One of the most fun things about meeting with so many couples prepping for their big day is being able to show them every little detail. So many times we hear from our couples “wow I didn’t even realize there were so many options.” We love to hear that and then being able to show all the things that can just take your guest tables from drab to fab is SO fun. A super small detail that most people probably don’t think about is their napkin fold. I mean having the perfect napkin is one thing, but the fold really just sets it off and perfects the place setting.

Napkin folding is actually probably one of our favorite parts of the whole setup. Today we’re going to show you just a few of our favorite napkin folds.

Band around charger

This fold is a perfect way to add a small pop of color to your reception tables & when put together with an amazing charger plate you have the best duo!Erika Mills Photography

Trifold Hanging

This fold gives your table a more simplistic look from the top but adds an elegant feel as it just delicately hangs off the table. And if you’re feeling like you want to give it a little more- throw a monogram on them!Luke & Ashley Photography

Menu Fold

Ok y’all- if you are providing a menu for your guests then this fold is a MUST. It’s so beautiful and definitely is sure to have your guests notice the detail here. This fold is pretty intricate and is sure to have your guests chatting to their neighbor about just how cute that little pocket is!

Jessica Ryan Photography | Isha Foss Design | Jessica Hanyok Calligraphy

The Knot

Saved the best for last. Well this year we have seen a huge shift in couples going for the traditional napkin fold into a more trendy style such as the knot. We love doing knotted napkin ties because it’s a cute way to incorporate your napkins but also lays so nice on top of charger plates.
Chef By Design | Caitlin Gerres Photography

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