Waterford Wednesday: Incorporating Plate Chargers

It’s Waterford Wednesday!
If you keep up with us on Facebook, you saw our announcement yesterday that we are now renting silver and gold beaded glass plate chargers! We’ve had so many clients ask about these gorgeous chargers and we are thrilled that we now offer them as rentals! We are already renting a ton of them so be sure to reserve yours ASAP if you’ve been eyeing them. In honor of these new additions we’re talking about different ways to incorporate plate chargers at your event.

How gorgeous are these chargers? We love them!

Plenty Of Florals
Few things complement plate chargers as well as a gorgeous floral arrangement! Not only does a great floral centerpiece create an overall eye-catching table, but surrounding your chargers with tons of flowers will bring an elegance to your whole design!

Table Accessories 
The tables at your event allow you the perfect opportunity to let your whole vision shine through! Choosing pieces that match your color scheme such as candles, nameplates and table numbers will be great additions along with your gorgeous plate chargers!

Add A Menu
As we’ve mentioned a few times before, adding a menu on top of a plate charger is one of the best ways to highlight them! You can match the menu colors with your plate charger or linens or go with a simple and clean neutral. Any way you decide will look fabulous and will leave your guests knowing what yummy food they’re about to be served!

Photo 1 // Palette of Petals
Photo 2 // Kirstyn Marie Photography

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Waterford Wednesday: Plate Chargers

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Today we thought it’d be fun to chat about one of our very favorite table additions: plate chargers!2014-08-14_0053-879x1024Photo // Macon Photography
Design // Baxter’s Creative Events
weddingplanner018Photo // David Schwartz Photography
Design // Touche Weddings and Events
weddingplanner026Photo // David Schwartz Photography
Design // Jamie Leigh Events

We absolutely love the addition of plate chargers at any event! They really do add that extra “touch” that tables sometimes need. In our experience with working with plate chargers, we’ve found that they are extremely versatile! They can be added to a table adorned with a specialty linen to give off a high end glamorous feel, or be placed on a basic polyester linen to give the table a polished, elegant touch! Including accessories on your tables such as a grogeous floral arrangement, candles, or table numbers is a sure way to enhance plate chargers as well! One of our favorite ways for brides to utilize plate chargers is to include a napkin or menu on top of the charger. This is also a great way to add in your event color! You can match the menu or napkin colors to your plate chargers or just go with a great neutral that will look amazing as well!

Check out the various plate chargers we offer on our Extras page!
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