Have you ever experienced something so amazing that you swear it couldn’t be real?! Something so great that you are certain if someone pinched you, you would wake up?  That’s Waterford to me. 

Let me give you a little background…a brutally  honest background on Waterford.

Waterford Event Rentals started as a hobby. I mean we wanted to make a few dollars considering I was going to be having a baby and Hollie just graduated from school, but that really wasn’t on the forefront of our minds (haha crazy, I know). It was two friends that wanted to venture into something fun and new together. We were just going to offer chair covers and sashes. In fact, that’s exactly what we did for the first year (well- around that amount of time). Seems easy right? NOT! We did EVERYTHING… researched manufacturers, went around to venues trying on our covers, washed the linens, ironed the sashes, stayed up all hours of the night to complete orders, and so on. I literally remember being up all night preparing for an event, then after we actually set up the event I came home and took a “nap” before going back to breakdown the event. Hollie and I laugh that Waterford has added 7 more years to our lives! haha Well anyway… it didn’t take long before we added table linens, napkins, plate chargers and more to our inventory. And no more linen cleaning…having a laundering company is more than a treat! ha

Getting to this point wasn’t easy! There are MANY people to thank, but this particular blog is focused on 2 people…Missy with Antonia Christianson Events and David with David Schwartz Photography. Just recently I discovered a picture of our work posted on bridalguide.com. What an honor! And to thank—Missy for believing in us before we even proved ourselves to her, and David for the awesome impromptu photos he took of us working. Having vendor friends that truly care and believe in Waterford is greatly appreciated.

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