Waterford Wednesday: March’s Employee Spotlight

Our Waterford gals ALWAYS give 110% in all that they do.  Whether it’s steaming our linens, setting up chairs, or ensuring our clients are pleased with their rentals, our Event Staff are diligent and enthusiastic in getting any job done.  One gal, in particular, who leads many of our weekend set-ups is Megan Thompson, our March’s Employee of the Month!  Because of her relentless desire to do everything with excellence as well as build strong rapport with our clients week after week, WER has unanimously decided to nominate her for this employee spotlight.  Honestly, what would we do without her?

Photography:  Sandra Leigh

Serving as one of our two Lead Event Staff, she knows all of the “in’s and out’s” of our weekend set-ups and breakdowns.  Since beginning with us a little over two years ago, she has radically grown in her understanding and knowledge of this industry, leading and guiding many newcomers to share in her passion to do everything to perfection.

In case you haven’t had an opportunity to meet Megan during one of our set-ups or breakdowns, here she is, front and center, for y’all to get to know:

What drew you to WER originally?

“I’ve always had a love for event planning, being in the “hands-on” part of the process for putting on an event.  Every nitty-gritty detail is essential in making an idea become a reality!”

What is your fav part about working for WER?

“The best part about working for WER is getting to spend the weekends with my amazing coworkers!  I wouldn’t want to spend my Saturdays and Sundays with anyone else because they’ve become part of my FAMILY!”

How has WER changed since you started working there?

“Being with WER for over two years now, I’ve seen fellow coworkers finish college and start new careers, constant growth in wedding trends as well as in our inventory.  But, most importantly, I’ve seen WER really take off to truly become a leader in the Hampton Roads’ Event Planning Industry!  It’s such a honor to work for Alyse, who inspires and mentors us gals to be the best versions of ourselves and to work wholeheartedly in all that we do.”

What is your fav product and/or linen at WER?

“My fav linen is the Vintage Floral Lace!”  Take a look for yourself below and see why it’s Megan’s fav:

Photography:  Audrey Rose

What are three words to describe WER?

“Detail-oriented, lots of bows, and F-U-N!”  WER seeks to build connections within our community as well as with our staff.  “The #waterfordbabes (as Megan likes to call us gals) seek to distinguish themselves from the pact, by fostering relationships with the clients at each set-up or breakdown while all the while rocking it in our teal blue Converse.”

Photography:  Dragon Studio

What advice do you have for prospective candidates who want to work for WER?

“Be ready to work and move fast to ensure each job is done right!  Beyond bringing your “A-game” each day, it’s truly important to just have FUN when coming to work.  With the staff being like family to me, it’s so easy to enjoy each set-up and breakdown.  Trust me, you’re gonna LOVE it here at WER!”

Let’s all send a special shout-out to Megan for being such a hard-working and faithful employee since she joined our team over two years ago!  Congrats Megan on a job well done and for being WER’s Employee of the Month for March!

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Waterford Wednesday: Falling For Lace

Happy Fall, y’all!
We know that fall doesn’t technically arrive until tomorrow, but we’ve been in the spirit since September started! As summer comes to a close, we are more than excited to see the shift in weddings that fall will bring. We’re dreaming of burlap, deeper colors, and of course. . .more lace! Lace is a fabric that transitions so seamlessly from season to season, and it has been a huge trend this year. We’ve added so many beautiful lace linens to our inventory and we can’t wait to see them transitioned from event to event! Check out some of our favorite lace pictures from the year so far:Demi&Brandon_Reception-0005Elizabeth Henson Photos – Vintage Floral LaceView More: http://audreyrosephotography.pass.us/briannaandshawnAudrey Rose Photography – Vintage Floral Laceunspecified-10Amanda Manupella Photography  – Ivory Victorian Lace Runner
unspecified-4Amanda Hedgepeth Photography – Blsuh Floral Lace OverlayAndrew-and-Tianna-for-Botanique-Events-03Andrew & Tianna Photography – Black Vintage Floral Lace

See what we mean about Lace being so versatile?! Lace is such a sophisticated style of fabric that it can really be utilized in some way, no matter what your theme is (evidenced by the varying pictures above!) Whether it’s a romantic tablescape, or a rustic/antique style design, you can’t go wrong with Lace! We love that Lace is an essentially see-through fabric, so it doesn’t restrict you to only using lighter colors that match perfectly…it’s so easy to play around with different colors and fabrics underneath! Lace linens, with their classic and timeless appeal will always be a favorite here at Waterford!

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Feature Friday: Vintage Floral Lace

It’s Feature Friday!
We’ve got another gorgeous specialty linen to show you all!

Vintage Floral LaceAndrew-and-Tianna-for-Botanique-Events-03Andrew-and-Tianna-for-Botanique-Events-07Andrew-and-Tianna-for-Botanique-Events-27

We love our Vintage Floral Lace specialty linen! This linen is the perfect way to bring a romantic touch to any table! Botanique Events did a fabulous job creating a bold and beautiful table design at our Crystal Clear Vision event by placing a red satin linen under the Vintage Floral Lace. The black design in the lace mixed with the pop of red compliment each other so well! This linen could definitely be transitioned to many different seasons by placing a different colored linen underneath it!

Photo 1: Andrew & Tianna Photography

Check back with us each week as we showcase new linens and products that are perfect for all events, and keep an eye on our Speciality Linens page to see all of our great linens in one location!
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