Hello again, signing on for our last blog of 2020! We are ending the year talking about the top 4 napkin folds we saw in 2020. When it comes to planning a wedding, everyone wants their design to be different than the last! We are so on the same page with that too! Choosing linens and designs that are out of the box make for perfect wedding pictures & you never know, maybe someone else’s future inspiration photo! Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

#4 Band around charger

This is a napkin fold we’ve seen for years but still reigns supreme when it comes to giving you a great place setting for your guests. The napkin is delicately folded to wrap around your charger plate. Whether it’s just the charger or you’re adding a salad plate on top this fold is a go to for sure.

Photography: Dragon StudioPhotography: Chelsea Anderson Photography

#3 Trifold

Another OG in the napkin fold game is the simple but beautiful trifold. This napkin fold is great and adds a little bit of color and contrast on those tabletops. Whether you let the trifold hang off the side, or its folded on top of the table (or charger) it’s sure to draw attention and be noticed.Photography: Jessica Ryan Photography | Table Design: Fluttering FlowersPhotography: Audrey Rose Photography

#2 Menu Fold

Coming in for a veryyy close second place, we have the beautiful menu fold. A great way to give that extra attention to your stationary is by accenting with a menu fold. This fold creates a cute little pocket that allows the menu card to slide right in. There’s a few ways this fold can be achieved, take a peek below!Photography: Jessica Ryan PhotographyPhotography: Tylar Brooke Photography

#1 The Knot

If you have stayed up to date with our blogs this year, then you already knew that the knot is our #1 napkin fold of the year. It’s super cute & trendy- a lot of times that’s what couples are looking for. The knot is also versatile and can be tied perfectly in the middle or a little higher at the top. Check out some of our favorite napkin images with that knot fold.Photography: Sandra Leigh PhotographyPhotography: The Girl Tyler

There ya have it. Your top 4 napkin folds of 2020. We’re ready to kick off 2021 with some new trends and see where this year takes us.

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