Waterford Wednesday: Champagne Sequins Linen

Happy Waterford Wednesday friends!

A Crystal Clear 2019 (CC 2019) made it’s annual debut on Sunday and we couldn’t have been more thrilled with how the entire event went!  From the choice of linens used by each vendor to even the small touches of personality that were present throughout, it was one for the books to say the least!  We hope you were there for our biggest show of the year.

If you unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to join us for CC 2019, we want to share with you this week on our Linen Spotlight one of our most used linens, which also happened to be featured on Sunday.  Our Champagne Sequins linen truly is a breathtaking yet classic choice for a necessary “wow” factor to be added to your event.  Check it out for yourself below:

All Photography : Erika Mills Photography

From table runners, to floor length table linens and even napkins, we can definitely fulfill your sequin needs with this special linen!  Specifically, this bright, metallic linen can be featured year-round, highlighting any special table at your event (i.e. your Sweetheart Table) or better yet, every table!  The options and combinations are almost limitless with our Champagne Sequins.  If you might be questioning such a bold choice of linen, think no further than pairing it with a soft overlay and greenery, as pictured above.  This will dial down the radiance but yet still add some uniqueness to your chosen tables.

Where would you use our Champagne Sequin linen at:  Wedding?  Birthday extravaganza? Gala event?

Share with us your ideas in our comments section below!


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xo, Waterford!

Steaming To Perfection

Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Today we’re talking about a very important aspect of our company: steaming.

Yep, that’s right! Steaming. At Waterford we not only pride ourselves on having the best quality linens, but also making sure that we handle, set up, and present our linens in the best possible way. Thus, steaming is a huge part of our set up process at any event!
Photo Jun 07, 2 58 59 PMAlthough we steam all of our linens to perfection at each event if necessary, our chair covers, being one of our most sought after product, are the things that often need most of our attention. We try to prevent wrinkles from occurring on our chair covers by hanging each individual cover and storing them in bags on racks throughout our warehouse instead of folding them in bins. Even though we take measures to prevent unwanted wrinkles, we know that various circumstances can occur which is why we pride ourselves so heavily on steaming out any and all wrinkles that appear! One of the motto’s we like to remember here at Waterford is: “Act like you are setting up for you wedding day.” All of us agree that the last thing we would want at our wedding are wrinkly chair covers and linens!
steamingblogSince this process really sets us apart, we decided to make another short Cameo video to show you guys exactly how it’s done! Click the link below to check out the process Waterford goes through from putting on our chair covers to steaming!

Steaming At Waterford

We hope you enjoyed another little sneak peek into Waterford!
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xo, Waterford!

Congrats Brittany & Shaun Hardine

Waterford Event Rentals got to mix work & play last weekend at the Thrasher/Hardine wedding. Brittany & Shaun are some of our closest friends, so naturally we made sure W.E.R. had a presence at their beautiful wedding at The Lesner Inn. The bride and groom decided upon tiffany blue sashes around the wood chiavari chairs, burlap runners on the tables, and organza sashes down the chairs of the aisle. With the help of wedding planner, Whitney with Wildflower Weddings, the spring/Easter wedding came together very nicely.

We were thrilled to help out with the linens, but had the most fun dancing to D.J. Danny Gray’s (from Astro Entertainment) wonderful music selection. Friends and family had a blast as they celebrated the marriage of Shaun & Brittany Hardine!!

Thank you C.N. Gray Photography for letting us share some of your amazing pictures.

brittany-shaun-1 brittany-shaun-2 brittany-shaun-3 brittany-shaun-4 brittany-shaun-5 brittany-shaun-6 brittany-shaun-7

Setting Ourselves Apart

We can’t believe it’s been 1 week since we launched our website! We are so excited to have met with six amazing brides! Like we stated in our previous post, we are going to be updating our blog weekly…we have decided to do this on Wednesdays and call it Waterford’s Wedding Wednesdays. These will not be the only posts, but since a great portion of our clients are brides, we want to keep the ideas rolling. If you have any input on the topic, please feel free to leave a comment!

Our first topic for Waterford’s Wedding Wednesdays is the burlap runner. These runners give a great vintage look and keep the table setting clean and crisp. In addition, you can add just about any accent color(s) with it!

Check out the pictures… all burlap runners, all with a similar vintage feel. We also LOVE the clustering of the different flowers, potted plants, and other items as centerpieces. Add green sashes to the chairs and you will definitely impress your guests! We can help provide this look at your wedding/event for only $7.50 a runner.


What do you think?

Alyse & Hollie

Setting Ourselves Apart

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