So as you all know, Waterford Event Rentals attended a 757 Vender Blender a few weeks back. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people. Bee Fox, owner of The Hampton Roads Executive Airport, was one of them.

Bee had the great idea to rent out the newly constructed airport terminal and/or a hanger for weddings and other events.  What an amazing NEW idea.  Can you imagine making a grand entrance or a grand departure on a helicopter?!?!?

WER had the chance to take a tour of the venue and capture a few images.  The terminal has a very open layout with windows from floor to ceiling. There is a large room with couches, a kitchenette, and a floor length mirror for the bride and her girls to get ready in. On the opposite side of the building there is also a room for the guys to get dressed. The venue has many comfy black chairs that can either be stored away or set up in “lounge” sections.  As always once you decide your arrangements, Waterford Event Rentals is here to assist you.

Pictures provided by: http://www.flypvg.com/

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