Top 5 Questions to Get Answered on a Venue Tour

Lots of times when meeting with our couples, we find there are some super important questions that haven’t been answered yet that are all about the venue! When meeting with an event rental company it’s crucial to have some information about what comes with the venue rental. In this blog, we are breaking down the FIVE most important questions to get answered while on a venue tour. This helps you be more prepared as you continue to meet with vendors, especially when coming to us for linen rentals & helps us know a little bit more about what you need from us to complete the wedding of your dreams!

1. What size tables AND quantity come with venue rental & are they in good condition?

Why this is important: knowing the table information helps us tremendously when suggesting the perfect linens for your tables. It allows us to get you an accurate quote with the proper linen sizes and eliminates the guessing game. Don’t forget to make sure you ask about cocktail tables too!!Erika Mills Photography

2. Do they include any linens with venue rental? If so- what colors and are they in good condition?

Why this is important: already knowing if a venue provides linens that you plan to use helps us decide what additional items for your tables you may need. Can we add some overlays, runners, charger plates to those tables to spruce them up & give them the perfect finishing touch, or do we get to start from scratch and pick everything for the table including the linens of your choice!


3. Does this venue include chairs?

Why this is important: knowing if a chair rental is included in your venue could make or break why you choose one spot over another. It also gives you an idea of the vibe and look of your wedding once you have those chairs in your head during the design process. This can also eliminate an additional expense.

4. If the venue offers a space for an outdoor ceremony- can those chairs be used both inside and outside?

Why this is important: this will help you avoid an additional expense that you may not have been expecting. Chair rentals are one of those things you need to lock down ASAP. The sooner you know if an additional chair rental is needed for the outside ceremony space, the better! Plus, some venues only allow folding chairs outside so it’s better to have all that information ahead of time.Leigh Skaggs Photography

5. How early in advance do you have access to the building to set up?

Why this is important: this will help you alleviate some of the stress that comes with the day of the wedding. Knowing when you can get in the building helps us to offer you the best services. If you have a room flip with only an hour of time between ceremony & reception, we 100% recommend having our staff prepped onsite at the end of the ceremony to have additional hands on deck to take care of the linens and/or chairs while the catering team focuses on their thing & so your coordinator can focus on their thing.

We hope all of this tips help you on your next venue tour! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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Simple Steps to Ensure You Have Perfect Place Settings

Welcome back, friends!
We’ve got a fun little post for you today! The whole planning process of an event can be overwhelming with so many different decisions that need to be made, so when we find ways to simplify part of the process, we obviously have to share! Today we’re going to share a few simple ways to ensure you have the perfect place settings at your next event! Creating a visually appealing place setting with a beautiful design that matches the theme of your event is simple to do – here are some of our top suggestions for creating a one of a kind look in your place settings:

Sweat The Small Stuff (No, Really!)
Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: details matter at events! So, in the case of your place settings, it’s actually important to sweat the small stuff, aka the details! Subtle details are often the biggest showstoppers at a table setting, and trust us when we say that your guests will take notice of these small, but significant details!

Keep A Consistent Theme
Dragon Studio

Keeping with your event’s theme is an important piece in perfecting your place settings! Staying true to the theme, whether it be a particular color, pattern or accent piece will ensure that the look of the table as a whole will be consistent. For example, the place setting above was a perfect representation of the “Boho Beach” inspiration that Misty Saves the Day was aiming for!

Layer, Layer, Layer!
Deanna Casey Photography
Layering linens is a fun and easy way to create visually appealing place settings! How adorable is this tropical table setting with the varying patterns from the full length table linen and leaf runner? Oftentimes, people can be nervous using multiple patterns, but if done correctly, it can really be a wow factor for your guests.

Feature A Menu
Caitlin Gerres Photography
We can’t recommend this enough! Whether you choose to place it on top of a charger, fold it in with a napkin or incorporate it in with your centerpiece, featuring a menu is always a plus that will give your overall place setting more visual appeal!

