well as the thoughtful decor touches brought the perfect beach vibe to the whole shoot! We were so happy to be a part of this fun shoot and it was the perfect way to round out the summer wedding season!

Photos // Tara Liebeck Photography
Design Concept //Jamie Leigh Events
Stylized Shoot Vendor List // Click Here

Don’t forget to check back this Friday for our Feature Friday: Staff Edition post! Check out our latest interview here!

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Waterford Wednesday: Random Tips

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
This past Sunday was the amazing VOW Bridal Event and we had such a fun time meeting so many new brides! We always love being a part of the VOW show and this year was extra special, as we got to be part of a creative booth design with Botanique Events, MorLina Events, SnapQube, and Dustin Lewis Images!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve done a few different posts on various tips and tricks that can make the whole wedding planning process go a little smoother. From creating the perfect table setting to maximizing your time at a bridal show, we hope these little tidbits have helped! This week, we have a few random tips that will make the linen rental process more effective!

Rent Extra Napkins
If you plan on using napkins at your event. . .always rent extra! We can’t recommend this tip enough! Oftentimes, it’s hard to get an exact guest count, so when renting a linen that requires one for each person, it’s very important that there are plenty of extra. Even if you are confident that you have a solid guest count, renting extra napkins is never a bad idea, you never know when an extra one will be requested!

Don’t Wait To Rent!
Even if you don’t have all of your RSVPs in, it’s a smart idea to rent your linens early in the wedding planning process! Placing an initial order for a higher amount will guarantee the availability of linens on your day. The vast majority of rental companies will allow you to change your order with no penalty up to a couple weeks before the event, which means if you need to drop a table linen or two, it will be no problem! However, if you need to add a few table linens at the last minute. . .there’s a chance there won’t be enough in stock. You don’t want the stress of that!

Work With The Floral Designer
An important aspect of planning an event is participation between your floral designer and your linen provider. This critical relationship can make or break the overall aesthetic of your event! You want your floral arrangement to compliment and enhance your table linen design. You don’t want to have a floral design that doesn’t reflect the elaborate or elegant table you had in mind!

Photo 1 // Caitlin Gerres Photography
Photo 2 // David Schwartz Photography Table Design // Baxter’s Creative Events

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Waterford Wednesday: Fun Facts

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
We can’t believe that September is right around the corner! With wedding season still in full swing, this week has been a busy one for us as we prep our linens for an exciting Labor Day weekend full of weddings! If you read our blog each Wednesday and Friday, you know that Waterford is all about providing gorgeous linens for events, but today we thought we’d share some more fun facts about our company!

We Ship Linens!
PicMonkey CollageAlthough we are located in Hampton Roads and do most of our events in the area, we ship linens all over the United States for clients! We absolutely love seeing our table linens, runners, overlays, and more transform event after event! From the east coast to the west, our linens have traveled all over!

No Event Is Too Big Or Small!
Whether you are hosting a 300 person wedding, or throwing a more intimate event such as a bridal shower, no event is too big or small for Waterford! We’ve done gorgeous setups for both large and small events and love the way that linens can add something extra to any event!

We Steam!
waterford wednesda
Next to providing great quality linens, steaming is one aspect that is very important to our company! We pride ourselves on making sure that every table linen and chair cover looks it’s very best during a setup and that there are no wrinkles in sight! Check out our video on the process that Waterford goes through to steam our linens!

Check back with us on Friday as we feature another one of our linens!
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Waterford Wednesday: Bold Tables

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
As our busy wedding season is still in full swing, we can’t help but love the bold statements some of our brides have been making with their linen choices! At one of our many events this past weekend, our bride went for black table linens instead of the “traditional” white or ivory. Coupled with a pintuck champagne overlay, we absolutely loved how the tables turned out!
Photo Aug 02, 7 31 21 PMPicMonkey Collage.pngThis gorgeous wedding, at the Chrysler Museum of Art, was planned by Sandy Baxter of Baxter’s Creative Events and had the most gorgeous centerpieces thanks to Palette of Petals! As if we didn’t already love the bold linens enough, the centerpieces gave off such a classic vintage feel that really brought the table and varying colors together so well. When it comes to weddings, it’s all in the details, which is why we are so obsessed with all the tiny touches! The addition of our gold plate chargers really added to the vintage feel and the hanging pearls on the centerpieces were the perfect embellishment. We love when so much thought and attention to detail is sprinkled throughout a wedding!

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Waterford Wednesday: Tips and Tricks

Our favorite day of the week is back again, Waterford Wednesday!
We’ve been so eager to share today’s post with everyone because it’s all about some basic tips and tricks for utilizing linens in the best possible way. Let’s be honest, linens liven everything up, and with some of the suggestions and pointers we’re about to mention, any event that you’re planning is sure to be elevated!

1. Invest in linens!
Photo// Torrance Saunders Photography
Our biggest piece of advice. . .make linens a priority when planning your special event! Don’t let them become overshadowed or an afterthought! After all, they are the foundation of your tables and provide you with various colors and textures to set the tone for your event.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!
0023_IMG_8248Consulting // Vivid Expressions LLC.  Photo // DCPG Photography
We love a basic white or ivory linen just as much as the next person, but throw a speciality linen on a table and we swoon! It’s true, speciality linens are more expensive, but totally worth it in the long run. Think about how many photos will be taken of your cake table or sweetheart table. You definitely want a fabulous sequin linen or rosette linen to add that extra “pop” to these special tables! Since these particular tables are often the most prominent, they deserve to stand out a little!

