Napkin Folds- It’s a Big Deal

One of the most fun things about meeting with so many couples prepping for their big day is being able to show them every little detail. So many times we hear from our couples “wow I didn’t even realize there were so many options.” We love to hear that and then being able to show all the things that can just take your guest tables from drab to fab is SO fun. A super small detail that most people probably don’t think about is their napkin fold. I mean having the perfect napkin is one thing, but the fold really just sets it off and perfects the place setting.

Napkin folding is actually probably one of our favorite parts of the whole setup. Today we’re going to show you just a few of our favorite napkin folds.

Band around charger

This fold is a perfect way to add a small pop of color to your reception tables & when put together with an amazing charger plate you have the best duo!Erika Mills Photography

Trifold Hanging

This fold gives your table a more simplistic look from the top but adds an elegant feel as it just delicately hangs off the table. And if you’re feeling like you want to give it a little more- throw a monogram on them!Luke & Ashley Photography

Menu Fold

Ok y’all- if you are providing a menu for your guests then this fold is a MUST. It’s so beautiful and definitely is sure to have your guests notice the detail here. This fold is pretty intricate and is sure to have your guests chatting to their neighbor about just how cute that little pocket is!

Jessica Ryan Photography | Isha Foss Design | Jessica Hanyok Calligraphy

The Knot

Saved the best for last. Well this year we have seen a huge shift in couples going for the traditional napkin fold into a more trendy style such as the knot. We love doing knotted napkin ties because it’s a cute way to incorporate your napkins but also lays so nice on top of charger plates.
Chef By Design | Caitlin Gerres Photography

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Stunning Fall Wedding at a Brand New Venue

Well hello there! Happy Wednesday to you! We are halfway through this week already- can you believe it? We are so excited to get some pictures back from last weekend!!!!! This wedding was near & dear to our heart because one of our Waterford girls was in this wedding! When we arrived on site to The Rocks 1620 to deliver tables & chairs on Friday we had no clue just how beautiful this venue was! If you’re looking for a stunning venue with a preferred outdoor ceremony & reception space in the Hampton Roads area then this might be the venue of your dreams.

Although we had planned to have the ceremony and reception outside, a last minute rain plan took effect & stunned us all! This venue is a huge & welcoming home that can even accommodate up to 150 guests. Renting the property for the entire weekend is available to give your bridal party & some of your guests a place to stay.

Okay- but now onto the fun stuff!! The outdoor spaces that The Rocks 1620 has are definitely ideal for ceremony and reception. There is space outside capable of holding 150 guests down a beautiful brick pathway in the backyard and then your reception space down just a few steps to a fully cemented & finished outdoor area. There is an in-ground pool surrounded by amazing waterfront views. Not only is the outdoor space amazing but there are a few covered spaces to have your event indoors as well. There is a cute little barn that has dainty hanging lights from the ceiling if you’re wanting a more rustic theme. The driveway is huge and covered with an awning that still gives you some amazing scenery and perfect for a last minute ceremony site if it’s calling for rain. And the last little hidden spot, y’all the house is big enough you can fit 100 people inside with a dance floor!!!!!! It was INSANE, but so beautiful & we couldn’t be any happier to be a part of this big day.

We’ll start with the ceremony space. White resin folding chairs on the beautifully bricked driveway with a custom made arch. And yeah….. this was the backup space.  Moving into the house you have the tables paired with gold chiavari chairs, gold acrylic chargers, and some of our favorite napkins- Natural Belize Nutmeg.Aren’t you just loving this!!! We got all this done & moved inside in a matter of 2.5 hours- all in the middle of the pouring rain but as her guests you would have never thought this to be anything other than the original plan.Even the back patio could probably serve as a backup ceremony space. This weekend we chose to use this as an overflow for guest tables & the cocktail hour space.Told you guys these views were just stunning!! Seriously, if you’re still in need of a venue, this might be calling your name. A HUGE congratulations to Megan and Josh on their incredible wedding day! Nothing was going to get in the way of celebrating you two! We hope this day was everything that you have ever imagined. We hope you both have the most amazing life together!

Venue: The Rocks 1620 | Photography: Alexandria Photography VA | Chairs, tables, napkins & chargers: Waterford Event Rentals | Catering: Ukrops | Hair: Avery Hair Co. | Makeup: Beauty by Tiffany Inc.

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Why Renting Is Better!

We’re back again for Waterford Wednesday!
Fall season has officially kicked off, looks like this cooler weather might be here to stay. With fall in full effect and holiday season right around the corner, we thought today was the perfect time to discuss why renting linens is a better option compared to buying them yourself. We’re here to break down some of the top reasons for you!

