We are not relationship experts but we know a little something.

Relationships are an art and they  are a continuous work in progress.

Sometimes we are on autopilot and we have to stop and remind ourselves that we are in a relationship because we choose to be and it should be mutually beneficial.

We all need to constantly be aware of our tone of voice and to know when the appropriate time to have a discussion is. Yes guys we know, not in the middle of your game or when your friends are around. Guys, same goes! A private dinner or when lying in bed seem to be popular times. Be careful it’s not too late though 🙂

Point being….Communicate and continue to show interest and compassion towards one another.

If your not happy, the other person  probably isn’t either.

Remember  why you were married in the first place!

Work on it and then if it doesn’t get better go separate ways. Remain true to your significant other until the end because that is how you stay true to yourself. It is much easier to be honest and happy!!!!

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