Happy Waterford Wednesday! While spending some time thinking of the perfect blog topic for this week- this idea just popped into my head & I’m just going to run with it. As we are in the middle of a very crazy & unknown time that has come with Coronavirus- you may have noticed lots of vendors still trying to keep the planning alive! We, along with a lot of other local Coastal Virginia vendors are encouraging those planning big events to keep. on. planning. While it’s clear that there are restrictions with regards to businesses being open for in person meetings and consults, the sky is the limit with meeting them virtually!!!

Here at Waterford Event Rentals, this virus has allowed us to incorporate things into our daily lives that we have been wanting to for quite some time. For example, it is now available for everyone to look at our calendar and schedule themselves for a virtual meeting all on their own. This eliminates one additional step for you as a consumer & the possibilities of playing phone tag- which I’m sure we all run into on occasions.

When scheduling a virtual design meeting with us- here are some things you can expect! Once you schedule the appointment, you will receive an email from us confirming that you got your appointment. At this time, we ask you for a few vital details to make the most of your time during the virtual meeting. Also, very important in this email you will receive your Zoom meeting ID and password.

So now what? This is where you should begin to think of a few questions that you want to ask your event professionals. WE are here for YOU. We want you to feel comfortable & want to make sure if you have concerns, those get addressed! Here are some things you can do to better inform your professionals on what exactly you’re looking for. Send pictures! All of them- even if you’re only referencing one small detail in a huge Pinterest collage, all those tiny details matter to us! Send us your guest counts and overestimate. It’s always better to expect too many people early on than to risk items getting double booked closer to your big day. Let us know where the event is being held, and any information you’ve received from them that might be important for us to know- for example, can you get early access to the venue? Do items have to be removed from the venue the day of? These are all questions you will want to know and can possibly save you some money in the long run. Last tip- don’t be afraid to ask them specifics.

Attached below is our link to schedule your virtual design meeting today!!


Stay tuned on Friday as we will be featuring another Coastal Virginia Wedding Vendor, this week you will hear from Missy with Antonia Christianson Events.

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