Waterford Wednesday: Fun Facts

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
We can’t believe that September is right around the corner! With wedding season still in full swing, this week has been a busy one for us as we prep our linens for an exciting Labor Day weekend full of weddings! If you read our blog each Wednesday and Friday, you know that Waterford is all about providing gorgeous linens for events, but today we thought we’d share some more fun facts about our company!

We Ship Linens!
PicMonkey CollageAlthough we are located in Hampton Roads and do most of our events in the area, we ship linens all over the United States for clients! We absolutely love seeing our table linens, runners, overlays, and more transform event after event! From the east coast to the west, our linens have traveled all over!

No Event Is Too Big Or Small!
Whether you are hosting a 300 person wedding, or throwing a more intimate event such as a bridal shower, no event is too big or small for Waterford! We’ve done gorgeous setups for both large and small events and love the way that linens can add something extra to any event!

We Steam!
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Next to providing great quality linens, steaming is one aspect that is very important to our company! We pride ourselves on making sure that every table linen and chair cover looks it’s very best during a setup and that there are no wrinkles in sight! Check out our video on the process that Waterford goes through to steam our linens!

Check back with us on Friday as we feature another one of our linens!
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xo, Waterford!

Steaming To Perfection

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Today we’re talking about a very important aspect of our company: steaming.

Yep, that’s right! Steaming. At Waterford we not only pride ourselves on having the best quality linens, but also making sure that we handle, set up, and present our linens in the best possible way. Thus, steaming is a huge part of our set up process at any event!
Photo Jun 07, 2 58 59 PMAlthough we steam all of our linens to perfection at each event if necessary, our chair covers, being one of our most sought after product, are the things that often need most of our attention. We try to prevent wrinkles from occurring on our chair covers by hanging each individual cover and storing them in bags on racks throughout our warehouse instead of folding them in bins. Even though we take measures to prevent unwanted wrinkles, we know that various circumstances can occur which is why we pride ourselves so heavily on steaming out any and all wrinkles that appear! One of the motto’s we like to remember here at Waterford is: “Act like you are setting up for you wedding day.” All of us agree that the last thing we would want at our wedding are wrinkly chair covers and linens!
steamingblogSince this process really sets us apart, we decided to make another short Cameo video to show you guys exactly how it’s done! Click the link below to check out the process Waterford goes through from putting on our chair covers to steaming!

Steaming At Waterford

We hope you enjoyed another little sneak peek into Waterford!
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xo, Waterford!

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