Valentine’s  Day in the wedding industry is awesome! Why you ask? It’s a happy time to reflect on the day you got married (or will get married), many are getting engaged, and Waterford Event Rentals is staying busy booking lovely new brides!

Last month at the Preston Bailey VIP party, he noted that crystals are the HOT new thing. When is a more perfect time to put up flashy crystals than at your Valentine’s Day wedding or event!?!?! Check out some of Preston’s work below.

Which colors to use? You may not want JUST RED or JUST PINK. SOOOOO, we say pair those colors with another texture or design. Try pink or red with black and white damask or pair a pale pink with silver pintuck.

Lastly, we want to leave you with some fun facts from history.com and a few other sites!

Did you know…

* Over 1 billion valentine cards are sent each year…making this the second most popular greeting card holiday (Christmas is first)

* 85% of all valentines are purchased by women (come on guys!!!!)

* The first valentine was created in the 1840s by a woman named Esther Howland

* 50 million roses are given each Valentine’s Day

* About 10% of Americans get engaged on Valentine’s Day

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