So we think it’s best to splurge a little and hire a wedding planner.

I know I know….more money. TRUST US, it is money well spent! Even if you can’t afford a full on wedding planning service. Month of planning is ideal for some couples. You want to be able to enjoy your big day without any glitches.

There really is no such thing as “day of ” service. A planner can not walk into a venue without knowing who any of your venders are and not know anything about  the agenda for the day. Month of service allows a little time for the planner to meet with venders if necessary, put together a timeline for the big day, and to ask you questions before hand. Like, how you want certain things set or whatever else she needs to know to make things just right for you.

So whether it’s full on planning, partial planning, or month of planning. You will be happy you spent the extra money. It cost a little extra in the big scheme of things, but It will save you on time and will keep your stress level waaaay down.

Now, not everyone is made to be your friend. A planner should be like a friend, you should enjoy your meetings, and be able to communicate well. It may take a few meetings to find the match for you, but it’s worth the search.

Stay tuned for recommendations of planners around town 🙂