A wonderful client told me she was disappointed by the dress selection and unwelcoming vendors due to her age.  She had difficulty selecting a dress, she was called “the mother of the bride,” and she dealt with needing minimums for her intimate 27 guest wedding. Our forty something bride is getting married for the FIRST time to her boyfriend of ten years. She made a good point too…she stated that older brides are usually more established and have more money to spend, so vendors should market to them. Hmmmm….good thought, right?

She said she did not want a large gown, and when she looked up “mature wedding dresses,” mother of the bride apparel came up. In addition, she was a little taken back when she shopped for dresses and wasn’t treated like a bride and was asked if she was the mother of the bride.

Bottom line…we should all be mindful that people of ALL ages are getting married. We can avoid making this mistake by asking open ended questions.  Waterford Event Rentals is very open-minded and we love to meet ALL our brides… young and old. This is part of the joy of working in the wedding industry…we meet so many different people from Africa to India to the girl next door. We cater to EVERYONE. 

We are happy to make it known; Waterford Event Rentals does not have a minimum. Whether you have a party of 10 or 500 we are here to help! 🙂 

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