October Wedding Flashback

With all the craziness that comes with fall wedding season, we were a part of so many incredible weddings! One of the most amazing weddings we have been a part of took place at the Half Moone. Taylor & Tiasha had over 300 guests to celebrate their big day. And the photos from this wedding are TO. DIE. FOR.The ceremony began with over 300 of our gold chiavari chairs in the Vista Room at the Half Moone.This amazing floral archway made it’s debut at the ceremony and was a show stopper for the rest of the night. I mean, do you see this beauty???The bride and groom added white chiavari chairs topped with a four corner knot to make sure they were to stand out at their head table.The head table was kept neutral and really came alive with the beautiful deep pinks in the floral and the milania sequins runner.Guest tables were topped with tropical leaves and stayed consistent with the pinks and reds scattered throughout.Each of the place settings included a gold acrylic charger with a napkin folded across it topped with a name card.Taylor and Tiasha, we thank you for including us in your big day! We had so much fun making this vision come to life and wish you nothing but happiness.

Vendor Shoutouts:

Photography: Dragon Studio Photography | Planning: Antonia Christianson Events | Catering: Cuisine & Co. | Lighting: Stage Right Lighting | Linens: Waterford Event Rentals | DJ: Boardwalk Photo Booth Company | Cinematography: Media Aesthetics | Floral: Palette of Petals | Cake: Silver Spoon Bakery | Cocktail Hour Music: Eclipse Jazz Quartet | Stationary: River City Graphics | Valet: Express Valet | Bridal & Groom Attire: Nazranaa | Hair & Makeup: The Makeup School

This vendor team was off the chain!!

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Waterford Wednesday: Head Table vs. Sweetheart Table

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
When planning a wedding reception, one aspect that brides/grooms need to decide on is – head table vs. sweetheart table. While this may seem like a trivial decision to some, there is often a lot of back and forth on which one to choose, so today we’re here to help you out! We’ve come up with a list of questions to ask yourself that will hopefully steer you toward the right decision for you/your event!

Is intimate time during dinner important to you?
Photo: Jessica Ryan Photography

If enjoying an intimate first dinner with your new spouse is high on your priority list, then having a Sweetheart Table is the best option here! Of course at your wedding there is no such thing as full privacy (everyone came to celebrate you after all!), but having a sweetheart table will remove you from your wedding guests in a small aspect.

Is your wedding party small, medium, or large?
Photo: Echard Wheeler Photography

Depending on the way you answer this question, your decision might be made up for you! In our experience, a moderately sized wedding party makes for a more graceful/organized looking Head Table vs. a larger party. With a larger wedding party there are a lot of considerations you have to think of before agreeing on a Head Table. Will my venue have enough space to accommodate this? Will the group look unified at the head table or just crowded?

Can your whole wedding party be seated together without separation?
Photo: Kelley Stinson Photography

This question is a bit of an extension of the previous one. When thinking about a Head Table you should consider the fact that it is singular, and is intended to be one table, not multiple! So, if your wedding party will fit comfortably without looking disjointed, we say go for it! If the table needs to be scattered or have people left off due to space limitations, it may be a better option to forgo the Head Table option and stick to a nice Sweetheart Table!

Do you want to be the focal point?
Photo: Cynthia Tenney Photography

I mean it is your day after all so it definitely can be ALL about you! If you want all eyes on you a Sweetheart Table is a necessity when it comes to your reception layout. I mean where else would you eyes be with the newlyweds under this GORGEOUS arch? A sweetheart table is also great if you want to incorporate some high-end linens without having to spend a fortune since it will just be on your table and not all of the guest tables!

Whichever table option you choose we know that it will be special for you and your new spouse! Your wedding day will be a whirlwind, so use these questions as a step to make at least one decision easier!

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Waterford Wednesday – Simple Yet Significant

It’s another Waterford Wednesday!

With wedding season in full swing we have had lots of setups each weekend and we couldn’t help but notice how events really are all about the details! Taking the time to really pay attention to the little things really helps to create an extra memorable experience and ensure a cohesive look. One of our favorite, and easiest ways, is with napkins! Napkins are a really nice way to finish off any place setting by keeping things classy with a hint of fun! Whether adding a pop of color or a little texture with a spunky design, napkins are another great example of how the small things are still significant. We’ve gathered a couple of pictures for your daily napkin inspiration!


Photography: Macon Photography

We love how even these Burgundy Polyester add contrast to this all white table design! This place setting gives an easy way to add elegance and color to make any place setting shine!


Photography: Kirstyn Marie Photography

This super sweet table setting goes to show how the small, simple details can make your day extra special for you and your guests! These Dusty Rose Majestic Napkins will be apart of the memories you will cherish forever. Napkins don’t always have to contrast, even matching and blending with the colors of the table they help to tie all of the designs together!


Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography

These Plaid Polyester Napkins add that pop of fun and contrast to these elegant place setting. We love These napkins are the perfect accent to any solid color scheme for any table, to really add that “wow” factor!


Photography: Chelsea Anderson Photography

This pop of pink is sure to sprinkle a little fun onto a table. The contrast from black to pink really shows the details these Fuchsia and White Satin Napkin brings to a table!


