It’s a very special Waterford Wednesday this week!
If you keep up with us on Facebook, you were the first to know about our photo shoot a couple weeks ago to get some updated group and head shots for our About Us page! We’ve welcomed many new girls since our last photo shoot and we are so excited to finally have all of our staff members represented on our website! This wedding season has been the busiest that we’ve ever experienced, so it was very important for us to build a strong team and we’ve been really fortunate to have found a great balance between every person! Julie Clyde Creative took our individual and group shots this year and we just love all of the gorgeous photos and memories she captured! The Oyster Farm at Kings Creek was the perfect spot to take our pictures (especially with that gorgeous blue backdrop!) and we’re sharing a few of our favorites…enjoy these shots!i-3Crb39B-Li-ZmngH97-LBoss Ladies
i-VhBZsNP-LLead Event Staff
i-q2SH9MW-LEvent Staffi-wGvXhTt-LPast & Present Interns
Fun Waterford Fact: All 3 of our previous interns have become official Event Staff members!
i-tJSw6XN-Li-qrz3DdS-Li-J8ZLmqL-LThank you again to Julie for capturing all of these amazing shots, as well as the ones that we have featured on our About Us section of the website. Go check out our wonderful staff here and keep an eye out for some more updates to the website! We hope to do some updated Feature Friday: Staff Edition posts as well!

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