When discussing the details of your reception with your venue manager, be sure to ask about the linens and chairs!

Linens make a large impact on the over “look” of your event. If the linens are too short on your tables, you may see table legs, bars, and who knows what else! To capture an elegant look, rent linens that touch the floor (or pretty close to it). It seems so simple, yet this is often something couples forget to ask.

Be sure to ask about the quality of the linens being provided. You wouldn’t believe how long some venues use their linens before investing in a new set. Don’t allow for stains, burns, or holes to be present on your tables…rent fresh table cloths or overlays to prevent this!

ASK ABOUT THE CHAIRS!! Think about it…for a 100 person wedding there are usually 15 tables (10 tops and a few other tables) present, 10 centerpieces, 1 cake, etc… but what is most abundant in the room???? THE 100 + CHAIRS!! If the chairs are hideous (most are) this could take away from all of the gorgeous flowers, favors, etc. on the table.

**Be sure to ask what chairs will be used during your reception. If the chairs aren’t so hot…cover them! 🙂 This is a very inexpensive way to really WOW your guests. Our covers are only $1.80 a piece.

If you rent chair covers, make sure they fit! There are many different types of chairs out there…you don’t want to make the mistake of getting a chair cover that is too big or too small. Waterford Event Rentals likes to let their clients borrow a cover to try on at their venue. This ensures that everything will look nice on the big day.

DON’T BE FOOLED!! There may be chair covers that you come across that are cheap which may be appealing to the budget, but it’s probably too good to be true. Some covers out there are so thin that you can see the chair you were trying to cover right through them! Be sure to ask to see the products you are renting. A good quality chair cover should be heavy, thick, and stitched tight at the seams.

Linens make a HUGE impact…check out the pictures below!

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