Photography: Erika Mills Photography

Without adding a pop of color these Ivory Damask Napkins so how simple things really pull the design together.  Matching the color scheme of the table and the hanging tri-fold really is the cherry on top of these place settings!



Check out all of our inventory by booking an appointment with one of our WER gals by calling us at (757) 448-5999!  We hope to hear from you soon!

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Waterford Wednesday: Wedding Season Inspiration

We’re back for another edition of Waterford Wednesday!
If you missed our post from last week, you HAVE to go check it out to see all of the gorgeous table designs from this year’s A Crystal Clear Vision. All of the participants at the event had such creative and innovative ideas that it made us SO excited for this upcoming wedding season! We know that so many of the design elements that these top planners and florists included in their tables are things that we are going to see this summer. Using A Crystal Clear Vision table designs as our inspiration, we thought we’d highlight some different trends that we hope to see this wedding season!

Patterned Linens
unspecified-45Photographer: Amanda Manupella Photography
Patterned linens are the perfect way to add a unique style and element to your wedding! We had a few different patterned linens make an appearance at A Crystal Clear Vision, and it really made for an overall visually appealing design! Geometric Patterns, just like the Sequin Medallion Overlay that Soirees by Lauren used above, are ones that we particularly love! Patterns are quickly making a statement at weddings in larger capacities such as on guests tables!

Bringing Outdoors In
unspecified-46Photographer: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
The rustic theme is always a favorite during wedding season, but this year we think we’ll see a more “woodsy” design emerge! Emily Weddings, who took home ALL 3 award honors at A Crystal Clear Vision, captured the outdoors to perfection..they literally had a tree inside! There are so many different ways to incorporate the outdoors into your table design whether it be with actual pieces of tree or mossy greenery throughout your florals!

unspecified-47Photographer: Caitlin Gerres Photography
Let’s be honest…will Metallics ever not be on trend?! Metallic linens have some serious staying power and are a trend that we think is going to be around for awhile. This wedding season we anticipate Metallics changing a tiny bit as far as colors go. Instead of just sticking with the standard gold and silver, we will probably see some colorful metallics make an appearance, like our Aqua Sequins that East Beach Catering and Event Planning used!

Texture & Layering
unspecified-48Photographer: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Textured linens add such an eye-catching appeal to a table, but adding in multiple layers brings the design to a whole new level! Botanique Events utilized 3 of our linens: Blush Petal, Champagne Satin & a Blush Floral Lace Overlay to create the perfect textured and layered look! We absolutely loved this concept and hope many brides use this creative design trend!

Don’t forget to check back with us these next couple of weeks for our Feature Friday posts where we will be detailing the various linens that each designer used on their A Crystal Clear Vision table!

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The Woman’s Club Of Portsmouth

Today, we are so excited to feature one of our very favorite venues to work with, The Woman’s Club of Portsmouth!
Photo // Beth Hamilton Photography

Deemed as a “Premiere Wedding Destination,” The Woman’s Club offers one of the most beautiful ballrooms for a wedding or any type of reception/event, as well as an outdoor area that is perfect for a ceremony. Having produced and accommodated hundreds of weddings over the 80 years in Portsmouth, The Woman’s Club is a top venue in the minds of brides and vendors alike!

The ballroom, where our linens spend most of their time, has just recently been renovated and expanded and is topped off by the most gorgeous chandeliers. The room, which can seat 250 comfortably is accentuated by the grand high ceilings that make the room seem even bigger than it already is!ptownphotoshootPhoto // Will King Photography 
Floral // Kelly Gish Floral Designs
Catering // Creative Catering of Virginia

Lace OverlaysPhoto // Sharon Elizabeth Photography
Floral // Kelly Gish Floral Designs

After working so closely with The Woman’s Club of Portsmouth over the years, and really loving their venue and staff, Waterford recently decided to partner with them on something big! This past April we purchased beautiful white resin chairs that we are storing at The Woman’s Club and renting out to their brides! As we’ve said before, we love these chairs and really think that they bring such a classic, clean look to any event!
10262181_792444394101741_4974816184336793457_n Photo  // Justin Hankins Photography

We can’t wait to see The Women’s Club of Portsmouth transform this wedding season with our linens and white chairs! To learn more about this awesome venue, don’t forget to visit their website.

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Waterford Wednesday: Petal Linen

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
We are fresh off one of our busiest weeks and weekends ever and we are gearing up for another crazy event-filled weekend! Did we mention how much we LOVE wedding season? Seriously, the hustle and bustle of the planning and prepping involved to make each and every individual event special and flawless is right up our alley!
Since the weather has been gorgeous and has basically skipped over spring right into summer, we thought we’d feature one of our favorite linens that pairs beautifully with warm weather!

Ivory PetalPhoto // Jodi Miller Photography

Our Petal Linen has become a favorite of many of the Waterford girls and brides alike! This linen (in ivory above!) is such a gorgeous addition to any event and if we’ve learned anything about the event industry, it’s that details matter! It’s crazy how this Petal Linen can transform a cake table into a beautiful display or accentuate a sweetheart table, but we’ve seen it happen time and time again. It never fails, this linen makes a statement and looks exquisite while doing so!

