It’s another Feature Friday: Staff Edition! You’ve almost met all of the wonderful ladies that make up our Waterford family, and today we’re adding Morgan to that list! Check out her interview below to see how she went from our Spring 2015 Intern to one of our Event Staff Members!
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Name: Morgan Rushin

Age: 21

Position: Spring 2015 Intern & Event Staff

How long have you been with Waterford?: I started interning for Waterford in January and became an Event Staff member in May.

How was the transition from being an Intern into an Event Staff member?: When transitioning to Event Staff I wasn’t really sure what to expect. My internship involved me doing a lot of newsletters, invoices, and behind the scenes stuff, so I never realized how much the girls need to pay attention to detail and that it’s really easy to make honest mistakes. Being an Event Staff member definitely helped me learn so much about linens and what it takes to make an event perfect.

What was the coolest thing you got to do while interning at WER?: I got to shadow an event planner, Missy Christianson, from Antonia Christianson Events! It was really exciting to see what a day in the life of an event planner was like. Although it can be somewhat stressful, I realized that making a bride’s wedding day run smoothly and perfect is definitely worth the stress!

College/Major: I go to Old Dominion University and am majoring in Marketing with a minor in Philosophy.

Favorite WER Memory: That time I got a free lunch! Rebecca’s boyfriend sent her Jimmy John’s to the office, but she was off that day so she let me have it. (:

Describe yourself in 3 words: Hardworking, Driven, Kind

Describe WER in 3 words: Professional, Dedicated, Growing

What do you love most about working at WER?: I love how professional and organized Alyse & Rebecca are. Out of all of my internships this was definitely my favorite one! I truly enjoyed going to work and would be willing to go above and beyond their expectations. The great thing is that all the girls are so nice and the Waterford family is so close!

Favorite Linen: Our Petal linens!

Favorite Sash Tie: Center Bow

If you aren’t working, where would we find you on the weekend?: You would find me out at a restaurant trying new foods or home watching TV!

What is the most significant thing you’ve learned from interning and now being an Event Staff member at Waterford?: I learned that the industry is not easy, especially for event planners. Making an event perfect takes A LOT of work. People don’t realize that in order to set up or breakdown an event you have to call venues and get time slots and sometimes we only have an hour or two to set up. I’ve learned a lot about paying attention to detail as well. Before working for Waterford I never really noticed linens and how much they make a huge difference! I also learned a lot about myself, and what I want to do later on in life. I have a lot of interest in the event planning industry and would love to do corporate events in the future!

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