Should couples live together before marriage?  Throughout my research most articles stated that it is more likely for couples who live together before marriage to divorce. I have asked several people if they thought that living together before marriage was OK. All replied yes, and that they thought it was a good idea to see the other person’s true colors. It makes sense right? Well, I see both sides!

Dr. Harley of marriagebuilders.com says, “Marriage is a commitment to love through thick and thin until the end, whereas the commitment of living together is like a month to month rental agreement.” It is more of a test to see if you are compatible, if someone messes up the relationship is over. In marriage, if someone messes up the marital agreement…the marriage is still there regardless of whether or not the feeling of affection or love is present. Meaning the couple has more reason to mend things.

Living together after marriage is a continuous work in progress. Working to build the relationship and bond opposed to testing it.

On the flipside, many people think that it’s just easier to live together and share expenses without marriage because if things don’t work out you can just break up. If that works for you then great! J

Sometimes though, people tend to get comfortable and live together for five to seven years and they’re still not married. Often times one person is comfortable with this and the other is not so happy about the lack of motivation of their partner to get married.

This may work for some and not others. Regardless relationships are a work in progress and if you live together the ultimate goal should be marriage right?! …well then…act like it…take the time to strengthen your relationship J

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