Cake Delights- Yummy!

Cake Delights- Yummy!

Cake Delights just won Wedding Wire’s Bride Choice Award for the third year in a row!

Founded in 2007 by Jessica Steadman, Cake Delights specializes in custom cakes made from scratch from the freshest ingredients. Delicous flavors range from simple vanilla to the more bold cosmopolitan.

Every cake is designed to match each unique client and event.  Using the cake as a blank canvas, the artistry that is put into each one is extraordinary.

For more information visit Cake Delights’ website or their facebook.

Cake Delights Cake Delights Cake Delights Cake Delights Cake Delights Cake Delights Cake Delights

Our Best Promotion Yet

It is becoming more and more popular to have morning weddings. It can save on cost and it is such a cute idea.

I suppose the down side is its over sooner but the up side is you have the rest of the day to celebrate.

If you enjoy breakfast food it is still early enough to impress your guests with a breakfast burrito bar and other breakfast foods. If you’re not a fan of breakfast foods you can do a light lunch.

Ok desserts…..endless opportunities…..

Of course the traditional cake is an option. Buuuuut what about pastries and even a selection of donuts. You can do the icing and sprinkles in your colors.

Annnnd the drinks….we get excited about signature drinks. You can serve mimosas, bloody Mary’s, but any fruity drink will do!

Play with the idea, the options seem never ending.

Visit our facebook page if you  find a great idea and want to share it with us.

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