Why Renting Is Better!

We’re back again for Waterford Wednesday!
Fall season has officially kicked off, looks like this cooler weather might be here to stay. With fall in full effect and holiday season right around the corner, we thought today was the perfect time to discuss why renting linens is a better option compared to buying them yourself. We’re here to break down some of the top reasons for you!

Quality & Convenience
Christy Nicole Photography

In our expert opinion, quality & convenience are the most important priorities when you’re investing in linens for your big day! You don’t want to end up with linens that you bought for cheap to come in with very thin fabric and low thread count that you then have to lug around and set up yourself. This is supposed to be your special day…you don’t want to stress over placing a table linen perfectly! A rental company will ensure you have excellent quality linens at an affordable rental price as well as provide the option of delivery, setup & breakdown services.

Katie Nesbitt Photography

One of the perks of renting linens compared to buying is the hands on assistance you will receive during the entire process. At Waterford, we hold a design meeting with each of our clients which helps in assuring you are renting the correct size linens to fit your tables. This service is basically like having your own personal Linen Coordinator! You won’t receive this type of service when renting from a random website. You will appreciate this extra help, especially if you’re having different sized tables throughout your event!

Ironing Expense
Luke & Ashley Photography

A HUGE incentive to rent linens rather than buying comes in the form of ironing. If you choose to buy, you run the high risk of your linens being delivered in very small packages which makes the process of ironing out all the wrinkles extremely tedious. At Waterford, we use a laundering facility that is equipped with extremely large industrial pressing machines so the task of ironing linens is not another worry that is added to your list!

Audrey Rose Photography
One of the biggest reasons we believe renting is more effective compared to buying is the ability to actually see the linens in person before receiving them the day of. When you go into a business to rent linens you are presented with the opportunity to personally view the items and ensure the style, texture, and colors are exactly what you want! This becomes extremely important, especially if the colors you are looking for are very specific. The risk of a potentially mismatched color scheme is not something you want to stress about on your big day!

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Waterford Wednesday: Perfecting Your Place Settings

It’s Waterford Wednesday!
We’ve got a fun post today on a few simple tips that will ensure you have the perfect place settings at your next event! Whether you’re planning a wedding or any other special occasion, if the event features a meal, a place setting will be required. A place setting can be so much more than just a plate with some silverware around it; creating a visually appealing setting with a beautiful design that matches the theme of your event is simple to do! Here are some of our top suggestions for creating a one of a kind look in your place settings:

Keep A Consistent Theme
Echard Wheeler Photography

Keeping with your event’s theme is an important piece in perfecting your place settings! Staying true to the theme, whether it be a particular color, pattern or accent piece will ensure that the look of the table as a whole will be consistent and a true representation of your event. For example, the place setting above was a perfect representation of the The Great Gatsby inspiration that the styled shoot was aiming for! The theme of your event can easily be shown through the plate chargers, napkins, and even the font of the menu that you choose!

Feature A Menu
Photography: Jessica Ryan Photography | Table Design: Fluttering Flowers | Linens: Waterford Event Rentals
We can’t recommend this tip enough! Including a menu in your place setting will not only allow your guests to preview the meal that will be served (which they will totally appreciate!), but it also gives you the opportunity to get creative in the way you present the menu. Whether you choose to place it on top of a charger, fold it in with a napkin or incorporate it in with your centerpiece, featuring a menu is always a plus that will give your overall place setting more visual appeal!

Accent Special Place SettingsJessica Ryan Photography | Golden Luxe EventsTable Design: Vivid Expressions | Linens: Waterford Event Rentals | Photography: Katie Nesbitt Photography 

Making your guests feel welcome is always an important piece of planning an event! Adding a unique accent or personalized touch to their place setting is an excellent way to do so! Anything from a beautifully designed name card or a nice favor will distinguish each individual and leave them feeling appreciated and thought of. Emily Wedding’s place settings at A Crystal Clear Vision tied in with her theme perfectly and had so many little thoughtful elements that anyone would have loved to be a guest at her event!