Photo // Will Hawkins Photography

The Petal Linen comes in a variety of colors, but white is one that we see used constantly! As we mentioned last week, white is a popular neutral for summer and looks so crisp against bright or bold colors. The petal detail on this linen brings a basic white linen to the next level and is sure to leave an impression! Add a bright napkin or flower centerpiece to this linen and you just can’t go wrong!

We’ve seen how brides have utilized this linen for their winter weddings and we can’t wait to see how this linen is incorporated with spring and summer touches!

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Waterford Wednesday: Trends We Love

We can’t believe it’s already that time of the week again to share some of our favorite things with you! As we gear up for our busiest week/weekend yet (literally!) we thought we’d highlight 2 particular trends that we are LOVING this wedding season.
Since the Met Gala was two nights ago, we couldn’t resist pairing these trends with some fashion as well. . .we definitely can’t let these designer dresses go to waste!

Emma Stone // E! Online via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
Colored Napkins & Chevron Runner // Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

We completely fell in love with Emma Stone in two different hue’s of pink! We’ve been seeing two-toned style A LOT this season, especially with napkins, and we can’t deny that we are huge fans! Often times people think that their linens need to be super uniformed and match, but having two different colored napkins really brings a guest table to life and is an awesome way to incorporate your wedding colors without having to go with full table linens. We just adore the spring “pop” the napkins pictured above provide, and the inclusion of a table runner pulls the whole look together beautifully!

PicMonkey Collage.png Photos:
Victoria Beckham // E! Online via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
Chair Image // Jen + Ashley Photography

Fresh, crisp, and elegant. These were our exact thoughts when we saw Victoria Beckham walk the red carpet in this amazing white gown. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good chair cover and sash, but we are equally as smitten with our white chairs that we provide through The Woman’s Club of Portsmouth. White is the ultimate neutral, and we’ve seen so many bride’s utilize our chairs to bring their big day to the next level. Our chairs present the fresh, crisp, elegance that drew us to Victoria’s dress as well as provide such a graceful and stylish setting for a ceremony or reception. Of course, these chairs could easily be dressed up with a gorgeous satin or organza sash, but in this case, we are loving them plain!

We’re so excited to see these two particular trends evolve this wedding season and see how each individual bride puts their own twist on them!

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Waterford Wednesday!

Happy Waterford Wednesday!

We are SO pumped to be back on our blogging game and we can’t wait to keep everyone updated on the crazy and exciting happenings of Waterford! Whether or not you’re in the market for some amazing linens (which you totally should be!), trust us when we say that you’ll enjoy the weekly posts that we have planned!

Although spring has technically been here for about a month, it has definitely sprung in the past week and we are enjoying this gorgeous weather as we gear up for the busy summer ahead of us. In our world, we don’t have summer. . .we have wedding season. You know, the late spring and warm summer months where brides take advantage of the beautiful weather to get hitched? Yep, that’s when our crazy multiple events a day, extreme sash tying, precision linen laying, and everything in between really comes into play! As we (hopefully!) say goodbye to the cold, we’re at the top of our game, fully staffed with an amazing boss and group of girls, and moving full steam ahead as we take on our busiest event season since Waterford started. Thanks to the experience we got with our winter brides we couldn’t be more prepared for the exciting season ahead of us and we can’t wait to share each step of the way with you!

While you’ll get to hear about what we’ll be up to this summer in real time, we want to catch everyone up on 2 fun events that Waterford was involved in over the past couple of months!

VOW Bridal Show

Photo Feb 23, 10 36 05 AMDuring the winter, we are always thrilled to get creative and participate in the VOW Bridal Show! While we engage in many bridal shows throughout the year, we were so excited about the VOW show and seeing the amazing “Waterford Candyshop” we created, with the help of Alisa of Botanique Events, come to life! We ended up taking home the top awards from the show: Best in Show & People’s Choice Awards. We were so honored to receive these awards and really enjoyed getting to meet and work with so many new brides!

A Crystal Clear Vision10003493_634394106613623_1919536724_nPhoto Courtesy of Dragon Photo Studio

A Crystal Clear Vision was our very first experience in hosting a bridal event! The event, a tabletop style, featured some of the best designers, wedding planners, and florists in the area showing off different reception style settings for bride’s viewing pleasure. We couldn’t have anticipated the immense amount of support we received and we can’t wait for our show to be featured in the spring/summer edition of the The Wedding Planner Magazine. You’ll have to check back when the issue comes out as we will be sharing tons of pictures and featuring all of the amazing designers that were a part of our special day! We are so blessed to be able to work with such amazing, talented professionals and we owe a huge thank you to Cedrick Harris with The Wedding Corner, Stage Right Lighting, Dragon Photo Studio, David Schwartz Photography, and the Double Tree of Virginia Beach for sponsoring our show!

So, now that you have a little peak into our world, we hope you’ll come back and join us every Wednesday as we update you on all things Waterford! Until then, keep up with us daily on
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