3. Choose linens that compliment your event
Unless you’re in the wedding or event industry, you may not know the various fabric choices that are available. Believe it or not, the different fabric types can elevate or better explain the concept of your event. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you the scoop on some of our most popular choices!
Polyester – durable & crisp
Satin – romantic & elegant
Organza – delicate & sheer
Pintuck – unique & stylish

4. Know your table sizes!
MORE 8.3 (830)
Planner // Baxter’s Creative Events
One of the most important tips we can offer is to know the various sizes of your tables! There are many different styles and sizes of tables and an equal amount of linens to match. Sure, you could throw any size linen on a table and call it a day, but knowing the exact size ensures that you order the linen that will look and fit the very best.
Waterford tip: We’ve found that varying table sizes actually makes for the illusion of a larger space!

5. Utilize your resources!
Finally, our last tip of the day. . .utilize all of the amazing resources around you! When you visit your wedding vendors, use their expertise and connections. Trust us, they have a lot of opinions and experience with many businesses and love steering you in the right direction!

That’s it for our inside tips and tricks! See you Friday for our next Feature Friday, we can’t wait!
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Steaming To Perfection

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Today we’re talking about a very important aspect of our company: steaming.

Yep, that’s right! Steaming. At Waterford we not only pride ourselves on having the best quality linens, but also making sure that we handle, set up, and present our linens in the best possible way. Thus, steaming is a huge part of our set up process at any event!
Photo Jun 07, 2 58 59 PMAlthough we steam all of our linens to perfection at each event if necessary, our chair covers, being one of our most sought after product, are the things that often need most of our attention. We try to prevent wrinkles from occurring on our chair covers by hanging each individual cover and storing them in bags on racks throughout our warehouse instead of folding them in bins. Even though we take measures to prevent unwanted wrinkles, we know that various circumstances can occur which is why we pride ourselves so heavily on steaming out any and all wrinkles that appear! One of the motto’s we like to remember here at Waterford is: “Act like you are setting up for you wedding day.” All of us agree that the last thing we would want at our wedding are wrinkly chair covers and linens!
steamingblogSince this process really sets us apart, we decided to make another short Cameo video to show you guys exactly how it’s done! Click the link below to check out the process Waterford goes through from putting on our chair covers to steaming!

Steaming At Waterford

We hope you enjoyed another little sneak peek into Waterford!
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xo, Waterford!

The Woman’s Club Of Portsmouth

Today, we are so excited to feature one of our very favorite venues to work with, The Woman’s Club of Portsmouth!
Photo // Beth Hamilton Photography

Deemed as a “Premiere Wedding Destination,” The Woman’s Club offers one of the most beautiful ballrooms for a wedding or any type of reception/event, as well as an outdoor area that is perfect for a ceremony. Having produced and accommodated hundreds of weddings over the 80 years in Portsmouth, The Woman’s Club is a top venue in the minds of brides and vendors alike!

The ballroom, where our linens spend most of their time, has just recently been renovated and expanded and is topped off by the most gorgeous chandeliers. The room, which can seat 250 comfortably is accentuated by the grand high ceilings that make the room seem even bigger than it already is!ptownphotoshootPhoto // Will King Photography 
Floral // Kelly Gish Floral Designs
Catering // Creative Catering of Virginia

Lace OverlaysPhoto // Sharon Elizabeth Photography
Floral // Kelly Gish Floral Designs

After working so closely with The Woman’s Club of Portsmouth over the years, and really loving their venue and staff, Waterford recently decided to partner with them on something big! This past April we purchased beautiful white resin chairs that we are storing at The Woman’s Club and renting out to their brides! As we’ve said before, we love these chairs and really think that they bring such a classic, clean look to any event!
10262181_792444394101741_4974816184336793457_n Photo  // Justin Hankins Photography

We can’t wait to see The Women’s Club of Portsmouth transform this wedding season with our linens and white chairs! To learn more about this awesome venue, don’t forget to visit their website.

As always, don’t forget to see what we’re up to daily!
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A Day With Waterford

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
We are so, so excited about this post and have been waiting all week to share! Last week, we hinted at getting an “inside look” into what we really do here at Waterford, and today is finally the day! This past weekend, we put together a little video montage of “A Day With Waterford.” The video follows some of our  girls and the various jobs they perform while on a setup as well as a breakdown, and today, thanks to the Cameo App (you should get it, it’s awesome!) you can see it! In our opinion, there’s nothing better than getting a sneak peak into a company to see how everything works!

So, without further adieu. . .

click below

A Day With Waterford

How awesome is that video app?! We loved being able to capture a day in the life of our staff! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in order to really show off Waterford we knew there was no better way than a video!
The setup that was shown was designed and coordinated by Sunkissed Events & Design at the gorgeous Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club and featured our beautiful linens that paired so well with the outdoor water view!

The breakdown shown was designed and coordinated by Antonia Christianson Events.

Photo May 27, 9 18 57 AM
Featured in the video are Waterford linens:
Ivory Table Linens
Blush Table Linen
Blush napkins – Pocket Fold
Lace Overlays
Sequence Specialty Linen

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