Quality & Convenience
Christy Nicole Photography

In our expert opinion, quality & convenience are the most important priorities when you’re investing in linens for your big day! You don’t want to end up with linens that you bought for cheap to come in with very thin fabric and low thread count that you then have to lug around and set up yourself. This is supposed to be your special day…you don’t want to stress over placing a table linen perfectly! A rental company will ensure you have excellent quality linens at an affordable rental price as well as provide the option of delivery, setup & breakdown services.

Katie Nesbitt Photography

One of the perks of renting linens compared to buying is the hands on assistance you will receive during the entire process. At Waterford, we hold a design meeting with each of our clients which helps in assuring you are renting the correct size linens to fit your tables. This service is basically like having your own personal Linen Coordinator! You won’t receive this type of service when renting from a random website. You will appreciate this extra help, especially if you’re having different sized tables throughout your event!

Ironing Expense
Luke & Ashley Photography

A HUGE incentive to rent linens rather than buying comes in the form of ironing. If you choose to buy, you run the high risk of your linens being delivered in very small packages which makes the process of ironing out all the wrinkles extremely tedious. At Waterford, we use a laundering facility that is equipped with extremely large industrial pressing machines so the task of ironing linens is not another worry that is added to your list!

Audrey Rose Photography
One of the biggest reasons we believe renting is more effective compared to buying is the ability to actually see the linens in person before receiving them the day of. When you go into a business to rent linens you are presented with the opportunity to personally view the items and ensure the style, texture, and colors are exactly what you want! This becomes extremely important, especially if the colors you are looking for are very specific. The risk of a potentially mismatched color scheme is not something you want to stress about on your big day!

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Our Favorite New Trend: Velvet!

Woo hoo!!!!! It’s finally Wednesday which means another blog coming at ya! Today, we wanted to talk about one of our FAVORITE trends that is surely to pick up around the fall. VELVET. If you’re into subtle texture then you might definitely want to consider adding some velvet to your reception space someway somehow. Personally, we try to show EVERYONE something velvet when they come in our showroom just because we love it so much. Not only is there an option for just standard velvet, but you can get an etched velvet pattern or even a crushed velvet look. Either way, we think velvet speaks for itself. Take a peek and see if you agree.

Let’s start off with this INCREDIBLE floral velvet linen that was used by Chef by Design at our 2020 Crystal Clear Vision Bridal Expo! The elegance of this linen is second to none. This provides an incredible way to tie in your wedding colors and give all the romantic vibes. This photo doesn’t even begin to describe the beauty of this linen. No doubt this one will stop you in your tracks.Table Design: Chef by Design | Photographer: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Another linen that was used for this first time at our bridal show was a beautiful ocean velvet. A mix between blue and green, and paired with these colored glasses makes us feel like we’re sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in. Don’t forget blue is the Pantone Color of the Year so be quick to add this to your reception space somewhere before the year is up!Table Design: Rusty Cottage | Photographer: Kirstyn Marie Photography

Another great velvet option is for those brides looking for an earthy, boho vibe. This napkins are BRAND. SPANKIN. NEW. We are so thrilled to have these as part of our inventory and expect to get a lot of use out of them this fall.Table Design: Indie & Ivory | Photographer: Caitlin Gerres Photography 

Our next feature is a stunning neutral tone which we refer to as cashmere. Along with the velvet trend, going ALL NEUTRAL is a big hit! What better way to get the best of both worlds than with a linen like this. We just love how these colors bounce off one another for the perfect warm & cozy guest table.Table Design: Sunkissed Events | Photographer: Jessica Ryan Photography

Last but not least is our romantic & elegant rose quartz velvet. This linen is unique in that it can take on a mix of dusty rose/mauve and wisteria. It’s all about what you pair it with! Here it’s seen with our french floral blush napkin and white lace runner.Table Design: The Twisted Fork | Photographer: Katie Nesbitt Photography

I’m sure by now you have joined the velvet train! We just love all the possibilities that come with velvet. Don’t gorget these are available in napkins and runners as well.

Join us ALL WEEKEND for Summer Social Fest 2020, July 17-19! Head over to our website to register now. Did we mention it’s FREE.

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Waterford Wednesday – Simple Yet Significant

It’s another Waterford Wednesday!

With wedding season in full swing we have had lots of setups each weekend and we couldn’t help but notice how events really are all about the details! Taking the time to really pay attention to the little things really helps to create an extra memorable experience and ensure a cohesive look. One of our favorite, and easiest ways, is with napkins! Napkins are a really nice way to finish off any place setting by keeping things classy with a hint of fun! Whether adding a pop of color or a little texture with a spunky design, napkins are another great example of how the small things are still significant. We’ve gathered a couple of pictures for your daily napkin inspiration!