Accent Special Place Settings
Audrey Rose Photography
Making your guests feel welcome is always an important piece of planning an event! Adding a unique accent or personalized touch to their place setting is an excellent way to do so! Anything from a beautifully designed name card or a nice favor will distinguish each individual and leave them feeling appreciated and thought of. We were completely obsessed with these gorgeous name cutouts set on top of our napkins and plate chargers! 

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Waterford Wednesday: Bridal Show Tips

We’re back for another Waterford Wednesday!
Remember a couple weeks ago when we blogged about “Bridal Show Season” and answered a few frequently asked questions? Well, our post was such a hit that we’ve compiled a few more tips and tricks that will really come in handy for all you brides (and grooms!) to be! We are fresh off participating in the Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase and we can’t wait to be a part of many more of the awesome bridal shows Hampton Roads puts on each year, especially our very own A Crystal Clear Vision at Mayapalooza!

Now for some helpful little tips & tricks. . .

Ask Questions!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions…and a lot of them! Oftentimes, people will rush by every booth and not get solid information about services that they still need. Don’t let that be you! Vendors participate in these shows specifically to help YOU and answer any questions you may have…utilize that! Each vendor wants to impress YOU with their knowledge of their particular specialty, which is something you definitely want to take advantage of!

Register Online
Registering online is a great way to not only save some time at the door, but it can also save you a couple dollars! Nearly all bridal shows offer a cheaper price if you register beforehand. Additionally, by registering online, you are able to browse through the event website and you’ll likely be able to see a full list of all of the participating vendors…bonus

Wedding Email
This little tip goes along with our “should I bring anything” frequently asked question. We mentioned that bringing pre-printed labels with your contact information would be so helpful and save you a lot of time. Setting up an email address through a free service such as gmail or yahoo that is specifically for your wedding needs is a great idea as well! It’ll keep you super organized and all of your bridal show information will be sent to one central location!

Look Around!
12507088_955587777811813_2766985313346533345_nYou might be a bit confused on what “look around” means, but just hear us out! Bridal shows can prove to be a little overwhelming and sometimes you might find yourself stopping at different booths, but not actually looking at them. Don’t do this! An important tidbit to remember is that each vendor booth is a direct reflection on the product or service that they offer. For this reason alone, it is important to really look and see how they represent themselves and if it’s consistent with what you want for your big day!

Have A Plan
Finally, like any good wedding coordinator would tell you…have a plan of attack! This one is a pretty simple tip and one that could end up saving you a lot of time! Going into a bridal show you should start navigating towards the vendors that you still need to book for your day. Additionally, you don’t want to spend too much time at a vendor that you’ve either already booked or have no interest in booking. Free samples aren’t worth your precious time ladies!

We hope these few extra bridal show tips were helpful! Check back in with us this Feature Friday for a full list of our current A Crystal Clear Vision sponsors and participants!
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Waterford Wednesday: Random Tips Part 2

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Wow, we can’t believe it’s already March! Spring {and hopefully some warmer weather} is right around the corner and we can’t wait! February flew by and we’ve been super busy getting everything in order for our Crystal Clear Vision event at the end of the month. Last week, we posted some random tips about the linen rental process and today we are back for part 2! The event planning process can become extremely stressful, so why not have some helpful tips when diving into the planning?!

Don’t Forget Essential Linens!
We see this happen time and time again! Brides are so excited about the linen choices they have picked out for their receptions that they completely forget to include themselves in the guest count! There would be nothing worse than getting to your reception only to realize you forgot to rent chair covers and sashes for yourself! Table linens for the DJ or photo booth props are often overlooked as well. Make sure you are aware of all tables and chairs {even extra} that need to be covered so everything looks cohesive!

