It’s time for another Feature Friday: Staff Edition!
We are excited for you to get to know another one of our amazing staff members! Keep reading below to see what TWO roles our sweet and bubbly Hayley has at Waterford!
View More: http://robkorbphotography.pass.us/waterford-2014Name: Hayley Hightower

Age: Just turned 21 baby!

Position: I am Lead Event Staff, as well as our summer intern for this busy wedding season!

What tasks/responsibilities do you have as an intern?: Every day is SO different, but overall I help with whatever Alyse and Rebecca have for me that day. I do sample books, design newsletters, answer phone calls, respond to e-mails, confirm appointments with brides, etc. Alyse and Rebecca have also given me the awesome opportunity to network by bringing me along to vendor events, introducing me to different vendors, and sitting in on client meetings. I have really been learning a lot!

We are currently hiring for our fall 2015 internship position! Do you have any advice?: It is important to ALWAYS be looking for learning and experience opportunities! I love when Alyse or Rebecca teach me something that I didn’t know about the wedding industry, or when they have me sit-in on their client meetings, because this experience is helping me grow in my dream career field!

How long have you been with Waterford?: I have been with Waterford for a year and a half now and I have loved every second of it!

College/Major: I am a Hospitality Management Major at James Madison University!

Favorite WER memory: There are so many good Waterford memories, but I think my favorite is this summer’s staff photo shoot when we thought it’d be a good idea to get ice cream cones (on a 97 degree day). Literally 2 seconds after having the cones in our hands ice cream was dripping everywhere. . .those ice cream cones became milkshakes real quick! But, Rob got some HILARIOUS pictures out of it.

Describe yourself in 3 words: SILLY, Observant, Driven 🙂

Describe Waterford in 3 words: Family, Charismatic, Amazing!

What do you love most about working at WER?: I love that were all such a family! It almost doesn’t feel like work to me because of how fun and upbeat we all are when we’re working together! Everybody cares about each other and is there for one another, I just love that we’re all such a close knit (hardworking) group!

Favorite Linen: UGH! This is so hard. . .my top 3 are our Silver Eyelash, Satin Rosette on Mesh, and Ivory Petal. I LOVE our sequins linens too!

Favorite Sash Tie: I’m with Alivia and Rebecca on this one, I love just a classic center bow, but I’m also in love with the chiffon sashes weaved through a chiavari chair!

If you aren’t working, where would we find you on the weekend?: THE BEACH! Or by my pool..somewhere under the SUN!

 Being a Lead Event Staff what advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the event industry?: It is crucial, as a Lead, to show positivity and encouragement so that the girls (and myself) feel good about going the extra mile to make sure everything goes and looks perfectly! You also need to be responsible, FLEXIBLE, have good problem solving skills, as well as pay close attention to detail!


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