Photography: Macon Photography

We love how even these Burgundy Polyester add contrast to this all white table design! This place setting gives an easy way to add elegance and color to make any place setting shine!


Photography: Kirstyn Marie Photography

This super sweet table setting goes to show how the small, simple details can make your day extra special for you and your guests! These Dusty Rose Majestic Napkins will be apart of the memories you will cherish forever. Napkins don’t always have to contrast, even matching and blending with the colors of the table they help to tie all of the designs together!


Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography

These Plaid Polyester Napkins add that pop of fun and contrast to these elegant place setting. We love These napkins are the perfect accent to any solid color scheme for any table, to really add that “wow” factor!


Photography: Chelsea Anderson Photography

This pop of pink is sure to sprinkle a little fun onto a table. The contrast from black to pink really shows the details these Fuchsia and White Satin Napkin brings to a table!


Photography: Erika Mills Photography

Without adding a pop of color these Ivory Damask Napkins so how simple things really pull the design together.  Matching the color scheme of the table and the hanging tri-fold really is the cherry on top of these place settings!



Check out all of our inventory by booking an appointment with one of our WER gals by calling us at (757) 448-5999!  We hope to hear from you soon!

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Waterford Wednesday: Let’s Talk Napkins!

Let’s talk napkins!
We’ve done a couple of Waterford Wednesday posts on napkins – like the different folds you can use and some napkin inspiration to add creativity to your table, but today is all about the “why” behind napkins! Why do we think they are such an important element to your table design? Why should you definitely utilize napkins at your place settings? Check out some of our top reasons:

Pop of Color!
Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography
One of the top reasons that we are huge advocates for napkins is the pop of color that they can potentially bring to your table! If your table design is mostly neutrals, but you want a nice accent color added in to your theme, a colorful napkin is the way to go! Waterford has a HUGE inventory of napkins (seriously, check out our storage!) in many different colors, so finding the perfect shade would be no issue!

Added Texture
Dragon Studio, Virginia Wedding Photographer, Virginia Portrait Photographer, Virginia Event Photographer, NewBorn Photographer, child photographer, best photographer in virginia, hampton roads photographer, editorial photographer, ILEA, ILEA Hampton Road
Photo: Dragon Studio
If you’ve been following our blog for awhile, you know that we are all about mixing and matching linen textures! Adding a basic satin or polyester napkin to a table design that has a heavily textured linen can really make for stunning look! We loved how our Royal Blue Polyester Napkins looked on top of our Champagne Payette Sequins linen!

View More:
Photo: Audrey Rose Photography
Not only can napkins provide a pop of color at your table, but they can also serve as an interesting accessory! There are so many different ways to “dress up” your napkins – from a pretty fold, to napkin rings, or even incorporating a menu or thank you note inside!
Waterford Tip: If you’re looking for an intricate napkin fold, make sure you’re choosing a fabric that will work!

Inexpensive Decor
Photo: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
One of the great things about napkins is that they are a very inexpensive rental that can make a huge difference on your table! With prices starting as low as $.55, you can’t turn away from investing in napkins that can take your table design to the next level! If you’re on a budget and not interested in some of the more expensive specialty linens, napkins are the perfect alternative!

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Waterford Wednesday: Napkin Inspiration

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
We’ve been busy prepping linens for a wedding weekend full of setups, and we couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that the wedding industry is really all about the details! Taking the time to sprinkle fine details throughout your wedding will not only create a memorable experience for your guests, but an overall more cohesive look for your event. One of our favorite ways to add an interesting detail is with napkinsspecifically napkins with a fun print or detail! Napkins really are one of the easiest ways to add a little color and creativity to your table setting, and with so many different color/fabric options, napkins are a simple yet significant detail that you can add! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite napkin shots from the past to give you some serious napkin inspiration today: unspecified-14
Photo: Rob Korb Photography
We’re still completely in love with the Blue Toile Napkins that Dreams 2 Reality used on their table design at this year’s A Crystal Clear Vision Event! Not only was the design on the napkin amazing, but the intricate fold of the napkin made for a visually appealing place setting!

View More: Sarah Street Photography
You may remember this gorgeous wedding that we blogged back in February, and we are still completely obsessed with our Black + White Striped Napkins that were used! Striped napkins are always a good idea in our book, but when you have them folded in a “tri-fold” placed on top of our gold plate chargers, we are in heaven!