Triple Check Table Sizes!Size60RTC2We’ve worked with many of the venues around Hampton Roads, so we are pretty familiar with the table sizes that each offer, but it’s always a good idea to check and make sure the table sizes you have rented linens for is correct. Ordering the incorrect table linen size could be the difference between having full length linens that reach the floor, or a linen that shows clear under the table.

Keep An Open Mind!
When we host our appointments with potential clients, we treat it as a design style meeting. We are really interested in helping you create your dream vision as far as linens are concerned. While it is important to make sure your event reflects exactly what you want, we have extensive experience and ideas based on trends and looks that we know to look beautiful. Keeping an open mind could result in choosing linens that you may not have considered, but end up being the perfect balance you were looking for! Our Crystal Clear Vision show is an excellent opportunity to gain ideas that you may not have thought of!

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Waterford Wednesday: Random Tips

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
This past Sunday was the amazing VOW Bridal Event and we had such a fun time meeting so many new brides! We always love being a part of the VOW show and this year was extra special, as we got to be part of a creative booth design with Botanique Events, MorLina Events, SnapQube, and Dustin Lewis Images!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve done a few different posts on various tips and tricks that can make the whole wedding planning process go a little smoother. From creating the perfect table setting to maximizing your time at a bridal show, we hope these little tidbits have helped! This week, we have a few random tips that will make the linen rental process more effective!

Rent Extra Napkins
If you plan on using napkins at your event. . .always rent extra! We can’t recommend this tip enough! Oftentimes, it’s hard to get an exact guest count, so when renting a linen that requires one for each person, it’s very important that there are plenty of extra. Even if you are confident that you have a solid guest count, renting extra napkins is never a bad idea, you never know when an extra one will be requested!

Don’t Wait To Rent!
Even if you don’t have all of your RSVPs in, it’s a smart idea to rent your linens early in the wedding planning process! Placing an initial order for a higher amount will guarantee the availability of linens on your day. The vast majority of rental companies will allow you to change your order with no penalty up to a couple weeks before the event, which means if you need to drop a table linen or two, it will be no problem! However, if you need to add a few table linens at the last minute. . .there’s a chance there won’t be enough in stock. You don’t want the stress of that!

Work With The Floral Designer
An important aspect of planning an event is participation between your floral designer and your linen provider. This critical relationship can make or break the overall aesthetic of your event! You want your floral arrangement to compliment and enhance your table linen design. You don’t want to have a floral design that doesn’t reflect the elaborate or elegant table you had in mind!

Photo 1 // Caitlin Gerres Photography
Photo 2 // David Schwartz Photography Table Design // Baxter’s Creative Events

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Waterford Wednesday: Bridal Show Tips

Happy Waterford Wednesday friends!
A few weeks ago we talked about late fall/wintertime being our busy booking season, and today we’re going to give some tips on a large aspect of booking season: bridal shows! Not only are bridal shows beneficial for brides/grooms, but they are a great opportunity for us, event companies, to give out information and ideas! We’ve been a part of A TON of bridal shows, and even hosted our own, so today is all about just a few tips that we think will be useful the next time you attend a show!
Photo Feb 23, 10 36 05 AMWaterford at the 2014 VOW Bridal Event

Be Prepared
Preparation is key! Attending bridal shows isn’t supposed to be stressful, but it can certainly become overwhelming with the amount of information/vendors present. Many businesses will have information sign up sheets that require you to fill out some basic information, so doing something as simple as printing out labels with your name, wedding date/venue, & email address will save you the stress of having to fill out that information multiple times by hand!

Check It All Out
The whole idea of a bridal show is to give you ideas for your big day, so scoping out all of the vendors is an absolute must! During these shows, many vendors will offer awesome promotional opportunities specifically for the bridal show attendees, so you don’t want to miss out on that!

Ask Questions
Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Oftentimes, people will rush by every booth and not get solid information about services that they still need. Don’t let that be you! Vendors participate in these shows specifically to help you and answer any questions you may have, utilize that!

Last but not least, ENJOY! A bridal show is just another step in the fun planning process, so soak it all up!

