We’re back again for our Feature Friday: Staff Edition!
Today is all about a staff member who’s a part of the team despite living thousands of miles away. Keep reading to meet Alivia and find out the role she has at Waterford!
View More: http://robkorbphotography.pass.us/waterford-2014Name: Alivia Urquhart. . .like Olivia, but with an A!

Age: 23

 Position: I was a Lead Event Staff member until I moved to the West coast this past December, but I’m still (thank the lord!) part of Waterford as the blogger. So, all the Waterford Wednesday and Feature Friday posts are by yours truly!

How long have you been with Waterford?: 2 years

 College/Major: My degree is in Marketing from Old Dominion University!

That’s awesome! Are you working in the Marketing field at all?: Yes! I’m currently working in the Sales & Marketing Department at one of the largest production companies in sunny blazing hot Las Vegas! It’s definitely bittersweet. . .I miss WER so much!

Favorite WER Memory: There’s been so many “favorite” memories over the past 2 years, but I’m going to say our monthly staff meetings were always a favorite of mine. It was a rare time that all of us were together in the same area so there was always a lot of fun and laughter!

  Describe Yourself In 3 Words: Dependable, Ambitious, Sassy

Describe Waterford In 3 Words: Fun, Innovative, Growing (always!)

Favorite Linen: Ah, it’s so hard to choose! I’m going to go with our Satin Rosette on Mesh. Such a gorgeous, textured specialty linen!

Favorite Sash Tie: I’m partial to a traditional center bow. It’s such a classic tie that looks so uniformed and crisp. LOVE!

What did you learn as a Lead Event Staff member?: SO much! If I had to choose, I’d say the most crucial takeaway for me was how much confidence I gained in my potential to lead and make decisions. Alyse really encouraged me and had full trust in my ability to handle any situation. She thinks I’m kidding when I say she’s the best boss EVER!

What do you love most about working at WER:
 The people, 100%! I’m thousands of miles away from the office, yet I still feel like a part of the team. . .I’m so thankful for that!

 What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the event industry?: Everything that Rebecca said is perfect advice! If I were to add anything. . .ALWAYS be early, pay attention to the small details, and if something goes wrong. . .stay calm! 


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