It’s another Feature Friday: Staff Edition!
Today is all about Hannah, one of our awesome Lead Event Staff members! Check out her interview below to find out more about her and why we love her so much!
View More: http://robkorbphotography.pass.us/waterford-2014Name: Hannah Burmeister

Age: 21

Position: Lead Event Staff.

How have your responsibilities changed since becoming a Lead Event Staff?: Since becoming a lead event staff member, my role has definitely changed, especially since we have welcomed a bunch of new girls this year! I try to be more of a role model for them, and show them the “dos and don’ts” of working for Waterford. Expectations are set a little higher for me as well as the other lead event staff members, because we are expected to know what to do. Working with a positive and encouraging mindset is also crucial so I can reflect on the other workers, especially when times get busy.

How long have you been with Waterford?: I have been working with Waterford for a year and a half (best year and a half of working EVER!)

College/Major: I attend James Madison University. I am a Justice Studies major with a focus on criminology and criminal justice, with hopes of going to law school after graduating.

Favorite WER Memory: Oh my! There are tons of Waterford memories. This is hard to choose from.  I would have to say one of my favorites was our Christmas party last year. We all got together at Alyse’s house and there was a lot of laughter involved. That night Riane (one of our workers) decided to go upstairs where Ronni was sleeping (Alyse’s baby) and took the baby monitor that was in the room and called down to Alyse and Steve pretending to be Ronni talking. I guess it was one of those moments where you had to be there, but it was extremely funny!

Describe yourself in 3 words: Optimistic, Outgoing, Determined

Describe WER in 3 words: Wonderful, Fun, Family

Favorite Linen: Hmm.. this is a tough one. I would probably say our Ivory Petal and any of the sequins ones!

Favorite Sash Tie: My favorite tie would have to be the wrap around center bow.

If you aren’t working, where would we find you on the weekend?: You could find me at the beach, or the pool. Basically anywhere my friends are, and anywhere I can get tan !

What is your favorite part of the setup process at an event?: My favorite part about the set up process would have to be tying sashes while catching up with my coworkers. It’s always nice getting different partners to set up with, because there is always something new to talk about. I also love when we are close to the end, and you can look around and see everything come together. Every wedding is different, so going into a set up you never know what to expect. When everything is put into place, it’s awesome to see different ideas come to life!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the event industry?: This industry is definitely amazing. It can be hard/busy at times, but it is totally worth it. Even if you never planned on working in an event industry, it is something new to try. It has taught me so many things that I never expected. I have gained amazing friendships with my co-workers. Everyone tends to know everyone. It is like one big family!


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