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Add Some Texture to Your Tables

When planning your wedding and looking at all things Pinterest, you find that the possibilities are endless and you can really make your wedding from start to finish a perfect reflection of you. Many times we see that brides come in thinking that they want one thing, but end up going with a design completely different than what they even thought was possible. We love being able to help you think outside of the box and contributing to your amazing wedding ideas that are sure to be nothing like the rest!


We have talked about this one before, but velvet is HOT HOT HOT. While you may not be a fan of this for your guest tables, it’s sure to be the perfect addition for the cake table, cocktails, or even as your napkins. Take a look below and see if these photos get you on team velvet too!!Table Design: Rusty Cottage Vintage RentalsTable Design: Indie and Ivory | Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography


Lots of times our couples like the idea of adding a little extra to some of the guest tables or the bridal party tables. Keeping it simple with the linens but adding some lace or sequins is sure to take those tables to the next level. Sometimes every other table gets an overlay, or maybe you want to do your head table. One of our favorite tables of course to show off is the Sweetheart table- because hey you’re the topic of conversation all night!David Champagne PhotographyTable Design & Floral : Touche Event Design & Production | Photography: Kelsey Walne Photography


Sometimes, we get the opportunity to step even more out of the box when we have a client tell us they’re looking to add some type of pattern into their reception space. Of course we can do that in almost every way imaginable. Most common places we see to add some pattern is on the cocktail tables, in the napkin choice, or sometimes on all the guest tables! Either way we are a sucker for some custom ideas and patterns. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, we got your back!Table Design: Chef By Design Catering | Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography
Photography: Luke & Ashley Photography | Coordination: Wedding Co. of Williamsburg

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to help plan your beautiful big day. Email us at info@waterfordeventrentals.com or call us at 757-448-5999.

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A Note to 2021 Couples

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!! Can you believe that it’s already August 2020?! This year is FLYING by. As most of you know, we are located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and still being effected considerably by COVID-19. While we are gearing up for a VERY busy fall all the way through December, we can’t help but wonder what Spring 2021 is going to look like. If you’re a couple getting married in 2021 then this blog is for you.

We wanted to take the time to acknowledge that COVID and the restrictions that come along with it are still playing a vital role in the wedding and events industry. Not only does this affect the biggest day of your life, but from a company in the event industry it is affecting us and hundreds of our clients’ biggest day of their lives. Since the restrictions have been lifted we did okay being “normal” for maybe a month or so….. Now, the executive order put into place at the end of July has caused us to rethink this whole normal thing. With that being said, couples of 2021 here are some reasons you NEED to keep PLANNING.


If you’re getting married in 2021, maybe this was your original date…. But for a lot of our couples this is their “new” wedding date. So if this is your original date, how do all of these rescheduled events affect you and your ability to book your dream vendors? Well- these reschedules play a huge role in the availably of top vendors across the board: lighting, photographers, venues, caterers, florists all are in the predicament to continue booking new clients while fulfilling a commitment to what we thought were our 2020 brides. We can ONLY speak for Waterford Event Rentals, but we are doing everything in our power to accommodate and be consistent with our efforts during this time of uncertainty.


Let’s say you have still been planning, getting out visiting venues and vendors then you’re already on track. The next important thing is to secure the vendors of your choice. How do you do that? More often than not that is through some type of deposit which is specific to each vendor.


Another piece of information we thought that could be helpful for you getting details squared away was to inform you of a few of the trends we have been seeing with regards to linen rentals.

