Napkin Folds- It’s a Big Deal

One of the most fun things about meeting with so many couples prepping for their big day is being able to show them every little detail. So many times we hear from our couples “wow I didn’t even realize there were so many options.” We love to hear that and then being able to show all the things that can just take your guest tables from drab to fab is SO fun. A super small detail that most people probably don’t think about is their napkin fold. I mean having the perfect napkin is one thing, but the fold really just sets it off and perfects the place setting.

Napkin folding is actually probably one of our favorite parts of the whole setup. Today we’re going to show you just a few of our favorite napkin folds.

Band around charger

This fold is a perfect way to add a small pop of color to your reception tables & when put together with an amazing charger plate you have the best duo!Erika Mills Photography

Trifold Hanging

This fold gives your table a more simplistic look from the top but adds an elegant feel as it just delicately hangs off the table. And if you’re feeling like you want to give it a little more- throw a monogram on them!Luke & Ashley Photography

Menu Fold

Ok y’all- if you are providing a menu for your guests then this fold is a MUST. It’s so beautiful and definitely is sure to have your guests notice the detail here. This fold is pretty intricate and is sure to have your guests chatting to their neighbor about just how cute that little pocket is!

Jessica Ryan Photography | Isha Foss Design | Jessica Hanyok Calligraphy

The Knot

Saved the best for last. Well this year we have seen a huge shift in couples going for the traditional napkin fold into a more trendy style such as the knot. We love doing knotted napkin ties because it’s a cute way to incorporate your napkins but also lays so nice on top of charger plates.
Chef By Design | Caitlin Gerres Photography

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Labor Day Weekend Wedding Vibes

Wow, does that extra day from a holiday make anyone else feel like the week flies by or is it just us? Last weekend was AMAZING. Even with the reduced guest counts, we had SO. MANY. EVENTS. If you’re in the industry, then you know just how weird and slow it’s been through the spring season and now gearing up for the fall season we don’t know what’s to come! We had an incredible hustle and bustle weekend that made us forget things are not as they normally are.

We are sooooo excited to have some photos ready to share from one of our weekend events. This one took place at a gorgeous estate up in Maryland. A super happy and beautiful couple really deserved this day to be perfect!We are just loving the simplicity and natural look Haley and Brandon were going for with their linen choices. We just love a good place setting shot, don’t you?? Keeping it super simple and trendy with the menu card and the cute napkin fold in a knot. Such a small detail can make all the difference!If you’re looking for beautiful and whimsical sweetheart table ideas, then you have to check out our voile! This is a super delicate and flowy material that is sheer and can billow down to the floor giving an extremely magical feel to the sweetheart table.We weren’t kidding when we said they are probably one of the most happy & beautiful couples! Like just look at this photo. Couples this happy and in love make our job so much easier and gives us butterflies every time.

Vendor Shoutouts:

Planner: Everly After Events | Photography: Paige Elizabeth Photography | Florist: Just Picked | Caterer: Magnolia Catering | Calligraphy: Grove Lettering Co. | Cake: Flour Child Bakery | Videographer: Toy Box Studios | Hair: BMore Bobby Pins | Makeup: Vintage Veils | Linen Rentals: Waterford Event Rentals | Tent, chair, and additional rentals: White Glove Rentals & Price Rentals & Events

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Waterford Wednesday: Napkin Folds

Happy Waterford Wednesday to all!
We hope you’re having a fantastic week and staying warm through all of this cold weather!
You may remember when we did a Waterford Wednesday Napkin post a couple months ago where we highlighted three of our most requested/popular napkin folds. Napkins are a great linen choice for clients who want to add a little something extra to their tables without having to spend a ton of money. Today we thought we’d highlight some more interesting and visual napkin folds that could stand alone as the star of the table, or enhance a gorgeous table linen!

Secured In The Center
This particular napkin fold is so simple, yet looks so elegant! Creating this fold is super easy, but will have your guests thinking you spent a lot of time perfecting each and every one! There are so many options when it comes to securing the napkin in the center, and a jeweled or sparkly napkin ring is our favorite! If you’re having a “rustic” inspired event, tying a piece of twine around the center would be an adorable addition!

Heart Fold
At one of our weddings last winter, the bride requested a heart-shaped napkin fold and it proved to be such a cute and charming addition to the tables! The heart fold is so visually interesting and completely different from any traditional napkin fold. This is definitely a great napkin choice if you have polyester napkins and are looking to incorporate a unique touch!

Triple Pocket
We love this triple pocket napkin fold! It is similar to a regular menu fold, but the three pockets make for a nice layered look! There are a lot of options that you could utilize with this particular fold. We like how the above picture just has a simple menu in the front fold, so the guests can appreciate the look of the other pockets. Folding the napkin horizontally makes for wider pockets which would be perfect if you have larger menus!

Picture 1 // via
Picture 2 // via
Picture 3 // via

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Waterford Wednesday: Napkins

It’s Waterford Wednesday and today is all about napkins!
Napkins are one of our absolute favorite linens at events! When planning your event, the details are what will bring everything together and make it unforgettable, and napkins are a small investment that can make a huge impact on your entire event! Napkins provide the perfect accent to a table and after choosing between a basic polyester napkin or a more elegant satin one, the napkin fold becomes the next important step in the process! Below we’ve listed some of our favorite napkin folds!

Photo Oct 12, 3 21 42 PM
The Tri-Fold napkin fold is basic and simple, yet looks very put together! If your tables have extravagent linens and centerpieces, a napkin in a tri-fold would be the perfect addition to the table! It wouldn’t be too complicated, and would look uniformed while letting the other details of the table take center stage!

Menu Fold
A Menu Napkin Fold is a great way to not only make your napkins look fancy, but also provides a place to insert your menu, a “thank you” note to your guests, a favor, or even something fun like a flower! Folding napkins in a Menu Fold is a simple touch that your guests will love and appreciate! The inclusion of a menu will create anticipation for the food to come and will leave your guests impressed at the thoughtful gesture!

A Banded Napkin Fold is definitely our favorite fold to do when you are including plate chargers in your event! The banded fold is similar to the tri-fold, except the napkin is placed around the top of the charger in a “band” instead of hanging off the table. This fold with the charger is super elegant and looks fantastic with both polyester and satin napkins!

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