Happy Feature Friday!
Since this our first feature of the New Year, we knew it had to be something fancy!
Instead of featuring a linen this week, today is all about one of our specialty sash tie options!

Rosetta Tiedownload

We love, love, love our Rosetta sash tie option! It’s such a different type of tie than a regular bow and it can really bring something special to a chair cover! The Rosetta Tie would be the perfect addition to your event if you’re looking for something outside of the normal and want to wow your guests. We’ve seen this particular tie used plenty of times for wedding ceremonies and it really adds an overall elegant and romantic touch to the chairs! We absolutely loved when we did the above setup using our black spandex chair covers and silver satin sashes tied in a Rosetta. We added a little twist to the tie with some of the sash hanging down and it looked stunning when all of the chairs were completed! If you’re just looking for chair covers and sashes to elevate your event, this tie would be a beautiful addition!

Check back with us each week as we showcase new linens and products that are perfect for all events, and keep an eye on our Speciality Linens page to see all of our great linens in one location!
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xo, Waterford!