  1. Significant reduction of guest counts- we all know this is happening, and although it is a HUGE disappointment, for couples sticking through the pandemic for their original date choice, this is a trend that we are seeing going through more often than you might think.
  2. What does having a reduced guest count mean for the look of your reception space? Being able to significantly reduce the size of your wedding means that you might have a little extra money in the budget to play around with a few higher quality linen options you may not have been able to consider before. What we mean by this is maybe this is the chance for you to add the chiavari chairs you desperately wanted or maybe it’s adding a specialty linen to those cocktail tables? There are so many options and ways to transform your reception space to the best of your ability & that’s where we come in!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to help plan your beautiful big day. Email us at info@waterfordeventrentals.com or call us at 757-448-5999.

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Bold Linens

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
As we sit here hoping that our beautiful summer and fall weddings get to happen we thought about the amazing tables you can incorporate to your reception space! At many of the events we are a part of, most commonly we see the cocktail tables getting used as a super fun linen filled with texture, color, and personality. We’re here to tell you, you can accomplish that look on more than just your cocktail tables. Here’s how!

Guest Tables: Don’t be afraid! If you love some patterns- go all in & use a funky patterned linen that just screams you for those guest tables. If it’s noticeably “you” your guests will appreciate that you went above and beyond to showcase your personality to its fullest extent.
Photography: Dani White Photography

Cake Table: Using a specialty linen can really be a nice added touch for your cake table. At that time of cake cutting all eyes are on the couple which kind of means everyone will be seeing that linen sooner or later. Why not take the time to add a fun colored linen on that table or use a textured linen that can be tied in with other pieces of decor somewhere around the room?Photography: Audrey Rose Photography

Sweetheart Table: Why not deck out that table you’re going to be sitting at for the Best Man Speech or that Maid of Honor Speech? What a great way to elevate the table you and your new husband or wife are sitting at for the night.Photography: David Champagne Photography

Go to our Facebook to sign up for our FREE 2020 The Summer Social Fest- happening exactly one month from today!

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Spring 2020 Hot Trend!

Happy Waterford Wednesday y’all! Today we are talking about one of the most trending items we have been seeing- and we’re not mad about it. This blog is about all things chiffon! Chiffon has been super popular for us this last year and the requests keep growing! These can be used in a few different ways and the color options are endless.

Often, we see chiffon used as a decorative runner that can be bunched, draped, woven through centerpieces for a head table or to add some color to a beautiful wooden farm table.Table Design: Inspired Events by Kelly | Photography: Leigh Skaggs Photography

The runners are so versatile they can even be draped horizontally on the table or at a diagonal. Imagination is key when it comes to adding chiffon into your design.
Table Design: The Twisted Fork | Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Another way to add some chiffon in your life is to add some chiffon sashes to the chairs of your head table! What a beautiful way to make those people closest to you stand out with a chair design like this!Table Design: Big Top Entertainment | Photography: Kirstyn Marie Photography

Looking for some chiffon but want something a little different than the woven look? Yup! We can do that too! These chairs are tied in a 4 corner knot and accented with a beautiful and dainty floral arrangement. This would be PERFECT for a romantic sweetheart table. Don’t you agree?Table Design: Vivd Expressions | Photography: Katie Nesbitt Photography

Another way to incorporate chiffon in a show stopping way- weave the entire back row of your ceremony chairs. This is sure to take the breath away of your guests AND ensure you get wedding photos back that look like this!Photography: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Planning on a fun dessert bar, popcorn bar, or pretzel station?? Adding a colored chiffon runner to that table is a simple way to bring those wedding colors in too.Table Design: Big Top Entertainment | Photography: Kirstyn Marie Photography

It’s pretty obvious why chiffon is one of our favorite linen pieces right?? We weren’t kidding, you can do ANYTHING with them. And the color options are sure to catch your eye. We carry chiffon runners in a multitude of colors including but not limited to: white, ivory, taupe, black, light grey, charcoal, burgundy, hunter green, mustard yellow, coral, navy, dusty blue, dusty rose, mauve, wisteria. Guys I could go on for days!!!