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Waterford Wednesday: Creating The Perfect Table

Happy Fall Everyone!!
We are so excited that Fall is here and that cooler weather is upon us. Although “wedding season” is coming to a close, we are ready for a busy October full of events! As we get closer to the new year, we’ve had so many new brides and clients contact us for their events in 2015, and we thought it’d be the perfect time to share some of our ideas on how to create the perfect table.

Pick A Color Scheme
Picking a color scheme is one of the most important pieces of creating a perfect table! Deciding on bright, neutral, or cool colors is key in creating the perfect table for your particular event. Finding colors that balance one another out without being overwhelming is exactly what is needed for your table!

Table Cloths First!P Town - White
Table cloths are the base of your table, so choosing a linen that fits perfectly is crucial! By this point, your color scheme will have been decided, so choosing between a neutral ivory or a bold colored linen should be easy! Always choose a table cloth that will fit nice with each linen placed on top!

Add Runners/Overlays/Napkins
weddingplanner011Design // Hannah Hildebrandt Events Photo // David Schwartz Photography
When it comes to adding extra linens to event tables, we take the “more is more” approach! Instead of just adding a runner, why not throw in some bold napkins as well? Adding a runner, overlay, or napkin will add that extra touch that will balance out your table!

Pick Table Accessories
Design // Baxter’s Creative Events Photo // David Schwartz Photography
Last but not least, you can pick out your table decorations that will complete the overall table design! Gorgeous flowers, centerpieces, and candles will be the final step to creating that overall perfect table!

We hope these simple steps to creating the perfect table help you out as you plan your next amazing event!
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xo, Waterford!

Waterford Wednesday: Tips and Tricks

Our favorite day of the week is back again, Waterford Wednesday!
We’ve been so eager to share today’s post with everyone because it’s all about some basic tips and tricks for utilizing linens in the best possible way. Let’s be honest, linens liven everything up, and with some of the suggestions and pointers we’re about to mention, any event that you’re planning is sure to be elevated!

1. Invest in linens!
Photo// Torrance Saunders Photography
Our biggest piece of advice. . .make linens a priority when planning your special event! Don’t let them become overshadowed or an afterthought! After all, they are the foundation of your tables and provide you with various colors and textures to set the tone for your event.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!
0023_IMG_8248Consulting // Vivid Expressions LLC.  Photo // DCPG Photography
We love a basic white or ivory linen just as much as the next person, but throw a speciality linen on a table and we swoon! It’s true, speciality linens are more expensive, but totally worth it in the long run. Think about how many photos will be taken of your cake table or sweetheart table. You definitely want a fabulous sequin linen or rosette linen to add that extra “pop” to these special tables! Since these particular tables are often the most prominent, they deserve to stand out a little!

3. Choose linens that compliment your event
Unless you’re in the wedding or event industry, you may not know the various fabric choices that are available. Believe it or not, the different fabric types can elevate or better explain the concept of your event. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you the scoop on some of our most popular choices!
Polyester – durable & crisp
Satin – romantic & elegant
Organza – delicate & sheer
Pintuck – unique & stylish

4. Know your table sizes!
MORE 8.3 (830)
Planner // Baxter’s Creative Events
One of the most important tips we can offer is to know the various sizes of your tables! There are many different styles and sizes of tables and an equal amount of linens to match. Sure, you could throw any size linen on a table and call it a day, but knowing the exact size ensures that you order the linen that will look and fit the very best.
Waterford tip: We’ve found that varying table sizes actually makes for the illusion of a larger space!

5. Utilize your resources!
Finally, our last tip of the day. . .utilize all of the amazing resources around you! When you visit your wedding vendors, use their expertise and connections. Trust us, they have a lot of opinions and experience with many businesses and love steering you in the right direction!

That’s it for our inside tips and tricks! See you Friday for our next Feature Friday, we can’t wait!
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xo, Waterford! 

experience the Waterford Way!