We have been eating Gourmet Gang for some time now!!! I think we  were introduced to this awesome business in 2001. As you can see they keep us coming back. The service is outstanding and the food is divine.

Most of us know Gourmet Gang as the restaurant that is open for short hours and delivers to only businesses. I think the short hours keep us wanting more…kind of like always wanting Chik-fil-a on Sunday! We all know that feeling! Point being, Gourmet Gang is much more…they cater!!!! Did you know that? So, the next time you are having a party or a wedding, keep them in mind. They take the time to sit down with their clients and develop a menu specific to their needs. Oh, and it’s not just sandwiches…they prepare almost anything…shrimp, beef, chicken etc.! You are sure to be pleased. Like I said earlier, the service is great and the food is soooo good. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention the delicious cupcakes and cookies.

Visit: www.gourmetgang.com

We had the pleasure of helping Gourmet Gang set up a booth at the Norfolk NEX Bridal Show. Check out the pictures.

Shhhhh……don’t tell! The Battlefield Gourmet Gang is open on Saturday’s. It’s our secret.

gourmet_gang_1 gourmet_gang_2 gourmet_gang_3 gourmet_gang_4 gourmet_gang_5