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Top 5 Questions to Get Answered on a Venue Tour

Lots of times when meeting with our couples, we find there are some super important questions that haven’t been answered yet that are all about the venue! When meeting with an event rental company it’s crucial to have some information about what comes with the venue rental. In this blog, we are breaking down the FIVE most important questions to get answered while on a venue tour. This helps you be more prepared as you continue to meet with vendors, especially when coming to us for linen rentals & helps us know a little bit more about what you need from us to complete the wedding of your dreams!

1. What size tables AND quantity come with venue rental & are they in good condition?

Why this is important: knowing the table information helps us tremendously when suggesting the perfect linens for your tables. It allows us to get you an accurate quote with the proper linen sizes and eliminates the guessing game. Don’t forget to make sure you ask about cocktail tables too!!Erika Mills Photography

2. Do they include any linens with venue rental? If so- what colors and are they in good condition?

Why this is important: already knowing if a venue provides linens that you plan to use helps us decide what additional items for your tables you may need. Can we add some overlays, runners, charger plates to those tables to spruce them up & give them the perfect finishing touch, or do we get to start from scratch and pick everything for the table including the linens of your choice!


3. Does this venue include chairs?

Why this is important: knowing if a chair rental is included in your venue could make or break why you choose one spot over another. It also gives you an idea of the vibe and look of your wedding once you have those chairs in your head during the design process. This can also eliminate an additional expense.

4. If the venue offers a space for an outdoor ceremony- can those chairs be used both inside and outside?

Why this is important: this will help you avoid an additional expense that you may not have been expecting. Chair rentals are one of those things you need to lock down ASAP. The sooner you know if an additional chair rental is needed for the outside ceremony space, the better! Plus, some venues only allow folding chairs outside so it’s better to have all that information ahead of time.Leigh Skaggs Photography

5. How early in advance do you have access to the building to set up?

Why this is important: this will help you alleviate some of the stress that comes with the day of the wedding. Knowing when you can get in the building helps us to offer you the best services. If you have a room flip with only an hour of time between ceremony & reception, we 100% recommend having our staff prepped onsite at the end of the ceremony to have additional hands on deck to take care of the linens and/or chairs while the catering team focuses on their thing & so your coordinator can focus on their thing.

We hope all of this tips help you on your next venue tour! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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A Crystal Clear Vision 2020 Sponsors

We are officially less than TWO WEEKS away from this year’s A Crystal Clear Vision Bridal Expo!! Did we mention we are giving away a FREE. WEDDING. Each year we are so grateful for the area’s best vendors wanting to be a part of the show but we are extra grateful for those that go above and beyond for us as sponsors.

This ahhhmazing show goes off without a hitch thanks to Missy from Antonia Christianson Events. From floor plans, to itineraries, she thinks of everything. We are so lucky to sponsor and co-produce this show with such an incredible lady!Photography: Dragon Studio Photography

Premier sponsors are: Princess Anne Country Club, Big Top Entertainment & Stage Right Lighting Photography: Justin Hankins Photography

Photography: Dragon Studio Photography

Platinum Sponsor: Soirees by LaurenPhotography: Kirstyn Marie Photography

Silver Sponsor: Fluttering FlowersPhotography: Kirstyn Marie Photography

All others sponsors to include:

Studio I Do BridalsPhotography: Dragon Studio Photography

Milk & Honey BridePhotography: Dragon Studio Photography

Music Makes You HappyPhotography: Dragon Studio Photography

PaperDolls Design

Darling & DapperPhotography: Dragon Studio Photography

Noble Vue Media

Dragon Studio PhotographyPhotography: Dragon Studio Photography

Misty Saves the Day

TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE- these will sell out!!! Click here to get yours now. VIP tickets get you DOUBLE entry for the FREE wedding giveaway.

