Waterford Wednesday – Chiavari Chairs

It’s Waterford Wednesday!

If you have been keeping up with our recent posts you know that wedding season is officially upon us! With all of our set ups we have really had time to notice all of the details. There are lots of easy ways to add a little something extra to your event; but, there’s not a more practical way than with chairs! Our chivari chairs are versatile and elegant, they go with any event theme! Here are some examples to get you inspired:


Photography:  Kirstyn Marie Photography

If you are looking for simple yet elegant, chairs are the best way to complement any theme! Just simply having the chivari chairs as part of the decor adds that extra dazzle to an event. These chairs are sure to match any theme and are certainty a great way to spruce up any table designs! Our gold chivari chairs serve as a great complement to this simple, classy color theme!

Sassy Sashes

Photography: Rob Korb Photography

While chivari chairs are gorgeous on their own, it is never a bad to thing to try and make them look extra special! By add this Light Blue Satin Sashes and Four Corner Bow the chairs become extra eye catching. We love this style because it is creative and classy and makes a great addition to your event or wedding decor. Sashes come in an array of colors and there are many ways to tie them around chairs, so they are sure to match any other decorations you have!

Floral Arrangements

Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography

If you don’t want to leave your chairs “plain” another unique way to decorate is with a floral addition! Adding these to any table chairs, or ceremony seating, will make the chairs pop and provide extra spice to the rest of the decor! These chairs will wow your guests and really stick out as beautiful decor!

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1 Product, 3 Ways : Chiavari Chairs

It’s Waterford Wednesday!
Today is a “1 Product, 3 Ways” post all about our chiavari chairs! If you’ve been reading the blog or follow along on social media, you know that we got our beautiful gold chiavari chairs in March, and that we also have white chiavari chairs on site at The Water Table! To say we are OBSESSED with these chairs is a complete understatement, and today we’re excited to show you a few different ways that they can be utilized at your event!

Ceremony Seating3_Portraits_andmoredetails-0048Elizabeth Henson Photos

One of the most popular ways to utilize chiavari chairs is for ceremony seating! Oftentimes, brides are so concerned about their reception area that they forget all about the importance of ceremony seating. Chiavari chairs are an easy way to ensure that your ceremony setup will be uniformed AND beautiful. Plus, the ceremony is a portion of your wedding where a lot of your photos will be taken, so you want nice looking chairs that will give off a polished look in photos!

Reception Seating
Luke & Ashley Photography

There are so many different options when it comes to reception area seating, but chiavari chairs are definitely becoming the most popular choice! They give a classic and overall brighter look to the area as a whole! Chiavari chairs are an excellent option for those that want to use simple linens, yet want their area to feel elegant and upscale!

Chiffon Weave

Chivari chairs are beautiful standing alone, but adding weaved chiffon sashes creates such an elegant and romantic look! The sheer, lightweight fabric of chiffon hangs perfectly on chivari chairs while the weaving pattern creates a unique and different style! We love how the weaved chiffon in this photo by Elizabeth Henson was used to differentiate the bride and grooms chairs from the rest!

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