Caitlin-Gerres-Photography-for-ACE-13Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography
We are still mad for the Plaid Napkins that Antonia Christianson Events used on their table design at the 2015 Crystal Clear Vision Event. The plaid napkin was the perfect accent piece to the gold color scheme that was throughout the rest of the table setting!

View More:
Photo: Chelsea Anderson Photography
Last but not least, we couldn’t forget these AMAZING napkins that Luxe & Luna used on their 2015 Crystal Clear Vision table! Our Black + White Polka Dot napkins totally stole the show on their beautiful “modern and preppy” themed table.

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Waterford Wednesday: Perfect Place Settings

It’s Waterford Wednesday friends!
We’ve got a fun post today on how to create the perfect place setting for your event! Whether you’re planning a wedding or any other special occasion, chances are the event will require a place setting. A place setting can be so much more than just a plate with some silverware around it; creating a visually appealing setting with a beautiful design that matches the theme of your event is simple to do! Here are some of our top suggestions for creating a one of a kind look:

Keep A Consistent ThemeCaitlin-Gerres-Photography-for-ACE-13Keeping a consistent theme is an important part of creating a place setting! Staying true to your event’s theme, whether it be a particular color, pattern or accent piece will ensure that the look of the table as a whole will be consistent and a true representation of your event. The theme of your event can easily be shown through the plate chargers, napkins, etc. that you choose!

Feature A MenuCaitlin-Gerres-Photography-for-Emily-Weddings-19We can’t recommend this one enough! Including a menu in your place setting will not only allow your guests to preview the meal that will be served (which they will totally appreciate!), but it also gives you the opportunity to get creative in the way you present the menu. Whether you choose to place it on top of a charger, fold it in with a napkin or incorporate it in with your centerpiece, featuring a menu is always a plus!

Accent Special Place Settings Tiltawhirl-Imagery-for-Touche-Events-03Making your guests feel welcome is always an important piece of planning an event! Adding a unique accent or personalized touch to their place setting is an excellent way to do so! Anything from a beautifully designed name card or a thoughtful favor will distinguish each individual and leave them feeling appreciated and thought of!

 Don’t forget to check back this Friday for our new Feature Friday posts! Instead of featuring a new linen each week, we will be featuring our very own staff members! We can’t wait to introduce you to the amazing people that make up WER!

Photo 1: Caitlin Gerres Photography // Design: Antonia Christianson Events
Photo 2: Caitlin Gerres Photography // Design: Emily Weddings
Photo 3: Tiltawhirl Imagery // Design: Touche Weddings & Events

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Waterford Wednesday: Napkins

It’s Waterford Wednesday and today is all about napkins!
Napkins are one of our absolute favorite linens at events! When planning your event, the details are what will bring everything together and make it unforgettable, and napkins are a small investment that can make a huge impact on your entire event! Napkins provide the perfect accent to a table and after choosing between a basic polyester napkin or a more elegant satin one, the napkin fold becomes the next important step in the process! Below we’ve listed some of our favorite napkin folds!

Photo Oct 12, 3 21 42 PM
The Tri-Fold napkin fold is basic and simple, yet looks very put together! If your tables have extravagent linens and centerpieces, a napkin in a tri-fold would be the perfect addition to the table! It wouldn’t be too complicated, and would look uniformed while letting the other details of the table take center stage!

Menu Fold
A Menu Napkin Fold is a great way to not only make your napkins look fancy, but also provides a place to insert your menu, a “thank you” note to your guests, a favor, or even something fun like a flower! Folding napkins in a Menu Fold is a simple touch that your guests will love and appreciate! The inclusion of a menu will create anticipation for the food to come and will leave your guests impressed at the thoughtful gesture!

A Banded Napkin Fold is definitely our favorite fold to do when you are including plate chargers in your event! The banded fold is similar to the tri-fold, except the napkin is placed around the top of the charger in a “band” instead of hanging off the table. This fold with the charger is super elegant and looks fantastic with both polyester and satin napkins!

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Feature Friday: Polyester Linens

Happy Feature Friday!
This week is all about one of our most popular products, polyester linens!

Polyester Linens

Layout 1

Our polyester linens have been SO popular and in high demand this wedding season! Although polyester is a basic type of linen, many of our products including table cloths, runners, overlays, and napkins come in this fabric! Not only are our polyester linens durable and very crisp looking at events, they come in a vast amount of colors that are sure to accomodate any type of event! Like we’ve said before, specialty linens are amazing, but having  basic polyester linen in an eye-popping color is just as great!

Check back with us each week as we showcase new linens and products that are perfect for all events, and keep an eye on our Speciality Linens page to see all of our great linens in one location!
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