Venue: Festival on 8th | Day of Coordination: Everly After Events | DJ Package: Music Makes You Happy | Photography: Josh Boone Photography| Uplighting: Stage Right Lighting | Wedding Dress: Milk & Honey Bride | Bridesmaid Dresses & Tux Rentals: Studio I Do Bridal | Rentals: Rusty Cottage Vintage Rentals & Styling | Chair & Linen Rentals: Waterford Event Rentals





Fun Colors to Bring Your Reception to Life

Our favorite thing about being a part of so many amazing setups and weddings is seeing just how different and unique each and every bride is. In our area, there are so many venues that every bride gets to transform by bringing out their own personality in their reception. This year we had a beautiful wedding at the Historic Post Office.

Leah brought her reception to life with the use of a deep teal color accompanied by some fun pinks and oranges.A white full length linen was used and paired the teal napkins along with a blush chiffon runner. The teal stands out so well when paired with these romantic colors.The guest tables all had the same beautiful flowers but differed with a smaller romantic centerpiece, or a tall abstract bouquet.We just love the look of these linens with our mahogany chairs. The dark color of the chairs adds such a beautiful contrast.How stunning is this sweetheart table. This might be one of our favorites this year! The colors look like they were meant for each other and add such a lovely touch to this table. Who doesn’t love a good sequin linen and with flowers like this…. YES PLEASE.The cake table also took the main color of the reception with the same teal polyester linen. The wedding cake is beautiful and simple but the few floral additions takes it over the top.Rob & Leah, your wedding was absolutely stunning. We are so grateful you chose us for your linen needs on your big day! Enjoy your first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.

Vendor Shoutouts:

Venue: Historic Post Office | Photography: Terri Baskin Photography | Planning, Design, and Florals: Hearts Content Events | Catering: Montero’s | Linens: Waterford Event Rentals | DJ: DJ Reece | Violinist: Jen Violin | Hair Stylist: Salon Noa | Makeup Artist: The Hair Speaks | Photobooth: Boardwalk Photobooth Co. | Vintage Rentals: Mad Hatter Vintage | Lighting & Draping: Stage Right Lighting | Paper Goods: Paper Dolls Design

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Wonderful Williamsburg Wedding

Back in June we were chosen to help bring an incredible vision to life! Madi and Tanner got married at the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg, then headed to the Williamsburg Inn for their reception. The outcome…. AMAZING.The linens shown here are the elegant silver jacquard which we used for the first time with this wedding! We love the subtle pattern that still makes the reception stand out like no other. The centerpieces were kept simple with a beautiful boa and some flowers and a few candles scattered throughout.We just had to show you a close up of these place settings. I mean how cute are these monogrammed napkins?!? We are OBSESSED. Each guest had their napkin folded hanging off the table to display the bride and groom’s monogram. Such a brilliant touch added to this sophisticated wedding. We also are just loving how the gold on their menu card pairs perfectly with our gold glass beaded chargers.Another close up of the guest tables’ centerpieces that were super simple but added the perfect touch to every table.Ok, this is head table is TO. DIE. FOR. The backdrop included three full walls of greenery with the most beautiful monogram in the center. Notice the flowers used here also match all the tables for the reception which makes us love it even more! This was such a fun wedding to be a part of and we love how the linen choices made Madi’s special day stand out.Wishing these William & Mary grads nothing but the best!

Vendor Shoutouts:

Planner: Wedding Company of Williamsburg | Venue: Williamsburg Inn | Photography: Luke & Ashley Photography | Lighting: Stage Right Lighting | Florals: Flower Cupboard | Linens: Waterford Event Rentals | Chairs & Dance Floor: Big Top Entertainment | Dress: Hayley Paige | Bar Rentals & Decor: Paisley & Jade | Band: New Royals Band | Trolley: Taylor’s Trolleys & Williamsburg Chauffeur & Richmond Trolley | Makeup & Hair: Jennifer Saunders Bridal | Paper Products: Cardinal and Straw | Wood Monogram: Yorkview Design | String Quartet: Jamestown Strings

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