We’re back again for our Feature Friday: Staff Edition! We’re excited to introduce you to one of our newer Event Staff Members, Madi! Keep reading below to learn more about Madi and her time at Waterford so far!
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Madi Say

Age: Only a few months shy of the big 2-1!

Position: Event Staff

How long have you been with Waterford?: Only since June of this year, but it feels like I’ve known my fellow employees for years!

College/Major: I attend JMU where I’m majoring in Studio Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Integrated Advertising & Corporate Communications.

Favorite WER Memory: Probably the time Alyse cooked an amazing pasta dinner at our staff meeting. I mean who doesn’t love food, am I right?!

Describe yourself in 3 words: Creative, Down-to-earth, Loving

Describe WER in 3 words: Driven, Skilled, Hard-working

What do you love most about working at WER?: I love the fact that I just joined the staff and already I feel right at home. I’m not intimidated to ask questions and everyone is so sweet and outgoing that there is never a dull moment.

Favorite Linen: Wow, can I say all? I absolutely love just about any linen that is ivory or champagne or follows a neutral theme. However, when you add a specialty linen such as a petal or rosette on mesh it can really make it pop!

Favorite Sash Tie: The four corner bow, just because it’s unique, but still classy.

What linen trend are you loving this wedding season?: I never would have though about sequin linens for a wedding, however, it looks absolutely amazing when people use it for a present or dessert table! It gives it that extra umph without going overboard.

If you aren’t working, where would we find you on the weekend?: Beach of course!

Craziest setup OR breakdown story: This was actually a hilarious story and the staff at the Holiday Inn were probably cracking up the whole time. Hayley and I were doing a setup and just as we got there, there was a huge downpour of rain. We tried using groceries bags to cover ourselves but it was no use. We looked like we had jumped in their pool!

What is your favorite part of the setup process at an event?: I love seeing how the venue looked before and after we’ve added our special touch to it 😉

What is the most significant thing you’ve learned from working in the event industry?: One very specific thing I’ve learned from WER is that sometimes not everything goes as planned so you may have to adjust at times in order to make someone’s special day unforgettable!

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